Five Big Wedding Blunders You Should Avoid


“Weddings are wonderful, but they do not have to be expensive. Marriage is about love, not dollar signs.”

Burt Reynolds had once said that Marriage is the most expensive way for the average man to get his laundry done and although the sentiment is more comical than fact, there is a certain truth to it. However, though weddings do not necessarily have to be expensive to be memorable, couples should not discount the idea of having a big wedding altogether.

Every wedding is unique after all, and if you are a couple who has several family members having a big wedding may be the best option.

However, no matter how meticulously a bride may have planned her wedding day; there are some things that may go awry amidst the ceremony or the reception. And although dreaming of a perfect wedding is close to impossibility, it is something that can be achieved and for starters, you can arm yourself with some of the fatal errors committed during big weddings so that you are less likely to make them come your wedding day. After all, forewarned is forearmed and in this case, knowing beforehand would do you and your allocated wedding budget a favor.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Blowing Your Fashion Budget on Just the Dress

Sure, we all want to look dapper and our personal best on our wedding day, but that does not mean that you would singularly blow your budget on your wedding gown in an attempt to look like a princess on your big day. Say for example you have allocated at least twenty-five thousand for your look; this does not mean you should spend that twenty-five thousand on your gown alone. Allocate your fashion budget well; remember that your gown is only one aspect of your look. Consider that you would have to spend for your undergarments, shoes, hair accessories, makeup and jewelry as well.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Sending out Save-The-Dates Too Soon

In the midst of all the euphoria and anticipation, it would be rather easy and tempting to tell everyone about your wedding date as soon as possible or even the moment you get engaged. You have not even adequately planned the guest list yet nor the wedding venue or the catering menu, yet here you are happily sending invitations away. Make sure you do not commit this blunder and have guests that are mere acquaintances by the time of your wedding show up by planning a guest list only for those guests you are certain would be invited such as your families.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Skipping a Wedding Videographer

You may consider forgoing the services of a wedding videographer in favor of some other service you need at your wedding. If you are, have a moment to reconsider and allocate a part of your wedding budget for a videographer. Keep in mind that wedding photos can only take you so far whereas wedding videos can capture the most poignant and important highlights of your wedding. This momentous milestone in your life should be recorded, your future self will thank you for it.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Micromanaging Your Vendors

Many brides are notorious for being overly meticulous that even if they have hired the services of the best photographers and other wedding vendors, they would still be tempted to control every detail. It is normal to want everything to be perfect during your wedding day, but if you insist on micromanaging every single aspect in your wedding, you would have barely any time to enjoy it. Trust the wedding professionals you hired to get it right.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Telling Everyone about Your Wedding

It can be rather hard to keep yourself from talking about something you are excited about. But remember that once you start sharing more often, the more likely you are opening yourself to opinions regarding your choices regardless if you have solicited them or not. Another thing is that it would be rather hard to surprise your guests if you have blabbed too much information regarding the details of your wedding and they would not be as impressed as they should be if you kept mum about it.

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