Wedding Dress 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Wedding Dress



You have decided on a theme, you have picked out the entourage’s dresses, you have laid out the plans for your wedding catering, and you have done the food tasting. It seems like everything is done and already in place. Everything is done and accomplished, all except your wedding dress.

The truth is, you have deliberately left deciding for your bridal gown for last because you do not want to commit any mistakes in doing so.
For years, you have always envisioned how you would look like walking down the aisle. You want to look stellar and superb. You might be wearing this dress only once in your lifetime, but you are quite certain that there is no other occasion in your lifetime where you would look more perfect.

But as this is a once in a lifetime event, you want to make sure you have the dress that epitomizes who you are as a person and as a bride—that and you would like it to translate well in your wedding photographs. Well then dear reader, let this article assist you in your endeavors in searching for the perfect wedding gown as it lists down some of the most basic do’s and don’ts in selecting your gown for the big day.


Come up with a theme and select a gown that ties up with your chosen theme

Back in the day, where people only decided on color schemes and motifs, gowns are simply chosen according to their styles. Today, where having a wedding theme in lieu of having a wedding motif is the current trend, brides-to-be design their gown according to the chosen theme. For destination weddings such as ones celebrated on the beach are typically done in long white gowns of thin material, and brides would usually go barefoot. Traditional weddings call for a more timeless gown, complete with A-line skirts, square necklines, and the works.

Add accessories

Accessories are fun, and they will instantly make your ensemble a lot more interesting. The key to getting the right balance between looking like a classic bride and an interesting sight to behold is to know where to draw the line between looking like a Christmas Tree and having just the right amount of accessories. A good way to start is to examine your wedding dress if it is fully embellished and filled with intricate details such as laces and pearls then keep your accessories to a bare minimum lest you overpower your wedding gown. But should it be bare, add enough accessories to avoid looking too plain.

Choose the right kind of white for your skin tone

Though white may be a basic color, it apparently comes in various shades, and there are some shades that complement your skin better than others. Choose the best white for your skin tone and go with that as your bridal gown. Choose the color that makes your skin glow and complements your skin tone as well.

Pick the appropriate undergarments

You might neglect this considering that it will be covered by your wedding gown. However, it is crucial to note that there are body-shaping undergarments that will make your silhouette perfect no matter how slinky your gown is. Choose the appropriate undergarments, a pair that will match your skin tone and makes your body look great underneath the dress.


Don a dress more casual than the ones your guests are sporting

This is your wedding day, and you should not let any of your guests’ outfits overshadow and cast yours in a shade. If you choose to have a formal affair, a floor length gown is in order whether intricately designed with beading and embroidery or plain and classic accessorized with jewelry. Even when the event is low-key and casual, be sure to pick a dress that will stand out.

Wear long gowns to a beach wedding

Your long train will only encumber you when it is drenched in seawater and sand. Besides, when it is all dry in time for the reception, it would not look flattering on you. Take note, delicate fabric, seawater, and sand just do not mix.

Buy a dress you cannot see yourself wearing while walking down the aisle

Do not buy wedding gowns that you definitely cannot picture yourself wearing down the aisle. Always consider your options and if a particular gown may be cheap but if you could not see yourself donning it for your big day then, keep your options open. A great tip in seeing the overall effect of the gown is to ask for a veil that would go along with the dress and see how the entire ensemble looks.


Finding the perfect wedding dress may seem like a lot of pressure and can cause a lot of stress. You want everything to fit perfectly, and you want to look your absolute best for your wedding day. But never fret, as long as you are well aware of the basic do’s and don’ts in choosing your wedding gown, the quest for finding that much coveted bridal apparel will be much easier.


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