Fitting Your Wedding Dress: Tips to Get You in Shape for Your Dress

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The diamond on your finger sparkled and glittered in the moonlight.

You are getting married in an estimated seven months’ time from and the burnished rock your fiancé had slipped on your finger is all sorts of indication for you to get in shape just in time for your wedding day. You mentally count the days of preparation you have ahead, not only for the wedding itself but for the logistics involved in losing the weight you have accumulated over the years. All this just to look immaculate and gorgeous on your wedding day.

It may seem premature to contemplate about especially when the wedding seems ages away from today–more importantly when you have other things to consider (wedding catering, invitations, the gown itself), but you are determined to look your absolute best on your grandest day, and nothing is stopping you from doing exactly that. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
However, some brides to be resort to extreme measures, quick fixes, and unhealthy shortcuts to shed all the pre-wedding weight looking at their wedding day as a deadline rather than a motivation to get fitter and healthier. Though these methods undoubtedly work for a few, they frequently fail—miserably. This is because these methods do not deliver in the long term, and these will likely cause you more harm than good. Besides, if you want to maintain the svelte figure you have earned on your wedding day, it would be more practical to take on a healthier and more realistic tack. Arguably, keeping yourself from packing the pounds amidst the wedding stress and the dinner soirees you are inevitably going to have with visiting relatives from out of town may seem impossible but it is nonetheless, doable.
To start your healthy regimen to look your best in your wedding gown, here are some tips:


An oft-neglected and overlooked tip when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Breakfast is what gets your body started for the day, and because you are actively doing activities through the day, the calories you eat for breakfast is easily burned by your body throughout the day. This tip is simple enough, repeated in many health articles and is advocated by nutritionists and dieticians. You might as well take a leaf out of their book and eat a healthy breakfast not only to prepare for your wedding but as a lifetime practice as well.


Every bit of it.
Account for everything you put into your mouth may it be the tiny bit of cake you have sampled for your wedding cake down to the sips of soup you tasted. You might assume that the calories you ingested from all these tastings are insignificant but if you accumulated them, they could really add up. Besides, research has shown that tracking your food effectively aids you in losing twice as much weight than if you do not track it at all. Count your calories—literally, by listing the food items on a food journal or by making an inventory of what you ate daily on your smartphone.


Before your wedding day, you will make it a point to attend all of the pre-wedding appointments you need to show up to, your cake testing, your pre-marriage counseling, dress fitting appointments, your meetings with your wedding caterer, etc. These are the appointments you would not want to miss likewise; you should treat your workouts like they are appointments you should never miss. Designate an hour or so on your daily schedule and follow a routine to make this a habit. Add your workouts to your calendar so that your other obligations would not get in the way of your workout time.


Before your wedding day, you are going to be sampling an array of diverse and various food in such a short period of time. Seeing as this is an inevitable occurrence, one way to keep yourself from ballooning from all the food sampling, is to sample smart. Keep your portions small—a bite or two is sufficient enough to acquaint yourself with the taste. Do not load up an entire plate—regardless of size when you are only food tasting. Save that for the wedding reception itself.


Some may see alcohol intake as a prerequisite for a grand and amazing time during the bachelorette party, do consider that it lowers inhibitions. Lowered inhibitions mean you are more likely to overindulge in more calories. Additionally, alcohol itself is already pretty high in calories so that by itself should be enough for you to reconsider drinking liquor. However, should you need to drink, nurse your glass slowly and do not overindulge.


Weeks or even months before the wedding, you are going to be entertaining a lot of guests from out of town and because of this, you will be dining out more often than usual. But just because you are out, it does not mean you can put your diet on the back burner for a day. Remember, that every single day counts. When entertaining guests and dining out, choose healthy restaurants that offer healthy and nutritious food.

Looking great on your wedding day does not have to be a chore if you incorporate these simple lifestyle changes into your everyday activity. Do not let the wedding dress weigh you down and pack on the weight by thinking of these healthy tips not only as a pre-wedding regimen but a lifetime one as well.


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