Beautiful Weddings: Four Things NOT to Include in Your Wedding Packages


“Marriage is about becoming a team. You are going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you will always figure out a way to get through it.”-Nicholas Sparks


Getting married and holding a celebration in honor of your union are no easy feats.

Apart from the meticulous and detailed planning that goes into pulling it off, a significant amount of budget planning should also be in the works. In this regard, the idea of wedding packages is conceptualized wherein couples can still attain the wedding of their dreams at a price they can realistically afford. In this regard, couples would no longer need to go from one wedding supplier to the next just to meet all of their wedding needs as the wedding package itself would already address pretty much all of their needs or at least most of it. Packages come in a variety of options with some even including the usage of the wedding venue in their scope of services offered. As a result, planning a wedding would not only be a little easier to pull off but a little less stressful on the part of the couple.

However, while your wedding packages can include a wide array of offerings for your own wedding, there are some things that would not realistically make it to the package considering its reduced price. In the same vein, there are also some things you should not include if you do not want to run the risk of running into inconveniences or possible no-shows on your wedding day. If these are all things you wish to avoid, then it is best that you exclude some of the things listed below on your own wedding. To ensure that your wedding day goes without a hitch, here are some of the things that you should definitely opt out of your wedding package:


Too many expensive things

Of course, every couple wants to make their weddings as beautiful and luxurious as it can possibly be. While the biggest and most memorable day of your life might occur on your wedding day, there is no need to exhaust all of your financial resources just so you can have a glamorous wedding. After all, there are so many ways you can make your wedding beautiful without spending too much. With that being said, there is no absolute need to choose the most expensive suppliers and vendors for your wedding. As it is, expensive does not always equal the best as there are quite a lot of other options for you that would come at a cheaper price. In this regard, you should not include too many expensive things in your wedding package. While you are free to consider some things of luxury for your wedding, ensure that you do not go overboard and keep them in close moderation. Furthermore, you should also consider every item on your list in terms of expense.

A long guest list

Planning a wedding involves taking into account the people who would be attending the same. Before coming up with a guest list, have a realistic approximation of how many people would fit in your chosen venue. You can invite all of your family and friends but keep in mind that your venue can probably hold only a limited number of people. As such, even if the venue says it can accommodate a maximum of 300 people does not mean that you should also have 300 guests. After all, you would want your guests to have a little legroom to roam around instead of feeling cramped. To avoid such dilemma, take a gander at your guest list and then trim it down and invite only the people closest to you. You should not feel forced to invite people who you are not even remotely close to.

Unavailable Entertainers

Entertainment is of paramount consideration when it comes to a wedding. After all, you would want your guests to be entertained as they are enjoying their meal. However, if an entertainer cannot commit to your event, you better not risk it and move on and look for someone else. You would not want to risk of not having an entertainer on the day itself. Just move on and choose someone else.

Inconvenient Locations

Sure, you might have a good venue in mind to hold your ideal wedding. However, know that with so many weddings happening at one time, it might be that the venue you have chosen was already booked by someone else which is why the earlier you book, the better off you will be. Should your chosen location be unavailable on the day you wish to wed for whatever reason, it is best to move on and look elsewhere. Sure, you can wait for your venue to become available but you should not get your hopes up. To be safe, just look for somewhere else where you can be sure that you can hold your special event.

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