BRIDES: What You Do Not Know About Bridal Gown Shopping


“A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal dress for a woman—it must reflect the personality and style of a bride” – Carolina Herrera

It is certain that if there is one penultimate thing a girl dreams of at an early age (apart from the affair itself), it is how she would look sauntering down the aisle in her perfect wedding gown. She wants to paint a picturesque portrait of herself in a bridal ensemble that would truly speak volumes about her personality and her taste as well and in the words of Carolina Herrera; it is both personal and intimate for her.
However, selecting a gown amidst a diverse selection should you have it ready made or having it tailored specifically to cater to your taste is only a fraction of the lengthy logistics of gown selections. And more often than not, selecting the gown barely scratches the surface of what really transpires in the process. There are a lot of things to consider when you are contemplating on what gown you should get and some of them would drastically improve or impair how you look—all depending on your choice. So, if you are in the process of selecting a gown, take a look at what you should know down below so that on your wedding day, you would be walking down the aisles of the church or your wedding venue in a gown that would paint an aesthetic picture.

1.) Undergarments do wonders to the look of a dress

It is basic knowledge that wearing clear straps or thin bra straps underneath a strapless gown is a no-go , but even when you are already adequately equipped with this knowledge, it is best to get your measurements taken before starting this process—especially if you lost weight recently. You may have the perfect dress but ill-fitting undergarments would almost certainly make it look off. Bras that come in one cup size too small or panties wound too tight to you would make you several sizes bigger around the waist (making you look like you have an extra muffin top). Have the correct size and you can drastically change the look of the entire ensemble.

2.) Let your consultants know how you truly feel about the dresses you try

Simply sending an affirmative nod to each dress and giving your consultants a yes on each design would be rather frustrating. These consultants would not be able to give you a design that is truly personal and definitive of your style if you simply agree to all of the gowns they present to you. Have an opinion and be truthful about your choices and you will not only help your consultants but yourself as well in getting that dream wedding gown.

3.) Give your gown an “aisle test” to make sure it looks from every angle

Before deciding on a gown, make sure you look at it from every angle. Additionally, try it on with the veil and all and do a brief saunter around the store’s periphery. Do not simply twirl around in front of a mirror, go ahead and give it a test drive, walk around and strut your stuff. If it feels like it is the right one, you would not want to have it off.

4.) Test it with your makeup

Before trying on a gown, make sure you have applied a bit of makeup beforehand so that you will have a bit of an idea of how it would look like with the gown. However, whatever you do, do not overdo it as you will end up staining the stark white fabric (to the consternation of your consultants). There is no need to look dolled up for a consultation, just wear enough to make you look presentable. Additionally, if possible, wear your hair the way you would want to for your wedding day.

5.) Try on as many gowns as possible

Remember, your wedding is a one-time affair and you are only going to be doing this gown shopping only once in your life so try on as many gowns as you can. Do not worry if you have to try on, at least, fifteen gowns before choosing the best one as your wedding day is a big deal and part of that big deal is how you would look. Drown out every single one’s opinion and listen to your own, if you think it does not suit you then by all means knock it off your choices—just make sure your final choice is something you truly want. Gown shopping may only occur once in your life, but at least, make sure you will come out of it fabulous and satisfied with your choice.


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