The Four Most Popular Wedding Themes


“Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money, they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner” –Kristi Richardson


Modern weddings today are more often than not, dominated by a solitary theme. They are either dictated by a music genre, a color, or would even revolve around a pop culture reference or your wedding venue. Whichever it may be, wedding themes certainly have that charm about them that makes a wedding affair truly unique. Some of the most successful wedding events have a singular theme surrounding the entire affair. Whether it is the classic vintage, traditional, rustic romantic, contemporary or some of even the most modern themes (Disney, Star Wars Harry Potter, etc.), it gives any wedding that personal feel that would make it all the more memorable to the couple.

Apart from the sentimental aspect these themes bring, themes are crucial as it would serve as the main focus in guiding many various wedding features such as the decorations, invitations, color palettes, the music, the ambiance, the flowers and the overall feel. As a result, your wedding would have a unified concept in diverse aspects without the feeling of it being incredibly disorganized. If you are getting hitched anytime soon and are still unsure of which theme to incorporate into your wedding, take a gander at some of the most popular themes couples worldwide have chosen. From this list, you may get an idea or two that you could utilize on your wedding day.



Earthy, romantic with a touch of elegance, the rustic chic has been one of the contemporary wedding themes that saw a surge in popularity in the modern era. The warm colors and tones utilized in this wedding theme create a truly quixotic aura that would dominate the wedding venue’s ambiance. It is relatively simple to create a rustic chic theme, but it is imperative that the chosen venue is appropriate for the theme. Once you have the designated wedding location covered, all you would need is to create a complementary décor that would tie it all up nicely. Whether your rustic wedding theme is held in a garden or a vineyard, these rustic celebrations all have 3 things in common: a natural landscape, the incorporation of wood in multiple ways, the usage of the same decors in such a way that would look like they could exist in your home or garden.



Truly a classic and a trusty go-to wedding theme that would certainly give any wedding affair that elegant touch. This wedding theme remains to be one of the most sought after as it captures the quaint and subtle sophistication of a bygone era people are still so fond of. The vintage route is dominated by a singular décor that is common in all vintage wedding themes: lace. This means your gown should largely incorporate lace into its design and the color palette should be muted. Ivory, slate gray rose, and gold would make excellent colors that would go with this theme. As elegance and sophistication are core aspects of this theme, hanging chandeliers, billowy fabrics to make makeshift canopies and trellises embellished with white floral arrangements are a must.



One of the wedding themes that would not seem dated even after fifty or so years is the classic romantic theme. This is that one particular wedding theme that proves that classic does not have to be unexciting and staid. When you are going for the classic romantic route, one thing you must keep in mind is that flowers dominate this theme and create drama with your outfits. This means the church aisle should have festoons of floral arrangements and in the same way, your wedding reception should be swathed in flowers. Your outfits, as well as the entourage’s, should create a dramatic effect: A fit and flare gown with crystal detailing for the bride, a classic black tux for the groom and the bridal entourage in matching floor-length elegant gowns.



For couples who are looking to have their wedding venue and event double up as a honeymoon destination and a getaway for the guests, this is the most favorable and applicable wedding theme they can utilize. Pretty laid-back and relaxed, a wedding by the beach gives many couples the delight of exchanging their vows with the ocean as their picturesque view with the warm feel of sand in between their toes. For a coastal approach, crisp whites, greens, and blues would work best and for an unexpected twist, use elements such as beach grass, seashells and the like.

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