Be a Bridechilla not a Bridezilla! The Five Don’ts of Being a Bride

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A girl looks forward to her wedding the most in her life.

This is why making dream weddings into reality is the penultimate wish any woman over the age 20 and edging towards 30 has. This is that one day wherein the spotlight is focused on you and is that one day where you will feel most gorgeous in your life—and why not, you have sufficiently spent money to be tweezed and plucked, and you picked out an appropriate dress to go along with your makeup.
However, in the midst of the thousands of preparations, the overwhelming stress of handling wedding details compounded with relatives from out of town visiting, some brides commit many major wedding faux pas that would be otherwise excusable had they been more prepared. It may be the biggest day in your life’s history, but that does not necessarily connote that you can fly off the bat under the impression that you can because it is YOUR big day. Do take note that this day is not only about your but your husband to be as well. And more importantly, you would not want the guests you have invited to witness your meltdown under the guise of you having wedding stress and blues.
Remember, weddings are happy occasions to commemorate so let us keep it that way by avoiding specific potential stressors that can cost you your big day. To find out what these are and how to avoid these, read on. Take note, being forewarned is being forearmed.


You want everything to be in tip-top form, you want everything in place. You want everything exactly the way you want it and in accordance to your much-coveted dream wedding that you have everything nailed down to the food you want present in the wedding catering. And because this is so, any offers of help that may be extended to you are met by your cool and polite rejection. No matter how hands-on you want to be for your big day nor how particular of a bride you may be, you should never decline an offer of help– believe me, you will not be able to pull this off all alone. Do yourself a favor and accept their offers, you will be more at ease and stress-free during your big day.


Your guests would want to give you gifts that you would find useful for the life you have ahead. They do not want to be grasping at straws trying to second guess what you might potentially need and use. This saves them countless time and effort trying to scour the mall for what to give you on your wedding day (and would save you from having to contend with innumerable similar gifts). However, putting registry info on the invitation itself makes it seem to your guest that a wedding gift is mandatory should they want to be invited. To get this message across, do it traditionally: By word of mouth on the part of your parents or your bridesmaids.


Foresight when it comes to scheduling plans is hardly achievable (making contingency plans practical). For this reason, there are only a lucky few couples who have a little downtime between the ceremony and reception. For some, the pictorials would delay them from being in the reception area; if such is the case, do not ever leave your guests hungry. If there is a huge time gap between the ceremony and the reception, at least provide your guests who might be early to the reception area some cocktail food and drinks to munch on. At least in that way, you will not leave your guests hungry while waiting for you to finally arrive.


You just came from your friend’s wedding and at the moment, you are trying to quell the feeling of jealousy slowly brewing inside of you. She had a popular band booked, had Cristal champagne for every table and had a fifteen tiered cake. Suddenly, you find yourself getting irrationally envious and wanting to overhaul your wedding plans to compete with hers. It is an insidious feeling, jealous is. However, you should not let these feelings overwhelm you. Stop, breathe and take a moment first. Do you want the kind of wedding she had? Or do you just plainly want to show her up? Remember, if you veer off the course you have set for your wedding day, you might just ruin your chances of having your dream wedding.


Most brides overlook the fact that a wedding is not only about them but their fiancés as well– a novice mistake to make. Sure, they might not be the one crowned in floral petals and donned in gossamer cloth, but that does not diminish the great role they have at their wedding. Remember, this wedding about you and him and your imminent life as a couple. Though it can be easy to get wrapped up in the wedding preparations, do not discount your fiancés suggestions and opinions. Remember to keep the wedding a “we” instead of a “me”.

Sure, weddings can cause a lot of stress but though wedding stress is rather commonplace, the stress does not have to weigh you down nor dictate your conduct as a bride. Take note: You want to be beautiful on your wedding day, and more importantly, you want it to be memorable. So do not be a Bridezilla and be a Bridechilla instead.


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