How to Have Your Dream Wedding within Your Budget




We all have our fair share of dream weddings.


We want everything to be perfect and the way we envisaged it in our heads. We want everything in place from the wedding dress down to the wedding catering. On that one day where we are to tie the knot with the person, we envision spending the rest of our lives with, we want nothing to go wrong.

However, weddings are rather costly and with product prices at an all time, it can be hard to negotiate with the dream wedding we have without compromising a few costs. The logistics of planning a wedding is already costly enough, complement that with the actual cost and you might just be paying quite a hefty bill before even saying your respective I do’s.

This is why most couples need to have a workable and estimated budget on the costs they are about to incur. As it is, it would be impractical to needlessly splurge everything on your wedding day and have virtually nothing left for you to spend your days together in building a family. However, working within your budget does not have to mean sacrificing the dream wedding you want. It is still very much possible to do so and here are ways just to do exactly that.


Being guided by your wedding philosophy determines your decision-making process, especially when it comes to pecuniary matters. This will complement your budgeting ideals and will assist you in making decisions when it comes to wedding expenditures regarding how much you should spend on a particular wedding aspect. To establish a solid wedding philosophy, you and your partner should ask yourselves what the purpose of your wedding is, how you feel about it, how you want your guests to feel about it and what your values and priorities are. From there, you can align your purchases with your philosophy and make decisions from there.


In connection with having a philosophy, you and your partner should be guided by the very same philosophy in listing your negotiables versus your non-negotiables. Your non-negotiables should include all the items you cannot imagine your wedding without while your negotiables are all the things that would be interesting and fun to have at your wedding but ones you can skip and do without. Every couple has unique priorities and determining what yours are will make the spending process of your wedding funds a whole lot easier.


Having a list of non-negotiables and negotiables will help you identify which items you would rather splurge money on and which items you could still have at a lower cost. One instance of this is hiring a professional photographer while having faux floral decorations and arrangements. Having non-negotiables present at your wedding may still be a possibility provided you know where to determine the areas where you should splurge on your finances and where to cut some costs.


It is best to be amply prepared when it comes to spending an exorbitant amount of money—especially on momentous events and affairs such as weddings. When you adequately research the market beforehand, you can have a reasonable comparison of the services you want to avail of and avoid unnecessary overspending when you can get it at a more affordable price. Additionally, researching beforehand helps you gain insight into the products and the services offered by the company and will aid you in your decision-making process.


Cutting costs in negotiable areas may take creativity on your part. Consider some DIY projects and enlist the help and assistance of friends and relatives. Hiring professionals for every aspect in your weddings in your wedding will cost you greatly—besides, giving your wedding that creative touch may be more meaningful to your guests considering that this will feel a lot more personal and intimate.


Having the wedding you have always dreamed of is a possibility without breaking the bank. Following these five easy steps will assist you in achieving that. While you do not have to agonize over every peso spent on your wedding, it does not mean you should be unwise and needlessly splurge on your expenses. Have a solid wedding philosophy and stick with it and you will have the wedding of your dreams minus the expensive cost.


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