Make Your Weddings Unforgettable



Tying the knot is already a memorable affair.

However, in a time wherein we have already seen everything and wherein the accents to a wedding already seem a tad bit too formulaic (the flowers, the decorations, candles, entourage, etc.), we all want something a bit more different for ourselves, something that would be unforgettable—a timeless experience we would want not only for ourselves to enjoy but for our guests as well. Well, if you desire a bit of flair and a bit of magic on your wedding day, consider brainstorming and have those creative juices flowing as you are going to need lots and lots of it. To start off, if you want your guests to have a one of a kind experience, do not simply have them by the sidelines; instead, get them to be more involved. There is a multitude of things your guests can do apart from being a member of the entourage. Additionally, involving your guests would make them feel like they are truly part of the wedding and are not just there to witness your vows.

So, if you are planning to integrate a bit more panache and creativity in your nuptials, then take a gander at the pointers below as wherever you may be celebrating your wedding may it be at The Oasis or at The Glass Garden, you are guaranteed to give your guests not only a wonderful time but a memorable one as well.

1.) On band breaks, include an “about the wedding party” section in your programs and perhaps show a video clip detailing the people in your entourage. Give your guests little tidbits about the people you chose in your bridal entourage. It would be nice if your guests knew that your best man is your best friend since you guys were still kids.

2.) Write a letter to your parents separately. Have this waiting for them at their seats at the reception table. Your letter can be anything: it could simply be a thankful letter, or something a bit more special. Just make sure you are sincere in writing it. Your parents would be more than touched to know you have written something for them.

3.) If it fits the budget, have your bridesmaid carry a bouquet entirely made up of their favorite flower and have yours a combination of all the flowers they have chosen. Not only will it give a bit of a variety for your guests, your photos will certainly look eye-popping.

4.) If you have family members who have already gone on or who cannot physically be there with you, wear or carry something of theirs so, in one way or another, you would feel they are still with you. Something as simple as a lapel pin tied to the ribbon of your bouquet or your great grandmother’s earrings.

5.) Place blank notes wrought in the shape of a heart in each of your guests’ designated area and encourage them to write a note for the couple. It may be encouraging words, anecdotes about what they remember of their time as a couple or sagely advice.

6.) Make sure to keep your young guests in mind and have a kid-oriented table. Have something in that table to occupy them with such as papers to draw on which they could turn into cards for you. Make sure your menu includes food they would love as well such as chicken fingers, ice cream sundaes, and hot dogs.

7.) Read your speech for your spouse to candlelight. When your guests arrive, everyone will get a candle and when it is time for you as a couple to read to each other your speech, have your guests light their candles from one candle to the other to “pass the flame”. It is a uniquely powerful way to mark the sentimentality of the moment.

8.) Place personalized or embroidered tissues in the rows where your family will be seated for their “tears of joy”

9.) Rather than do a money dance, do a “wish dance” instead where your guests will give you a brief speech offering you their well-wishes before getting to dance with you.

10.) Set notecards and a disposable camera at each table. Encourage your guests to take photos and along with it write their words of wisdom for you in the note cards which you would then collate and place in a photo album. In this way, after your wedding, you will have a special memento of each and every one of your guests along with their advice.


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