Brides Eyes Here: Secrets in Staying Comfortable All throughout Your Wedding Day!


No one looks forward to a wedding day more than the bride herself. She has had the details streamlined at a very young age and has envisaged how she would look like walking down the aisle from the moment she witnessed her very first wedding day. It is precisely for this reason why there are so many articles online proffering tips and guides as to how a bride stays amazing throughout the entire course of her wedding–from that momentous walk down the aisle to her first dance with the groom.

However, when you have been beleaguered by your wedding plans for days, weighed down by your heavy wedding gown and full face makeup and a whole lot of hairspray, it can be quite a challenge to stay fabulous and comfortable as well. To guarantee you stay comfortable as you are beautiful, here are some of the most useful tips for your wedding day. These tips will allow you to enjoy your wedding day without having a worry about your hair, your dress or even your makeup.

1.) Refrain from squeezing yourself into too-tight shapewear

It is understandable for brides to desire to look like a runway model with a svelte and lithe figure on their wedding day. In fact, most brides-to-be would spend weeks and even months prior to their wedding on a strict diet regime and would squeeze themselves into tight shapewear as last minute attempt. But, it is never worth it. Undoubtedly, you would look sexy, but you will be in extreme discomfort as well. Eating would be a lot more challenging, and dancing would be close to impossible.

2.) Bring a wrap

Wedding venues are varied, but regardless of whether you chose an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, it is imperative that you bring a wrap with you. This is particularly the case if there is even a chance for a cool breeze or low temperatures. You would want to bundle up should a cold breeze occur and you would not want to be cold during picture taking. Choose an appropriate jacket or a wrap which would look great with your wedding dress.

3.) Save the lingerie for your wedding night

Wearing lingerie underneath the wedding dress might seem like a sultry idea, but it is not exactly the most comfortable way to spend your wedding day. After all the dancing and generally wearing them the entire day, there is going to be a big chance that your cute and sexy number underneath would look anything but that by the time the night is over. You would want to wear them while they are fresh and presentable, not when they have apparently been worn the entire day.

4.) Get some air

If you are having a summer wedding, the chances of it being incredibly humid and hot are going to be very high. Undoubtedly, a hot and stuffy weather outside and a big cumbersome wedding gown on you do not actually mix. To keep yourself cool, pack a tiny handheld fan which you can use to blow air on your legs under your dress, under your arms or face and so on when needed. An incredibly hot weather can easily turn an intricate gown into a walking oven.

5.) Bring a second pair of shoes

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, the chances of your wedding dance floor being wood are high and heels on wood do not really go well together. Within the first hour of dancing, it is guaranteed that your feet will hurt which would lessen the chances of you and your groom dancing the night away. Always bring a pair of emergency shoes with you such as a pair of flats or slippers even, so you can easily swap out your heels whenever your stressed feet would need a break.


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