Things You Should Never DIY for Your Wedding

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Weddings are wonderful affairs.
They commemorate the union of two unique individuals and celebrate the love these two persons have for each other. However, picturesque weddings, big and lavish ones do not always come cheap and the soon to be affianced couple does not always have the resources and finances to fund the dream wedding the envisioned. But this slight impediment does nothing to deter most couple’s enthusiasm for having the wedding they have always wanted which is why, more often than not; most couples would resort to their skills and talents in accomplishing some of the minute details of their wedding.
This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, it would be to the couple’s advantage if certain aspects of their wedding were given a personal touch as it feels more intimate and special. Though what most couples overlook is that, no matter how much money you think you might be saving, there are just some aspects in the wedding that is best left to the professionals. A good thing to keep in mind whether or not a wedding aspect could be undertaken as a wedding project is to consider this: If you could do it months ahead of the wedding, then go for it (invitations, souvenirs, tokens, etc.) but if not, leave it to the experts (wedding catering, food services, etc.). If it is rather a time-sensitive task, do not risk it or you might end up having disastrous results.

In order for you to figure out how to manage and utilize your time effectively before the big day, here are some of the things that you should just never do it yourself during your wedding:


This one is a no-brainer. Days before the wedding, you would not be able to prepare a meal that would feed all of your guests as you will be too busy entertaining guests and relatives arriving from out of town. Though you might consider that all of your guests might want to sample your mother’s homemade pie, leaving the food preparation to a professional wedding caterer is the wisest move. Caterers are already well versed with approximating your guests and have enough food supply to make sure your guests do not starve. Apart from that, they are rather skilled in coming up with a cohesive menu that combines the couple’s preferences.


Sure, you might have seen some floral arrangements that you think you could pull off for your own wedding. But consider the fact that you would not only be designing your own bouquet, but your entourage’s bouquet, the centerpieces, and the ceremony’s floral decorations. Additionally, flowers are perishable leaving you without so much time to make them in advance. Consider hiring a florist for this job as there are a lot of florists who can offer you floral arrangement packages for a reasonable price.


This is a one-time event in a couple’s life that they have both looked forward to for months. And this is the only aspect in the wedding that would last a lifetime. The vows that were exchanged and the memories that were being made are all immortalized in a series of photographs and videos. With all that being said, is it not really more of an advantage to hire a professional who can deliver the best photos and videos of your wedding day? After all, these professionals know how to capture the best candid moments and poignant points of your wedding day that an ordinary guest with a camera would not be able to do.


This is the day wherein the couple would want to look their best not only for their respective guests and their soon to be lifetime partners but for the photos and videos as well. Though you might have a killer talent in sprucing up hair and making it look elegant, it is always best to leave this to the professionals. Besides, throughout the day, you will need several touchups which you or any of your guests would not be able to accomplish during the wedding.


You might be really good at planning and when it comes to this one-day event of your life, you want every little detail and minute aspect perfect and there is absolutely no way to accomplish this unless you do it yourself. Wrong. The fact is, it is best to hire a wedding coordinator and work with them to have all the little details you want in your wedding present. Though it may seem like having the dream wedding you have always wanted is more practical when you are the one spearheading the arrangements, do not discount the fact that during your wedding day, you need to be relaxed and stress-free. After all, this wedding is about you and your groom, you should not be running around trying to make sure every little detail is already in place.

Remember, no matter how intimate or personal it might seem to have various aspects in your wedding DIY-ed, do not overlook the fact that there are certain things in your wedding that are best left to the professionals. After all, it is rather hectic during the last few days and weeks before your wedding. Guests will be arriving from out of town, packing for the honeymoon, having rehearsal dinners, etc. With the services of various professionals, you would be stress-free and would greet your day without the slightest worry in your head.


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