Four Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas


Nothing would make a man more apprehensive and sweat profusely than the prospect of proposing to his girlfriend. But on the other hand, nothing would cause a woman so much euphoria and elation that this momentous event is an occasion by itself and would deserve a celebration as well. This is why men all over the globe are keen on concocting the perfect and most ideal way to propose to their partners that it would take them several weeks and for some months even to come up with the a flawless one and one that they are adequately satisfied with.

However, in an era where everything is predominantly posted and featured on social media, we have seen almost every trick in the book and every romantic and ardent way to propose done online. We have seen innumerable males crooning to their lovers and professing their undying love while bending on one knee, we have also seen something a bit more creative such as a blindfolded lady being led to the beachfront by her man. Guys have seen all these and might have thought that what they have in mind is a bit clichéd. But fortunately, there are a lot more creative ways to propose and this article chips in some of the best ones from which you can select and start building an idea from. Take a gander at some of the suggestions down below, so that before you can even start planning on a wedding venue, you will have made sure your ladylove felt special when you proposed to her.

1.) Switch Gender Roles

That is right ladies! You do not need to beat around the bush and wait for your partners to propose to you. In this current century with women even taking over some of the men’s jobs, even something inconsequential such as proposals could have a reversal of roles. Traditionally, females are accustomed to being proposed to as this has always been the tradition from way back but there is no rule barring any particular gender from proposing marriage to their partners. Should the woman decide to chuck tradition out of the window, then the proposal story will even be more unique.

2.) Utilize Non-Traditional Gifts

Although custom and tradition dictate that proposals should be made with an accompanying wedding ring to be presented to your fiancée, you could switch this up a bit by presenting her with another gift other than an engagement ring. Delight your girlfriends—especially those who have little to know affinity for jewelry and would not care for it by giving them something a bit more sentimental or equally valuable. This could probably mean giving them a series of special meals, a vehicle upgrade or something more meaningful than a ring and nonetheless, the gesture itself will be more than enough for them.

3.) Plan an Unforgettable Vacation Proposal

This may seem clichéd and overdone but it definitely hits two birds with one stone by getting you to propose to your partner as well as give the both of you that much needed vacation as well. Though this option may considerably be a bit more expensive compared to the rest, your future spouse will thank you for it and if ever you do plan to revisit your chose vacation/proposal spot, they will always be filled with memories reminiscing their most memorable visit to that place because of your proposal.

4.) Put off the Proposal

While this may seem counterintuitive, it is actually incredibly practical. This seems to be a responsible choice as this will allow the couple to discuss marriage proposals before devising schemes and plans that involve grand romantic gestures, all the while investing in expensive jewelry. This will also allow both members in the relationship to plan other formal proposals and surprise their partners with rings while helping them towards taking the plunge and heading on to married life. This may seem unorthodox and incredibly uncommon, but it would save you from potentially investing on a ring your partner may not want or even worse—accept.



Whatever your proposal plans are, make sure you would give them a personal touch that is definitive of your relationship with your partner. Make it a point to make it special which in no way would mean you would have to spend a fortune as even simple proposals, as long as they are heartfelt, are already poignant in their own way. But above all, never forget that one golden rule when it comes to proposing: If you are not a hundred and ten percent sure she will say yes, do not propose just yet.


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