10 Dishes and Drinks to Avoid at Any Wedding Reception

If there is one thing which can constantly remind your guests of your wedding even years after it happened that would be the wedding reception food. Talk about nostalgia, this can be good or bad, depending on the experience. Before you hire Philippine catering services, think of the types of food and beverage that you want your provider to serve beforehand.

Even choosing the wedding food is a process that may require the opinion and recommendations of other people although, of course, your chosen caterer can offer suggestions. Bottom-line, if you don’t want any of your guests to suffer from allergy, upset stomach or bad breath, just ditch these menu options.

1) Garlic-y food

Garlic and onion are fine in moderation, but too much of such can lead to having bad breath for hours. Considered as the worst offending ingredients, no one of your guests would love to see their meal with lots of garlic.


2) Too spicy food

While it is an acquired taste, your guest will surely not appreciate a buffet table full of spicy options. Unless you are going to have a 100% spicy food-loving guest list, you will only leave them feeling hungry and thirsty. Surely, not a suitable environment for a wedding!

3) Bloating bread

Breads are used to complete a meal or as a garnish. However, unless your wedding theme is breakfast, endless bread options can only bloat out your guests’ tummies. If breads are really needed, make sure that serving them is properly paced. Don’t serve breads right before the party starts.


4) Sauce-y food

Pastas are okay, but only those that are not too sauce-y especially since weddings are formal events. These food items are disaster waiting to happen. Imagine how embarrassing it may get when you suddenly make a sound while slurping the sauce or when a kid unconsciously splashes the sauce on your gown or on that of the bridesmaid or any guest.

5) Cheese wheels

Cheese station and cheese wheel wedding cake are common nowadays. There is nothing completely wrong with these. However, make sure that you know your cheeses. A wheel of stinky cheese is enough to make your venue stench. Your guests will start leaving sooner than later.


6) Stain-y wines

Red wine for toasting is okay, and they are also great as an accompaniment to main dishes. However, there are slight problems that come with drinking red wine. First is the possibility of spillage and second is that it stains the teeth and the corners of the mouth. Not good when you have guests to greet.

7) Teeth sinkers

Bits and pieces can get through the in-betweens of the teeth. Not that your guests will not appreciate the herbed meals, for instance. However, if these are unnecessary, then just skip them.


8) Excessive sweets

Candy or chocolate stations are ideal if you have kids on your guest list. Some kids, however, have no idea or deliberately ignore their limits. So, make sure that the kiddos understand that the candies are not unlimited otherwise you will have highly energetic tots around roaming around the reception, and irritated parents at that.

9) Hot dishes

Well, dishes should be served hot, right? But for a wedding summer on a tropical island like ours, it would be best to diversify the menu. A hot soup, hot meal and hot dessert? Your guests won’t like to swelter, so serve something cool instead. Serve it either at the start or the end of the main course.


10) Bubbly

Sometimes, a wedding is not complete without bubbly and sparkly drinks. Again, timing is important. For example, a glass of champagne before a speech can lead to a fizzy fiasco.

Evidently, there can be little compromises here and there. The most important thing to remember is while weddings should be a reflection of who you truly are, a little consideration will go a long way. Think of your guests as well as the weather, the dress code, the location, etc. In taking all the little details when making food and drink-related decisions, your wedding will surely be remembered for all the right reasons.

Image credit: Swide.com | GreenWeddingShoes.com | BridalMusings.com | PhoenixBrideandGroom.com | Indulgy.com


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