Honeymoon Alternatives that Will Not Hurt Your Pocket!


Honeymoons are awesome, they provide an easy avenue for newly wedded couples to bond with each other in a remote romantic place and connect after the wedding affair itself. More often than not, some couples look forward to this more than the wedding itself. Just imagine that after long stretches of weeks planning the perfect wedding, streamlining a multitude of choices from the catering menu down to the entourage’s outfits, mishaps here and there, sauntering down the aisle of your chosen wedding venue, you can finally have a week or two to relax with your spouse and be a Mrs. for the first time.

Unfortunately, some couples have exhausted their financial resources during the wedding preparations that the budget allocated for their honeymoon is a bit meager or is altogether virtually nonexistent. Well, lucky for you that there are a lot more ways to spend your honeymoon and they do not require you to break the bank. Alternatively, you and your spouse can save up for a real honeymoon and spend days following your wedding day just playing house together and connecting with each other in your new home (This is also an excellent time to go house shopping or furniture shopping). However, for those of you who would want to spend the following days after your wedding day in an affordable marital bliss, here are several alternatives to expensive honeymoon trips.


Here is a unique way to spend time with your new spouse and do your own part in giving back to the community. Volunteer Honeymoon is a unique way to spend time with your spouse by clearing trails at a local beach or helping out at a local orphanage. It would give you a memorable travel experience–one that would strengthen your bond with your spouse and certainly make an impact on you. This is not only a great honeymoon idea but it is also a fantastic and remarkable way to start you newly wedded life together.


Mini-moons are quickly becoming a trend among newlyweds as a popular honeymoon alternative. This is perfect for those newly wedded couples who are constrained to a budget or have budget limitations, timing constraints or little vacation time set aside. This would allow couples to experience an unforgettable destination for a few or so days (even if it is not exactly Greece or the Maldives). Typically, mini-moons are spent in a place within driving distance or a short flight. Regardless, though, you can still be assured of a great time together with your spouse.


This is perfect for the newly wedded couple who has a thirst for adventure and who would love to experience the great outdoors. Locally, there are a lot of camping spots you and your spouse can choose from and these types of trips are typically cheaper than an international cruise. Additionally, going on a camping trip would not only indulge the adventurer in you but as camping destinations all over the Philippines offer various packages that would include seeing some falls, visiting the beach and trekking, you and your spouse would get to experience more in this budget friendly honeymoon trip.


Another alternative way to spend your honeymoon while on a tight budget is to go on an eco-themed honeymoon. Explore the most diverse ecosystems surrounding your area or an area an hour flight away. This has become rather popular lately as it focuses on visiting natural or protected areas of a destination while minimizing overall impact. So, give this a try when you want an offbeat alternative way to celebrate your newly wedded life together.


Use this time to explore your city in a different light and together with your new spouse. Shop for things you may need at home, go to undiscovered locations, act like a tourist in your own city–the possibilities are endless. Going on a honeymoon trip does not mean you have to leave the confines of your own homes as you can still very much enjoy it where you are so long as you are creative about it. Spend your honeymoon within your city and you will learn to appreciate things about it that you have failed to notice before.

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