Wedding Gifts Any Couple Would Want!


“Our celebration lasted for a day, but your gift will be a lifelong reminder of how it was graced by lovely friends like you” –Wedding Gift Thank You Card

More often than not, wedding guests do not to go through too much of a hassle and make a fuss over finding an affianced couple the appropriate gift—thanks to the ingenuity and magic of gift registries. If you glossed over their list, all you would need to do is find a gift that is within your budget and gift that to the couple. However, what the couple would enlist in that registry is not always affordable and if you are a tad bit too late, you may find that most of what they asked for have already been bought by the other guests who are attending as well. You might also want to give the couple a gift that is uniquely creative which would not hurt your budget one bit.

Remember, your presence itself is already a great gift to the couple so there is no need to trouble yourself so much as regards that. But, should you want a few gifting ideas that would not necessarily come from the gift registry or gift them something totally unexpected read on below for a few ideas. So that the moment you enter the wedding venue in Makati or wherever that may be, you can be rest assured you have a great gift the couple would enjoy.



Who does not enjoy a personal handmade gift with a touch of sentimentality? I am sure quite everyone would enjoy it—including the newlywed couple you are about to gift it to. Incorporating your own handicraft and truly making the gift personal would show the newlywed couple that you took the extra mile and effort just to make sure they got a gift they would love and for sure, they would appreciate the gesture. One idea is to give them a lamp that is decorated with the pictures they have as a couple or perhaps a clock which has their photographs etched on it. The possibilities are endless and you can certainly let your creative shine through with this idea.



Months, weeks and days prior to the wedding day would be pretty hectic and stressful for the couple that after that, all they want to do is unwind and relax. Even during the honeymoon, they may have a few more errands to tie up before they can finally just unwind. Of course, considering this to be the case, it would be appropriate to give them something that would allow them to indulge—at any time they please. A spa voucher which they could redeem anytime they please would be greatly welcomed.



Apart from the honeymoon itself which is customary for any newlywed couple, any newlyweds would enjoy another holiday as this means they would have another time to be alone together. For any couple—newlywed or not, this would be a bonus. Additionally, this is an excellent way for you and your friends to give a joint gift and pool your resources together. Give the couple a holiday retreat where they can enjoy making more memories together and they will surely appreciate the gesture.

4.) Anything you want


Your presence is already a gift enough for them and newlyweds would surely appreciate and be grateful for any gift that you have brought them. So, if you are bristling over the fact that gifting them shopping coupons, cash or vouchers with the thoughts of it being tacky then you would be relieved to know that these are very welcome gifts. It gives the newlywed couple and opportunity to choose for themselves a gift that they can truly use. Additionally, the extra cash they would receive from the wedding would be a welcome source of finances in their life together.

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