Advantages of Small Weddings


Most little girls would not envision a small intimate affair when they dream about their weddings. They would dream of long ball gowns, towering cakes and being a princess for one more night and getting married to the man of their dreams. As girls transition to women, their collective vision of what their ideal wedding would be will greatly vary. Some would still retain the idea of having a lush and big wedding adorned with festoons of flowers. But there are also some women who would want their weddings as intimate as possible, celebrated only with close relatives and friends sans the hassle. So, for brides-to-be who are on the fence as to what kind of wedding they should have, here are some of the biggest advantages of small weddings that may convince you.


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits of having a small wedding is the fact that it is friendlier to your budget. Considering you do not have a horde of guests to feed, you would not need to hire an army of caterers just to provide food for them or an extremely grand catering menu. Having a big wedding, on the contrary, would mean you would need to have a bigger budget. The logistics of planning a big wedding can be quite complicated, and the costs could really add up to a sum that can be quite daunting. Having a small but intimate wedding will be less the hassle, and less costly.


Big weddings do not offer many avenues for coziness and an air of familiarity. More often than not, the newly-wedded couple would not even be able to fraternize with all of their guests for more than a couple of minutes so things may have the tendency to get a tad bit impersonal. Some of the guests may not even be personally acquainted with the couple and are invited as a date by one of the guests. Smaller weddings would compel you to pare down your wedding invite list and would allow you to invite the people who truly matter to you. This opportunity would make you contemplate on the people who you really want to celebrate this special occasion with you, and as a result, you would have a more intimate environment in celebrating your marriage.


Having a small wedding can significantly reduce the wedding stress that is commonly associated with wedding planning. As the wedding is an intimate affair, there would be no need to hire too many vendors, nor a lot of caterers and essentially, everything is much simpler from the methods of dining down to the venue to be used. Considering you do not have to mull over a lot of extraneous aspects, you can enjoy planning your wedding without the rush or the pressure of having to ensure that everything is done right for a rather large number of party guests.


Considering that small weddings have a limited number of attendees, it would be an excellent choice for those who are contemplating of having a destination wedding. It would be easier to transport a small number of guests, and as a result, you would be able to organize this wedding party elsewhere much better. Essentially, with a limited number of people in attendance in a destination wedding, it would be like celebrating your union as well as getting a chance to experience a vacation with the closest people to you.


Anyone who has ever been married would tell you how easily overwhelming planning a wedding could be–no matter how beautiful and magical they may seem. This is true regardless of whether your wedding is big or small, but the chances of getting overwhelmed while planning an intimate wedding would be significantly less than that of a big one. This is because with simpler logistics involved, you would not have to be in constant worry of things going awry on your big day and you are less likely to worry about mingling with every single one of your guests. Having fewer guests would make you feel more relaxed and more connected to the moment of being married to the love of your life than having a big but otherwise, detached wedding ambiance.

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