Wedding Dress Design Trends 2015

When it comes to wedding, there are moments when it is easier to find a place to wed and have the reception afterward. For instance, you may decide for San Agustin Church and celebrate the union at Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros. The most difficult part, perhaps for every bride-to-be, is choosing the wedding dress.

We have come to a time wherein we have to say goodbye to the wedding dress trends of 2014 and welcome the 2015 with the loudest cheer!

1) Designer-collaborated

Designer wedding gowns will still rule 2015. In fact, since more and more designers are launching an eco-friendly line at a fraction of the cost, more and more brides-to-be will consider buying from them. If you’ve got money to burn, the best choices are Michael Cinco and Monique Lhuillier.


2) With sleeves

Sleeved wedding gowns will be huge come 2015. We will see more sleeves from the most demure to delicate. Wrist length sleeves made from delicate fabric such as lace will be in for the dramatic neckline effect. Floral designed sleeves (or even capelets) will be favored by brides-to-be all year round especially the detachable ones for an instant change of look from the ceremony to the reception.


3) Colored

We will see slight innovations to the traditional white wedding gowns by 2015. Beige, nude, light gold, blush and soft pastel will be incorporated to the gowns especially that rustic and eco-friendly wedding themes are in. The goal is not just about stepping away from the traditions, but also standing out from the horde of beautiful ladies.


4) Back-baring

Weddings in 2015 will be all about gorgeous backs. However, we are not going to see plunging numbers, but silhouette style or full lace coverage sheer wedding gowns. It’s about the details at the back more so because people will be looking at the bride’s back mostly at the ceremony. So, the back must be as stunning as the front.


5) Adaptable

Modern brides are into multi-tasking, and they want their wedding gowns to follow suit. In 2015, expect more adaptable gowns as brides-to-be yearn to personalize their own. Details such as detachable trains, straps and sleeves will dominate the aisle, if not the runway. Despite ditching some traditions, graciousness still counts at the ceremony.


6) Floaty fabric

Wedding gowns made from light-as-air materials is also considered as the newest trend even with ball gowns. These flowy gowns imbibe the ethereal feel. We will see more of these by summer especially for boho-themed weddings.


7) Bow

Gowns with bows are back. The wedding dresses’ highlight will be a small or screaming bow in front or at the back. Bows will be the perfect finishing touch to any gown.


8) Slim silhouette

Princess-style wedding gowns are so 2014. Slim and more relaxed silhouette dresses with intricate detailing will be a big part of 2015 wedding. These wedding dresses might not have the immediate impact that princess-like gowns have. Nevertheless, their delicate embellishments and simplicity will be more than enough to exude the elegance that all brides-to-be long for.


9) Modern minimalist

Again, contemporary brides want to radiate elegance and simplicity hence the relevance of minimalist wedding gowns. These dresses are ideal for brides-to-be who want to feel comfortable throughout her wedding day. Clean lines will be favored. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the bride will scrimp on accessories such as oversized floral headpieces.


Evidently, the choices of wedding gown designs are endless. When choosing a wedding dress for your though, make sure that it is ‘so you.’ Whichever you choose though, don’t sacrifice quality and comfort.

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