Making Your Wedding Menu Memorable

It is true they say that the food either makes or breaks a wedding. Just the right reason you should choose the best provider of catering in Philippines. The problem is most catering providers in the Philippines has a pre-defined menu option that comes with your chosen package. Don’t forget that food and drinks can liven up any wedding reception.

How can you make your wedding menu a menu that your guests will rave about even after leaving the reception?

1) Settle on a budget

Every food and drink-related decision will impact the overall cost. Make sure that you pin down a realistic budget early on. It would be wiser to set a realistic budget that has certain allowances and then, stick to it. Sticking to a budget is often a challenge. That’s why you need to make it realistic which means it should accommodate the change in the number of guests, for instance.


2) Choose a style

Wedding themes usually dictate the overall style of the wedding. Nonetheless, there are other factors to consider before settling for the kind of catering. Some of these factors are whether the wedding is a formal or informal event and which day of the week and time of day. For example, if the wedding is a formal one wherein the scheduled dinner is by 8 pm, a multiple-coursed sit-down, plated dining style is more appropriate.


3) Start early

An unforgettable menu starts with choosing the right caterer. Shortlist at least three to five options. Ask your shortlisted caterers A LOT of questions. As much as possible, look for a venue first. Your goal should be finding a venue that your chosen caterer is accredited to. Through this, you can save yourself from additional corkage fees. Make sure that your chosen caterer can accommodate innovative wedding menus to make your food and drink to truly standout.


4) Determine estimates

In reality, the estimated number of guests including their plus-ones dictate the overall catering budget. If you really want to serve an impressive menu, you might as well invite only the most important in your lives. If limiting the guest list is not an option, then consider making creative choices such as asking your caterer to set up a pasta bar and other bars and stations rather than a carving station. Surely, a SOP is for a caterer to bring another 10% of the food for buffering for unexpected surprises. Thus, make sure that you are giving it an accurate estimate.


5) Go local

Local and seasonal ingredients cost less. Ask your caterer if it can plan your menu around what’s freshest for that season particularly regionally grown ingredients. Whichever you choose, just don’t make your guests sick. Forget about exotic animal products and raw meats and anything that’s too salty or spicy. Also, make sure that the caterer knows what it is preparing. For instance, sushi is better prepared by a sushi chef.


6) Be considerate

Consider your guests’ allergies and dietary restrictions, and discuss this in advance with your chosen caterer. If you cannot plan an entirely gluten-free wedding, kindly tell your vegan friends about their options come your wedding day. The same goes with your guests who you know are suffering from a type of allergy. Diversify the menu as much as possible whereby it should include vegetables, seafood, dairy and meat (pork, beef, etc.).


The biggest pitfall of any wedding is not having enough food for the guests. This will leave an impression, but not a good one. And, you don’t want this to happen to your wedding. One more thing… don’t skimp especially on portions! Just be creative in making your menu choices, and your guests will surely remember the effort behind the food.

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