Wedding Dress Code 101: Outfits Wedding Guests Should Never Wear


Where a footnote indicating the dress code for the wedding should have existed, it was instead replaced with embroidery. The invitation that came in the mail had no dress code indicated.

You smirk as you peruse the rest of the invitation card. Come wedding day, it would not be just the bride’s big day but your chance to debut the hot new cream romper you bought last weekend.  As you continuously fish through your drawers for accessories to complement the rest of your outfit, you thought that this wedding occasion might just be the perfect excuse to dress fashionably and elegantly as well.

Besides, it’s not like you can bend a few rules here and there right? After all, you were an invited guest; nobody can stop you from wearing what you want when you are already at the event itself. Plus, the invitation did not explicitly state what you should wear so you might as well dress in what you deem as your personal best.

Hold your horses! Before you intend on carrying out that plan backtrack first and think if the wedding is really about you or the couple? Sure, offices have certain corporate dress codes, and private schools have a rule on dressing modestly, weddings, on the other hand, are left a bit ambiguous especially when the couple does not indicate what you should wear. Though this might be the case, it does not mean that there are certain rules as to what a guest should or should not wear come wedding day. Do you have an upcoming wedding to attend? Are you not quite sure what to wear?

Well, this article will assist you there as we give you a list of WHAT NEVER TO WEAR on a wedding.


Sure, at a wedding there might be an abundance of black most especially from the outfits men choose to wear. It’s elegant, sleek, and stylish and would look great in almost any body type. But one should never opt for sheer elegant veneer and neglect customs when it comes to the darkest of colors. Black is traditionally not a color one should be seen wearing at a wedding, most especially for womenfolk. It connotes mourning and death for a lot of people but so long as you do not look like you are dressed in a funeral garb, then you can compromise and don the color. Regardless of how dark the tone will be, as long as you feel light and fun then the outfit should be fine. Sequins usually put more life into the tone. However, if there is the slightest chance that the style looks a little somber for a celebratory affair, then it would be best to put that dress back in the closet and opt for something with a little more color.


There is a big difference in wearing something close to a negligee and something sexy that would still be appropriate attire for a wedding. It would be nice to look great and sexy for a wedding but nothing screams “Look at me” more than an outfit that is more at home at a nightclub than at a wedding reception. Keep in mind that this is the bride’s big day so it is important not to wear anything that might steal her spotlight. There is an appropriate time and place for risqué outfits; a wedding affair is not one of them.


No matter how casual or elegant a wedding may be (whether it might be a casual affair held in the Fernbrook Gardens or an elegant dinner at the Le Pavillon); coming in very casual attire such as a pair of jeans and a shirt is not an option.  At least look the part of a wedding guest and that you prepared for the special event by wearing a garb appropriate for the ceremony. If the wedding is a casual affair then you should at least consider wearing a summer dress and sandals, it is the least you can do as a wedding guest.


Just like it is in bad taste to sport a white dress that looks very similar to a wedding gown, it is also just as distasteful to wear a tiara. Doing so is being incredibly disrespectful to the bride and exemplifies your narcissistic and attention seeking behavior. Use the tiara and ornamental head wears for suitable occasions such as proms and costume parties. Otherwise, it should stay clear of your head most especially at weddings.


Pantsuits look at home in a corporate meeting otherwise; they would look just downright tacky in a wedding ceremony. Not only that but you would look like the kind of guest who could not be bothered to at least dress up for the event.  Find something fun and stylish to wear, not serious, stuffy and businesslike. You may be an independent and powerful woman around the office but at least try to show your fun side by wearing something that would look in place at a wedding.

We always want to look our best for the wedding day but do take note that no matter how stylish we want to appear, there are some styles we should never sport so as not to offend anybody’s sensibilities nor upstage the bride. The five items enlisted above are just a fraction of the many things wedding guests should not wear during the big event. For a simpler guide, simply remember this rule of thumb: If you think it is going to draw more attention to you than the couple (whether in a good or bad way) then you might think about reconsidering your outfit.


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