Inside the Caterer’s Den: Catering Service Secrets

A celebration of any sort is reason enough to have a gathering of people and a gaggle of guests.

Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings/Baptisms are just a few of the times that call for a get-together. And with a gathering this big, food would become the foremost consideration for events like these. The fact is, more often than not, food takes the center stage when it comes to this kind of events and is as much cause of a celebration as the occasion itself. After all, serving food to quite a number of people does not come as an easy feat. This is why, instead of attempting a herculean undertaking of cooking for a number of guests, most people would enlist the services of a caterer.

However, when it comes to catering services, you have the good news and the bad. The good news is, in general, there is a lot less to be concerned about when it comes to catering for an event than what happens inside the four walls of a restaurant kitchen. However, as it is, there is still some stuff that your caterer would not want you to know.

This article collates the top secrets caterers have for your viewing pleasure.

That the dish you specifically asked for might be their first time to prepare it

More often than not, those who ask for the services of a caterer would ask for food items not necessarily present in the menu. Rather than straight up tell them that they have not prepared such staple before, caterers would otherwise serve you their initial attempt of your requested dish. They would rather find ways to prepare the food you wanted rather than risk losing you as a customer.

Most of your caterers would still use a microwave

Every good kitchen has a microwave and it is only practical that they do. It saves time and is rather efficient in reheating food. When you are preparing food for a hundred or so guests, this does not only become an issue on whether or not the food tastes great, a microwave will become a necessity. Imagine serving cold and stale food to a bunch of hungry guests or worse, having no food to serve at all.

Details are given meticulous attention above flavor

An event is all about the flair and the subtle panache. With this notion, most of the food that goes into your table functions as centerpieces as much as the floral decoration placed atop it. When it comes to lavish events, food becomes an art rather than a food staple and more often than not, it is a caterer’s job to make food look pretty that it would not matter much how it tastes like. Of course, should you opt for a more expensive caterer; attention will equally be divided between two categories: taste and presentation.

 Cocktail food and drinks are served to keep hungry guests at bay

Cooking, preparing and serving food to a number of guests is no easy feat. That is why caterers nowadays offer you the option of serving cocktail food and drinks for an added price. They are not exactly gourmet dishes (though the quality of the wine may vary depending on how much you have paid) but they would at least keep your guests from complaining of hunger before the food is even ready to be served.

Your budget should rather be called Guesstimate

You might be working on a tight budget but do not expect your caterer to feed a battalion of people for a measly price you offered. The supply of food does not come cheap nowadays, so before inviting innumerable guests (also account that they might be bringing their plus ones), try to factor in your budget and if it would be sufficient to feed them.

These are some of the top secrets caterers have that you are now privy to. Caterers are well in demand for events such as these but also take into consideration that they have to work with the budget you have given them. Now that you are in the know, perhaps you can contemplate on your budget and your guest list better.


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