Common Wedding Plan Blunders



Every woman who has dreamed of marrying the love of their lives has meticulously planned their very own weddings since the inception of their idea in getting married. They relentless think of the kind of dress they are going to don for the wedding day, the type of pre-nuptial photos they are going to take, the guests they are to invite, the programs, the location, the entourage, the theme, the wedding caterer…everything! This is why when something goes horribly awry during the wedding date itself, it can take its toll on the couple and leave them with less than savory memories of what is to be their happiest day. However, as it is a reality, some things will inevitably go awry on your wedding day if you operate on poor logistics and improper planning. Since nuptial blunders are a reality, it would be better if you are equipped with the most common of mistakes most couples make before making any decisions of your own. So that come your happiest day, you can rest easy knowing that you may have potentially dodged what would be a monumental error to make.


Brides to be can be rather notorious with mentally planning out a wedding before even having a budget in mind. They could have already envisioned a designer wedding dress without even consulting how much financial resources they have available. This is a novice mistake, before making any sort of wedding plans, you and your spouse to be should establish financial parameters. Not only will this ensure that you will have everything you essentially need for the wedding, but it would also give you a guarantee that you would not go broke right after the wedding date.


Couples who would desire to tie knot outdoors should always have a backup plan just in case the sun ceases to shine on your wedding day. Do not rely on hope alone that it would not rain on your wedding day even if you slated it on a hot summer day as it is, weather can be very erratic and when it comes to your wedding day, you really would not want to take any chances. To avoid this potential dilemma, make sure the venue you have allocated for your wedding has an indoor setting as well, so that when it rains, you would know that you could still have your wedding inside. It may not be your initial choice, but it is a lot better than having to cancel the event altogether.


You want to share this momentous occasion with everyone you know, but, unfortunately, you can only afford a rather small and nondescript venue which, fortunately, though, does not have a guest limit. So, you go with your original plan of inviting all of the guests you want to attend and have them packed in such a limited space. This is an oversight on your part though you may have all the guests you want present on your wedding day, you would not want your reception to feel like a popular bar with the party in full swing and with people rubbing shoulders left and right. You want your event to be chic and elegant and to pull that off, do not fill your designated venue to its maximum capacity for guests.


This is not exclusive to your wedding invitations alone, this also rings true for your pre-wedding soirees, bachelorette and bachelor parties and the like. Your guests would not want to attend an event they have inadequate information to. And apart from that, if you have a strict dress code, you would not want any of your guests to commit a fashion faux pas the day of your wedding either and if you are having a destination wedding, you would be helping your guests immensely if you complemented their wedding invitations with a map that would take them to your venue. Supply your guests with enough information before your wedding day to avoid confusion and they will thank you profusely.


So there may be a few inconsequential things that may occur hours or days before your wedding, these are all trifle and negligible matters that you should not spend a majority of your time worrying about. Do not let the pre-wedding stress get to you and cause you needless anxiety (Take note: You would want to look your best for your wedding day and for the wedding photos). Instead, try to focus on the fact that you are marrying the love of your life, zero on that alone and forget all about the insignificant matters that would not affect the course of your wedding anyhow. So the next time you feel like a rather unimportant detail is causing you to stress, breathe in and relax and envision yourself walking the aisle towards your lover who would soon be your husband to be.


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