Five Last Minute Wedding Details You Should Never Forget


In the midst of all the wedding preparations, the excitement and the relatives pouring from all over the town or in some other cases, the globe, it can be rather easy to neglect and forget to take care of a few wedding details (whether it may be the emergency number to call for the catering services or your Aunt’s designated pick-up transportation) even for the most goal and detail-oriented bride. This is rather common seeing as during your big day you would definitely have a lot on your plate and would least be bothered by the minute and nondescript details of your wedding.

These details may seem inconsequential to you, however, some or rather most of them play a pivotal role in your wedding and are usually left for last. Some of these wedding details, when overlooked, may even cause you not to push through with your wedding at all. And let us all be honest, when we have prepared months for the most momentous event of our lives, it can be rather frustrating and disappointing to have it cancelled at the last minute over some little and inconsequential detail. To prevent just that, this article has collated some of the oft-forgotten wedding details you should take note of. So that come the big day of yours, you would not make the same errant mistake as a few others did before they finally got to say “I do”.



Your marriage license is an important detail of your wedding as without it, you cannot get married. This is something your officiant cannot provide as it is something you must personally apply for at your city hall. To avoid neglecting this important aspect of your wedding, get it a week or even a month prior to your wedding. Remember, this is a top priority as it ensures that you will push through getting married to each other on your wedding day.



Seeing as you would be rather busy on weeks prior to your big day, your vision would most probably not extend beyond your wedding day. But the celebrations extend beyond that day, and you and your newly wedded husband would probably set off on a Caribbean cruise or maybe just go on an out of town trip. Considering that you may not have given this much thought, you probably have not even packed a single thing for this planned vacation and come honeymoon day, you would just stuff whatever you can find in one big suitcase and be on with it. Do not make this novice mistake; instead, pack your stuff, at least, a couple of weeks prior to your honeymoon. Research weather conditions prior to packing so that you can pack smartly.



This is something you would want to refrain from doing until after the wedding seeing as it may be a bit tedious. However, if you started a bit earlier, it will save you time after the wedding and would give you more time and legroom to enjoy your honeymoon. Never neglect to thank your guests and the wedding professionals that made your big day possible by giving them thank you notes. Include the guests who did not bring wedding gifts as their presence alone on your big day is a big enough factor already.



No matter how well prepared you are on your big day, chances are some things may go wrong. Accidents happen all the time, they are unforeseeable and beyond our control. However, this should not deter us from enjoying our big day. Seeing as accidents are something we can never prevent, it would be best if we had a contingency plan in the form of a bridal emergency kit so that you would come prepared should anything untoward happen. The essentials of your kit should include Band-Aids, lip balm, breath mints, a stain removed and some sewing needles and thread.



This rather imperative detail should be taken cared of weeks prior to the wedding. Never forget to pay the necessary deposits or completing the final payments (if you can afford it ) before your big day. Apart from this, you should have already calculated the various tips and placed the payments in various separate envelopes with their corresponding labels. In this way, as your wedding is wrapping up, you can thank your wedding professionals and give them their tips personally.
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