A Look Back at the Hottest Proposal in 2011

Love is in the air… literally! Well, the hot-air balloon festival Pampanga is intentionally organized to coincide with Captain Joy Roa’s birthday which falls on the Valentine’s Day. It is not surprising then that lovebirds flock to Clark, Pampanga not just to witness the festivities, but also celebrate the Heart’s Day at the venue. Nonetheless, some men want more than just celebrating the special day with their loved ones. Case in point: marriage proposals at the festival!

It was in February 2011 when the spectators first witnessed a marriage proposal courtesy of Vic Villanueva to Anne Natividad. It was during the 16th Hot-Air Balloon Festival. Vic rode a hot-air balloon while carrying his banner with words ‘Anne, will you marry me?’ written on it. He unfolded the banner a few minutes after lifting off. He went down, kneeled and presented Anne with the ring. She said yes. The newly engaged couple was even wearing matching red t-shirts. Eventually, they wed after almost 8 months of being engaged. Their wedding was even dubbed as the “Hottest” Wedding of the Year.”

In 2012, on the 17th Hot-Air Balloon Festival, we’ve seen yet another marriage proposal this time between Patrick Obias and Caleen Chanyungco. It was a very well-planned proposal with the Air Asia plane as the backdrop. Little did Caleen know that the stationary plane bear Caleen’s parents, relatives and friends who went out of the plane just in time to witness Patrick’s proposal. Caleen was unaware of what was going to happen until she her best friend alighting the plane. He went down on his knee and after saying yes, gave Caleen a diamond engagement ring.

And again, during the 2014 Hot-Air Balloon Festival which was held in Lubao, Pampanga in April 2014, yet another proposal complete with red rose petal confetti is witnessed by the attendees. Russel Maninang proposed to his clueless girlfriend, Ira Benson.

Not for proposals only

Did you know that the festival is also becoming a common location for pre-nuptial photo and video shoots? Here are some couples who chose the festival to be a part of their weddings.

Planning a proposal?

True they say that weddings are planned by brides and proposals are planned by grooms. If you are a boyfriend who is currently planning the perfect marriage proposal to your girlfriend, a hot-air balloon proposal could be just the right plan for you. It is a very romantic way of telling the world that you want to marry the girl of your dreams. Here’s how to do it.

1 Buy the engagement ring

Extra points if you know the engagement ring that she actually wants. Anyhow, if you have no idea about it, buy a diamond ring just like what Vic and Patrick had done. You can never go wrong with a diamond ring! And it shouts ‘I’m getting married! I’m getting married!’ once worn.

2 Talk to her parents

She would appreciate it more if you ask for permission from her parents beforehand and more so if they can witness the proposal. After all, this is a respectful gesture that is expected from a gentleman like you. Include her closest friends, too.

3 Keep it a surprise

Even those women who don’t like surprises will appreciate this lovely surprise. Don’t tell too many people just yet otherwise your girlfriend might know that something’s brewing by the way her friends are talking.

All said and done, don’t be surprised if you witness a marriage proposal while enjoying the festival. This might not be your idea of a proposal, but surely, witnessing such a joyous moment will make your visit to Clark extra special.  Well, love is still alive and… burning!


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