The Wedding Dress Diet, Anyone?

The wedding rings, the wedding cake, the wedding caterer and so on. What else? The nutritionist, dietitian and personal trainer? We get it. Of course, to-be-weds want to look good on their special day – both brides- and grooms-to-be. However, what these engaged couples don’t realize is getting in shape requires hard work, discipline, dedication and time. It’s not an overnight thing especially for the brides-to-be who erroneously assume that they can shed off 20 pounds in just two weeks.


Well, it might be possible with employing ‘drastic measures.’ But, that’s a very dangerous route to losing weight. Here are some do’s and don’ts in losing weight.

Say I Do to:

1) Natural weight loss

Losing weight must be a natural process. Never resort to taking diet pills and drinking diet tea or coffee as they typically contain laxative just to speed up the process. Surely, you will gain the poundage you shed off as fast as a week or two after the wedding more so if you are going on a honeymoon trip. This is known as yo-yo dieting or, more medically, the honeymoon holdover effect.

2) A lifestyle change

Getting hitched is one of the major lifestyle changes that you’d both subject yourselves into, and so is losing weight. You plan for your wedding, so you should plan ahead, too, if you want to lose the unwanted poundage. For instance, six months before the wedding, join a health club, consult a nutritionist or hire a personal trainer.

3) Short-term successes

Be reasonable and realistic. A pound per week is achievable; 2o pounds 3 days before the wedding day is not. Along the way, you will experience short-term wins. Seeing progress can be your motivation to continue with your health plan.

4) Long-term wins

Weight loss goals must not stop at choosing your catering food and beverages. Instead, you need to set your mind to a lifetime of healthy living. Choose healthy habits and incorporate them in your daily lives.


Say I Don’t to: 

1) Physical and mental stresses

Preparing for a wedding is stressful enough. If you are going to resort to fad diets, you will never acquire all the nutrition that your body and mind need in keeping up with the planning. You might get sick in the middle of the preparation that only results lagging behind the schedule. Nobody wants this more so when the schedule is too tight to let even the littlest slip ups to consume a day or two.

2) Procrastinating

More so for the brides, wearing a wedding dress wherein they can show off their gorgeous arms, shoulders, gams and backs. The more you procrastinate, the more you need to spend time in the gym. If you only have two months, you need to dedicate more time for workouts. So, do it now while you still have time. Do it together.

Other healthy tips

  • Eat smaller portions
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables (especially the in-season ones)
  • Eat leaner and lower-fat meat and dairies
  • Limit empty calories (high-sugar, high-fat, etc.)
  • Don’t drink calories; eat them
  • Cook quick and easy meals
  • Plan meals ahead, say, a month or week
  • Keep the pantry well-stocked
  • Don’t skip a meal
  • Exercise


Heavier ever after or healthier ever after? It is your choice. Certainly, it is 100% okay to start a fitness program for your wedding day. However, it would be much better if you will carry on with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life together. A life of wedded bliss may sound more romantic if it means staying together for as long as both of you can. And that includes staying as healthy as you should be!

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