Romantic Ideas for Your Wedding Reception



Weddings are all about getting sentimental and feeling the ambiance of sweeping romance, fluff and emotions around you. After all, they are meant to commemorate the beginning of a couple’s wedded life together. However, when it comes to wedding receptions, the romance is traditionally limited to the bride and groom’s speeches while the decorations elsewhere are all about making a statement that conforms with whatever theme the couple may have selected. After attending a few weddings such as this one, it can feel a tad bit too generic, formulaic and all too familiar. And for the sentimental at heart, this could seem rather limiting.

So if you and you and your affianced are looking for fresh new ways to give your wedding reception a sentimental and romantic spin, take a look at the ideas below and you are guaranteed to have a romantic wedding reception that whether you are holding your grand reception at the Teatrillo or somewhere more subtle, you are guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the most embittered cynics amongst your guests.

1.) Have the reception at the site where your fiancé proposed

Simple yet unique and is guaranteed to make you relive the moment he proposed to you. This is a romantic idea as it incorporates another significant milestone you and your husband to be already experienced: your engagement!

2.) Choose locales that are inherently romantic

There are some locations and sites that are more romantic than some. A vineyard, for example, would need no further embellishments for a romantic or sentimental touch whereas a function room would need a full day’s work to give it that kind of ambiance. Look for locales that already have the general romantic feel when booking for your next reception.

3.) Let your wedding site inspire the theme of the wedding

If you are holding a garden wedding, then let the rest of the wedding aspects follow. Incorporate floral arrangements into your hair, wear a garden dress instead of the traditional wedding trail when you are walking down the aisle and so on. Having a general theme dictates how the rest of your wedding will look like and would additionally give it a more organized feel.

4.) Have facts about your “firsts” printed on every table for guests to read

This can include as many of the fond memories you and your spouse had made over the time you had spent together as a couple before you got married. It can include some facts about your first date, how you both met, your favorite getaway as a couple, etc. Additionally, this will also give your guests something entertaining and relevant to read while they are waiting for supper to be served.

5.) Decorate tables with framed photos of you and your fiancé together with family and friends

This is ideal for intimate and small weddings, and it will certainly give your guests a feeling of being genuinely involved with you. It makes your guests feel inclusive, and it is a great way to show them that you appreciate their presence as well as their support of you as a couple.

6.) Create a sentimental surprise

Couples can be rather flexible and creative with this. Some couples choose to incorporate it in their wedding vows, but another way of creating a sweet surprise is to read aloud a line of the love letter that your fiancé sent you before you got engaged. It is wonderfully sweet, and it is guaranteed to warm the heart of your husband to be.

7.) Opt for a romantic wish instead of an ordinary guestbook

Encourage guests to leave words of supports, little letters that are truly personalized for you and your groom to read once the festivities are over. It is sweet, simple yet sentimental and it certainly will give you something to look back on over the years you will have as a wedded couple. The words of encouragement they left could be your beacon of success as a loving couple.


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