To-Do List of the Newlyweds

Gone are those days when you worry too much about wedding suppliers including florist, photographers, videographers and of course, Philippines catering provider. Now that both of you are back from your well-deserved honeymoon, it is time to get real. And start working on the post-wedding tasks that’s been waiting to be accomplished. These are the tasks that you should never put off.

1) Cleaning and storing the wedding gown

Wedding gowns must be dry-cleaned within six months after using it. Of course, the sooner is unquestionably the better. Commission a cleaning service that specializes in dry-cleaning gowns and dresses since they use the right detergents and other solutions. Make sure that the service is using acid-free tissues, for instance. Put it inside a box and store it in a cool and dry place. Make sure that moist will not penetrate the box.


2) Sending thank-you cards

Thank-you cards should be mailed within two months after the wedding day. If you are going to send a lot, might as well divide the task with your hubby. For instance, let him do his side of the family and friends while you do yours. Print out addresses and return addresses on the computers, so that you can save more time handwriting these stuffs. Print them on sticker papers. Send all them once done.

3) Tackling registry returns

After finishing all the presents, what do you get? Three oven toasters, four flat irons, five rice cookers, etc. Wedding gifts must be returned within two months after marrying. Most stores are lenient in taking back gifts, but return policies largely vary including items that they can only take back.


4) Finalizing the wedding album

Photographers and videographers give a maximum of six months for the newlyweds to select photos that will make it to the album and final edited DVD. Anything beyond that period will mean extra charges. Wouldn’t it be lovely to flip through the wedding album or pop in the DVD on your first anniversary? Just my two cents.

5) Changing your name (and address if needs be)

Sort of, officially! Ideally, changing ID names must be accomplished within 90 days after getting married. Change your IDs (including Social Security System (SSS), TIN, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth, etc.), licenses and passport as well as other documents. Change beneficiaries as well especially on your insurances. Your company’s HR department can do this for you, but you always have the choice to get through the process so you’d know how it feels to sign your new name again and again.


6) Distributing your new address

Sending a mass email is OK in letting your relatives and friends know of your new address. Alternatively, you can slip in a tiny moving announcement note on the thank-you cards. With this, you need not spend additional money for stamps. Bookstores sell pre-made moving announcements, or you can make your own using one of the printable templates online.

7) Figuring out your finances

Money talks are dreaded not just by the newlyweds, but also by those who are married for more than ten years or so. Hopefully, you had already talked about that even before you walked down the aisle. If not, you might as well bring up the topic with your hubby. What both of you prefer – merging single bank accounts into one account or creating a new bank account for you as a couple while maintaining your own respective accounts? Whichever you choose, this means several trips to the bank to accomplish the paperwork and to have the new ATM cards (and checks) made.

combining-finances-newlywedsEvidently, post-honeymoon is, in fact, the start of real work as a married man and woman. Whatever tasks you chose to accomplish first, remember that it is the culmination of your lives together as a married couple.

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