Smart Bride: Ways You Can Curb Your Wedding Expenses



“Weddings are wonderful, but they do not have to be expensive. Marriage is about love, not dollar signs” –Author Unknown


Weddings have been known to be expensive.

Regardless of how hard you try to keep the costs down, it seems like one aspect or another would cause your overall expenses to bloat. Couples do try to stay in budget as much as possible but there is also that factor that says they are only going to be married once. In this regard, they would want their wedding day to be memorable as well and enjoyable. Unfortunately, to most couples this would connote as a huge expense.

However, this should not be the case. Your wedding should be memorable in the sense that people enjoyed it and you had great moments as well and not because you were overwhelmed with payables and budget deficits. Be smart in your approach and plan a wedding that is doable according to your budget. It might be a milestone in your relationship but going over budget and drowning yourself in debt trying to achieve that dream wedding you have can potentially make your marriage fraught with complications. However, keep in mind that this is not to say that your dream wedding is not within your reach. It is but it requires a little effort and creativity on your part to achieve. So, as a smart couple-to-be avail of wedding packages, do whatever you can to keep your wedding expenses small. Do not go beyond budget and perhaps, keep these small but useful tips in mind when planning and preparing for a wedding:


Have a well-defined budget

Saving money on your wedding starts with creating a well-defined budget. In this regard, your budget should be strict and clear. Take a look at the state of your savings and determine how much you and your spouse to be can afford to put toward your wedding. Keep in mind that you have to set a limit as well and not go overboard. Keep in mind that you would still need money to start out your life as a couple as well. List what your prospective expenses might be, tabulate them and put them in a spreadsheet. If you can already canvass prices for these, all the better as you would be able to include it in your sheet but for other expenses, it requires a bit of guesswork. Determine how much the average person is going to consume and how many guests you would have and what the overall price would be then include it in your spreadsheet.


Do not go for the most obvious and convenient venues

Convenient venues charge couples exorbitantly because they are obvious choices. They make everyone happy and they do not need little more work and effort just to get there. Sure, it might be tempting to book your wedding in places where it is accessible both to your guests as well as to you. However, by opting for unconventional and out-of-the-box choices, you can potentially save a lot. Remember, just because they are far does not mean they would be any less grand. If anything, you might even discover hidden gems in the suburbs or rural side of your town. Explore as many of your options as possible before going for the most obvious route.


Try to see if you can ask for discounts

Most couples do not bother with negotiating a discount solely because it is more hassle to negotiate. However, you should ask whenever you can but remember to be reasonable in your request. Remember that your suppliers are running a business as well so do not try to low ball them. Apart from that, scout out some family, friends and relatives who are in the business and ask them if they can offer you a discount or if they are willing to negotiate on one. Of course, as a way of saying your thanks, ask them if you have any skills you can offer them in exchange.


Buy your alcohol

You would be surprised as to how steep the markup on alcohol will be in catered events. Apart from this, some venues will even charge you extra for each alcoholic drink served. In this regard, it is best to go wholesale rather than pay retail. Buy boxes of wine or any alcoholic beverage and serve them up on your wedding. Not only would this make your bartender’s life easier, it makes your total expense significantly smaller than what it would have been had you paid retail.

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Joyful Weddings: Five Things You Should Never Include in Your Wedding Toast


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”-Mignon Mclaughlin


One of the best things about attending a wedding reception is getting to hear various wedding guests—especially those closest to the couple—regale the hall with tales and anecdotes of the couple’s adventures (or even misadventures). At times, a lot of pressure is put on the wedding speech giver to ensure that what he or she will deliver would not only be perfect but memorable and a fun one as well.

However, remember that for the most part, the wedding speech you are giving is mostly for the couple and would only serve as entertainment to those listening in. In that regard, you would not want to include personal matters that only you and the couple are privy to in your speech. While you might want to entertain the wedding guests, you would also not want to disclose stories that are either too personal or embarrassing for the couple. Keep it light, fun and entertaining without being over the top. Remember, there is a variety of ways to keep your speech from being boring without resorting to spilling the sordid details of what your friend did way back in college. More importantly, it is imperative to keep in mind that with a captive audience of both the bride and groom’s family and friends, what you leave out of your speech or toast is just as important as what you put in. So, what should be left out then? Here are some of the things that should never be included in wedding toasts and speeches for comedic effect or whatever reason:


Your errant misadventures with your friend

Regardless of how small, funny or insignificant an infraction might be it should never make it into a wedding speech when it involves getting in trouble with the law. Sure, you and your friend might have found the time wherein you got busted for underage drinking funny but your friend certainly would not appreciate you sharing that fact to all of his or her friends and relatives. Reminiscing about old times might bring in the nostalgia but it is inappropriate to share with someone’s in-laws, colleagues and grandparents in the room. Save those stories for bachelor and bachelorette parties but for your wedding toast or speech, offer a fond memory that speaks highly of the couple’s characters.


Bringing up any trouble in paradise

If you happen to be privy about the couple’s private lives such as knowing whether or not the family approves of him or that one time they fought about their finances, know that they made you a confidante for a reason. With that said, your wedding toast is definitely not the best place to bring that up—even if the couple did manage to reconcile or patch things up. Leave any mention of internal family drama or conflict out of your toast as you might potentially spell trouble for them.


Any of the couple’s exes

A wedding is neither the time nor the place to bring up any of the couples’ exes. Remember, the wedding is about the couple who just tied the knot and are about to start a future together. In this regard, you should not bring up anything—or anyone for that matter—from their pasts as it would only succeed in making them feel uncomfortable. More importantly, it would be sure to make their wedding guests ill at ease as well. In lieu of bringing up their exes, regale the audience with a story of how the couple met instead.


What transpired in the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties

Your wedding toast is not an avenue for you to expose your friend’s shenanigans and wild side. Keep in mind that what happens on the respective parties should only stay there. Remind yourself of why you and your friend have been with each other for the longest time and have had each other’s backs through the good times and the bad. Do not include any unflattering stories about your friend or the couple in your toast and instead, use it as an opportunity to tell the audience what you love about the couple and why you value their friendship.


An inside joke

An inside joke is called an inside joke for a reason. In this regard, it should only stay between you and your friend. Remember, you want everyone to be able to relate to your speech about the couple. So, if you recall a time that only you and your friend would know about, you will undoubtedly have some of the audience members scratching their heads. As a result, the audience will feel left out and no one would understand why your story is actually funny. Remember, the guests want to know more about the couple and their relationship. So, try to steer your focus towards that instead of regaling them with inside joke only you would probably find funny.


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Prepping for Your Big Day: Reasons Every Bride Should Have a Bridal Session





“Perspective: without a doubt, it is the most important thing that every bride should hold on to with both hands” –Author Unknown


One of the biggest and most momentous events in a woman’s life is her wedding day. In this regard, couples would want to immortalize that moment forever in the form of photographs and videos. With this in mind, brides should consider having bridal photography sessions or bridal sessions for short. Most engaged couples would already know about engagement sessions but have limited to absolutely no idea of what a bridal session is. While bridal photography sessions are mostly a Western tradition, they are worth incorporating to our local ones and would make excellent mementos of your soon-to-be big day.

What is a bridal photography session?

In sum, a bridal photography session is one wherein a bride would get dressed up in her bridal attire at any other time other than the wedding day. More often than not, bridal sessions are scheduled a month or two before the wedding. Unfortunately, even though this is a feature included in most wedding packages in the Philippines, not many brides would avail of it owing to the antiquated belief that a bride should never be seen in her wedding dress other than on her wedding day. However, to address this superstition, brides can opt to have a different wedding gown for the photo op session and a different one during the wedding itself. Having a bridal photography session allows brides to display their bridal photos at the wedding reception where they can choose to display a grand one or a series of small photos. Your options are limitless and it makes for a charming personalized décor in your wedding reception area. In any case, here are some of the reasons why you might want a bridal session:


The perfect trial run

In a sense, a bridal session is pretty much like a sneak peek of what your wedding photos will look like unless you opt to have a different dress for the wedding itself. Most brides would be excited to see how their dress would look on them with their bridal makeup, hair, accessories and shoes on. Your bridal session can be a trial run that gives you an insight to these things that you would have otherwise seen only on your wedding day. More importantly, it gives you a chance to iron out any details you might want to ahead of the wedding. As it gives you a preview of what to expect, you can make the necessary changes such as the hairstyle you choose or the makeup you go with which gives you a better leverage of your overall look during your big day. It saves you from decisions that you would soon regret the moment you see what your wedding photos will look like.


It calms your nerves

Having the pre-wedding jitters is inevitable. After all, you are making a significant and momentous life decision, so being a little anxious is normal. A bridal session would help you address these jitters and have you feeling more relaxed in your wedding attire. You can twirl around in your dress, feel like a beautiful bride and get you psyched up about your upcoming big day. More importantly, you can picture out the kind of photos you will make when your bridal session photos will get delivered. Looking through them will get you pumped up about your wedding day and allay any nervous feelings you may be having.


Take full advantage of your wedding dress

Unless you opted to go with another wedding dress for your wedding day, a bridal session allows you to make the most and take full advantage of your wedding dress. After all, you have pretty much paid quite the sum for that white gown, so why not utilize it to the extent by taking every opportunity to wear it and show it off? Select a location that is a different from where you are holding your wedding and the reception as it allows you to have a variety of photos that are diversely styled. Moreover, it gives you a preview of what your dress would look like in different milieus which would resultantly make your dress purchase more economic rather than expensive. Besides, you will realistically wear your wedding attire only once, why not psyche yourself up for the big day by modeling it out for your bridal photo shoot?


It is a special time for bonding

A bridal photo session allows you to bond with people closest to your heart such as your mother, sister or best friend—or even all of them! While you do not need an army for this photo shoot, it would certainly be nice to have most of the closest ladies in your life in attendance. Not only would they be able to assist you, but they would certainly make you feel special and excited about your upcoming day.


More photos

Simply said, a bridal session will give you more photos. More importantly, it allows you to choose which photos choose for your wedding day itself. As you have more photos to choose from, you can choose the best shots for a framed portrait and the appropriate ones as souvenirs to gift your parents and grandparents. Additionally, it frees some time on your wedding day wherein you do not have to spend a couple of hours just taking up wedding day portraits and allows you to bond with your wedding guests earlier.

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Big Days and Big Moments: The Top Five Things a Bride Forgets Before her Big Day


“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction” –Antoine De Saint Exupery

No doubt, a bride’s wedding day would probably be the most significant day in her life she would look forward to.

In this regard, preparations would be made to ensure that everything goes up to speed and meticulous attention is given to every detail leading up to the event. However, as a bride is usually overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the event and the inundation of things to consider, they are bound to forget a myriad of things on the day of their wedding itself. It does not matter how organized a bride thinks she is, how organized they seem or how many spreadsheets they have prepared, they would inevitably forget a thing or two during the big day. After all, the couple of weeks leading up to your wedding are the most crucial and there will be a minefield of easily forgotten details. Sure, you have penned the details of the wedding ceremony down to the last detail and have hired a professional to take care of the various aspects in your wedding but oftentimes, what you forget are easily the most commonly overlooked things you should do the day before your wedding. To address this, it is best to add what these commonly neglected wedding tasks are and add them to your checklist so that come wedding day, you are as prepared as you can be.

Here are some of the most commonly forgotten wedding tasks a bride neglects to do the night or days before her big day:


Give your sparkler a shine

Of course, by the time you put the wedding ring on your finger, you would be showing it off far more than your engagement ring. However, as they will be located in the same finger, it would be worth your while to have your engagement ring cleaned and shined a day or two before your big day. Let it sparkle and take the center stage as well. After all, it would probably be featured in a myriad of shots in your SDE videos and photos.


Prepare your touch up bag

While your professional makeup artist would be there to take care of your make up and touch ups throughout the day, there are moments wherein they might not be able to attend to you right away. In this regard, it is imperative to have your own touch up bag and prepare it in advance. Have your handy compact powder, mirror and lipstick with you and pack all the basic essentials you would need to keep yourself looking fresh all day.


Get your bridal party gifts together

Modern weddings today traditionally include bridal party gifts which the bride would present to her bridal party or squad as a way of saying thank you. You can get these ready days leading up to the wedding and have it ready the morning of the big day. If you have gone out of your way of choosing something personal and special for each of them, be sure not to forget the gifts.


Prepare a playlist

On the morning of your wedding day when you and your bridal squad are getting ready, it would be best to have a list of jams which you could then play. After all, no morning getting-ready session would be complete without your favorite tunes and tracks and of course, a few glasses of your favorite drinks. You can ask one of your bridesmaids to do this. Have them compile a fun playlist that would keep everyone in the mood as they await their turn for hair and makeup.


Prepare comfy shoes

While it might seem like an extra thing to pack, you will never regret bringing along some comfy flat shoes for you to wear in case your feet get sore. Sure, you might have convinced yourself that you can strut the night away in your gorgeous wedding heels, but once you have had way too many to drink and would wish to dance, you will be glad you do not have to walk around barefoot in your wedding dress. At some point during the night, you might wish to take your heels off, so a pair of comfy sandals, slippers or shoes will surely save the day.

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Tying the Knot: What to Keep in Mind When Creating a Wedding Guest List


It has been said that the guaranteed bulletproof way to create a guest list for your wedding is to imagine that person drunk, dancing and wild. If it is not funny nor does it suit to your liking, you should erase their name.

Unfortunately, wedding receptions in the Philippines have traditionally been so inclusive with more and more couples opting for a more expansive guest list than what their budgets would allow. This can be attributed to the couple’s wish to make everyone happy and ensure no one gets left behind lest they get offended. Unfortunately, including everyone you know from the top of your head can easily balloon your expenses. This would be all well and good if you have a limitless financial resource for your wedding but if you are operating on a budget, you might want to scale down on inviting so many people to your big day. Indeed, the prospect of drafting your first guest list can be daunting–especially if you are looking at an intimate celebration. However, drafting and cutting it bit by bit would help you arrive at a workable one that makes you happy. To ensure that your guest list drafting goes smoothly, here are some of the things you can keep in mind:


1.) Decide how you would divide the list before you accept any monetary help

Making a guest list can get complicated–especially if you have everyone else contributing to who should be invited–and even more so if both sets of parents are contributing to your big day financially. In this regard, it is best to be clear about your expectations from the get go. Know what you can afford before you even consider accepting financial help from them. If you have decided to pay for your wedding entirely by yourselves, get the families together and talk about your plans for the guest list to mitigate the likelihood of surprises. Remember, once you start accepting financial help, your family would feel pretty much entitled to invite anyone they want.

2.) Have a collaborative guest list

There is a myriad of ways to come up with a guest list but ideally, you should use one that is collaborative so that either one of you who has inputs can make edits in real time and see an updated version. In fact, it is best if you had a digital spreadsheet for your wedding guest list so that when a guest RSVP’s, you can immediately make changes to it. More importantly, this very same sheet would help you send out your thank you cards after your wedding.

3.) Design a dream list

In the initial stages of your guest list planning, note down the names you can imagine attending your big day. This list can be as inclusive as you wish it to be–even going as far to including your friends from grade school to that one classmates you had in art class. For this part alone, you can disregard your budget and venue for the meantime. After all, this is your base and you are going to do some trimming as you go. You might think why this is so important. Well, the answer is, this list would help you realistically think if someone should be in your wedding should you want to add any more persons to your final list soon. If they never made it to this list, do you even want them to attend your wedding at all?

4.) Be realistic about the number of guests to avoid stress

Crunching numbers and condensing your list is not exactly something engaged couples would want to do. Unfortunately, there is a figure you really cannot avoid: your guest list count. Your budget and your venue’s size determines how many guests you can realistically invite. Remember, each guest you have would add to the number of plates the caterer would prepare. Not only that, it would add to the favors, chair rental as well as the food. Choose a number that is realistic and be sure that this is a number that would fit your chosen venue. Remember, it is no fun to be squeezed like sardines.

5.)  Make cutting rules

Trimming your list is a crucial part of guest list planning until you reach a final number. Come up with a set of rules as to who to cut and stick to them. Rules are personal to the couple and can range from who you have not spoken or met ever to having no kids in your wedding reception. A bonus tip is to remove anyone who is on the list just because you feel guilty about not inviting them. It might be that they invited you to their wedding and you feel obligated to return the favor.

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Beautiful Weddings: Four Things NOT to Include in Your Wedding Packages


“Marriage is about becoming a team. You are going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you will always figure out a way to get through it.”-Nicholas Sparks


Getting married and holding a celebration in honor of your union are no easy feats.

Apart from the meticulous and detailed planning that goes into pulling it off, a significant amount of budget planning should also be in the works. In this regard, the idea of wedding packages is conceptualized wherein couples can still attain the wedding of their dreams at a price they can realistically afford. In this regard, couples would no longer need to go from one wedding supplier to the next just to meet all of their wedding needs as the wedding package itself would already address pretty much all of their needs or at least most of it. Packages come in a variety of options with some even including the usage of the wedding venue in their scope of services offered. As a result, planning a wedding would not only be a little easier to pull off but a little less stressful on the part of the couple.

However, while your wedding packages can include a wide array of offerings for your own wedding, there are some things that would not realistically make it to the package considering its reduced price. In the same vein, there are also some things you should not include if you do not want to run the risk of running into inconveniences or possible no-shows on your wedding day. If these are all things you wish to avoid, then it is best that you exclude some of the things listed below on your own wedding. To ensure that your wedding day goes without a hitch, here are some of the things that you should definitely opt out of your wedding package:


Too many expensive things

Of course, every couple wants to make their weddings as beautiful and luxurious as it can possibly be. While the biggest and most memorable day of your life might occur on your wedding day, there is no need to exhaust all of your financial resources just so you can have a glamorous wedding. After all, there are so many ways you can make your wedding beautiful without spending too much. With that being said, there is no absolute need to choose the most expensive suppliers and vendors for your wedding. As it is, expensive does not always equal the best as there are quite a lot of other options for you that would come at a cheaper price. In this regard, you should not include too many expensive things in your wedding package. While you are free to consider some things of luxury for your wedding, ensure that you do not go overboard and keep them in close moderation. Furthermore, you should also consider every item on your list in terms of expense.

A long guest list

Planning a wedding involves taking into account the people who would be attending the same. Before coming up with a guest list, have a realistic approximation of how many people would fit in your chosen venue. You can invite all of your family and friends but keep in mind that your venue can probably hold only a limited number of people. As such, even if the venue says it can accommodate a maximum of 300 people does not mean that you should also have 300 guests. After all, you would want your guests to have a little legroom to roam around instead of feeling cramped. To avoid such dilemma, take a gander at your guest list and then trim it down and invite only the people closest to you. You should not feel forced to invite people who you are not even remotely close to.

Unavailable Entertainers

Entertainment is of paramount consideration when it comes to a wedding. After all, you would want your guests to be entertained as they are enjoying their meal. However, if an entertainer cannot commit to your event, you better not risk it and move on and look for someone else. You would not want to risk of not having an entertainer on the day itself. Just move on and choose someone else.

Inconvenient Locations

Sure, you might have a good venue in mind to hold your ideal wedding. However, know that with so many weddings happening at one time, it might be that the venue you have chosen was already booked by someone else which is why the earlier you book, the better off you will be. Should your chosen location be unavailable on the day you wish to wed for whatever reason, it is best to move on and look elsewhere. Sure, you can wait for your venue to become available but you should not get your hopes up. To be safe, just look for somewhere else where you can be sure that you can hold your special event.

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Beautiful Weddings: Seven Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Unique


“I can see why people love the idea of a big white wedding—it is a day when they are the center of attention and get to wear a beautiful dress. But that sounds awful to me because that is like getting to walk down the red carpet.” –Lucy Punch


As a couple, there is no day bigger and more significant than the day you tie the knot and say your “I dos”. In fact, quite a lot of planning is involved in the months and weeks leading up to this event. However, to some couples, it is not enough that the wedding is elegant and sophisticated by itself. No, it needs to be unique and distinct insomuch that every detail and aspect of the wedding would be easily identifiable to the couple, their taste and preferences.

In this regard, you need to work in constant correspondence with your event designer and wedding planner. Convey what you have in mind clearly and never settle. Take note of the things that make you and your partner unique as a couple and incorporate those into your event. Integrating who you and your partner are as a couple might not come easily to you, but your wedding planner should be able to pull it off. However, you need to have an idea of what you want and communicate that to the professionals. In any case, before you start looking for wedding venues in Manila, here are some of the ways you can translate your vision to a reality and make your wedding event truly unique:


Make it feel like home

Instead of setting up your event venue in a pomp, you can opt for the alternative of subdued elegance by designing your wedding in a more residential manner. The interiors can have a residential façade insomuch that your wedding guests would feel like they are just at home. In this way, your guests would more likely to relax, get comfortable and have fun at your wedding.

Use your cake as a focal point

If you really wish to do something incredibly unorthodox, why not give your wedding cake a dual function? Instead of merely using it for the cake cutting ceremony and having it sit idly in one corner, have it suspended from the ceiling and utilize the space underneath it to create a dramatic design. It is not something you see at every wedding and would certainly have the wedding guests talking.

Think of the details

One excellent way to customize your wedding is to think of even the tiniest details that would be able to show your vision and personality. Remember, no aspect is too small nor insignificant to overlook as all of these elements would have a cumulative effect when brought in together. Remember that in designing an event, you need to be a little meticulous with the environment you are working with. However, do not be afraid to work with hues, textures, and items that would evoke the emotions and impressions you want from your wedding guess. Thoughtfully curate pieces that speak to you and would be a reflection of you and your partner and the things you love.

Spice up your bride and groom chairs

Instead of simply adding foliage and blooms to your designated seat and table, take it up a notch by inserting a special love quote there. To make it even more personal and unique, the love quote can be an original saying you and your spouse have thought of. Alternatively, you can choose to indicate your pet names for each other on the seats instead of simply having it say, bride and groom.

Make use of the drapes

Transforming any space can be as easy as draping it regardless of whether it is a tent or a ballroom. In fact, draping is one of the cleverly used techniques to easily customize a space. Whether you wish for a softer wedding design or a more sophisticated and glamorous look or simply wish to cover up the unused space, have a designer help you in draping to create the vision you wish for your wedding.

Use lights

Lights can dramatically change up and enhance an event space. Similarly, lighting can greatly improve a place’s ambiance which makes it an imperative consideration to make in designing your event space. Remember that lighting comes in various forms and shapes. You can utilize floor and table lamps to fill up corners and pin spots on the centerpieces. In any case, try to experiment with lighting and ask your wedding planner how you can create a great ambiance with lighting for your event venue.

Focus on personal touches

Personal touches make any wedding unique and memorable. It is what your guests would likely remember and feel that every moment and detail was carefully considered to showcase who you are as a couple.

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Joyful Weddings: Five Indispensable Tips in Choosing a Maid of Honor



Maid of Honor (noun)

  • A close friend or sister to the bride
  • One who gives emotional support on the big day
  • Helps the bride pick out the perfect dress
  • Plans a hosts a perfect bachelorette party/ bridal shower
  • An excellent listener and confidante
  • A girl a bride needs by her side when she says “I do!”


Planning your big day is already hard by itself, but the process will be so much smoother and easier if you had the helping hand of your maid of honor. While all the things stated above would already detail the responsibilities of your maid of honor (and would definitely narrow down your list of prospective candidates), it would still prove to be a challenge to consider just one woman for this role. This is especially true if you are a bride who grew up with a lot of girlfriends. However, not to worry, know that although choosing a maid of honor is an intimidating prospect (imagine all those duties handed out to a single person!), your choice would ultimately mitigate the stress involved in the wedding planning—from helping you choose the most appropriate wedding package down to aiding you in the search for the perfect wedding gown.


Take note: Their duties are extensive, so selecting the right person would be paramount to the overall success of your event. In this regard, maid of honor selection would require some consideration. Here are some of the things to keep in mind in choosing your maid of honor:


A good listener

As a bride, you are going to have bouts of disappointments and frustrations when things do not live up to your expectations. This is inevitable and you are going to rant or at least need to vent out. With this in mind, you need to choose someone who can listen to you and pick up on what your wants and needs are. Apart from knowing how to listen to you, they would also pick up on the small details they would need in planning for your wedding shower and bachelorette party in such a way that it would be a true reflection of you (and not of what they think is cute).


Sense of humor

Wedding planning can be a long and stressful time insomuch that it might wear you down. A good laugh here and there will be very much welcome and appreciated. If you know someone who can keep you in stitches regardless of how stressful a situation might be, then she might be a good candidate for being your maid of honor. Apart from ensuring you would see the brighter side of things; they would be able to keep you at ease as well.



Choose a maid of honor that lives close to you—someone who can be there and would be available for major events such as dress fittings, cake tastings and venue selections. You might want your best friend to be your maid of honor, but if they live on another continent, you might need to make some concessions.


Choose a social butterfly

Choose a maid of honor that is comfortable in large group settings and would be able to approach people with a smile on her face. Go for someone who is not timid but is assertive as this will ensure for a smoother and better bridal shower and bachelorette party planning. Furthermore, your maid of honor will likely function as the head of your bridesmaid squad insomuch that the task of dress fitting schedules and the like would be delegated to her. In this regard, she would need to maintain a correspondence with them and should be able to communicate with them constantly. A maid of honor that is shy would likely have a hard time gathering people for an event and would not likely make the first move in planning for a bachelorette party.



One of the biggest and most pivotal aspects of any wedding planning is to find your vision. Your maid of honor should have a good sense of your style so that you would be amped up about the bigger picture and your wedding day itself. In this regard, you need a maid of honor that truly understands your tastes and would see your vision as well as add to it in ways that would complement your overall style.

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Successful Events: Five Characteristics of a Good Wedding Organizer


“Planning the wedding is a trial run for your future marriage. The things you battle about now are clues to where you are going to have trouble in the future.” -Tina B. Tessina


All brides are different.

There are some brides who plan their wedding the moment they get engaged and there are those who possess the bride gene and have planned for their big as a kid. Then there are those who would rather let others run the show.

However, regardless of what kind of a bride a woman might be, a wedding is still considered a major celebration that transcends all of the other events she might celebrate in her life. Furthermore, it is of no question that the couple’s wedding day would be the most significant event they would ever celebrate in their lives. Beyond the glitz and the glamour, weddings are all about celebrating love, commemorating a successful union and cementing a relationship–and it is an event that the couple gets to share with everyone they hold dear in their lives from family to friends. In this regard, it is only natural for a woman to wish for a successful wedding event. It is for this very reason that wedding organizers exist. These are the very individuals who would translate your visions into reality and give life to your wedding receptions. Unfortunately, as with the consequence of technology, many brides have taken to wedding planning apps rather than employ the professional services of a wedding organizer. However, one has to keep in mind that no matter how advanced these technological innovations are, they cannot replace the skills and expertise of a professional wedding organizer.

That being said, it is also true that not all wedding organizers are cut from the same cloth. In this regard, you need to be a little thorough when it comes to selecting the professional you do want to work with. Here are some of the characteristics you might want to look out for:


1.) Organized

Planning a wedding is not easy feat. There are a lot of elements and aspects to consider which is why it is imperative that your wedding planner possess massive organizational skills. As your wedding planner, it is part of their job to have detailed notes on each contracted vendor’s product or services rendered. Furthermore, it is a wedding organizer’s foremost responsibility to have a cohesive and seamless timeline that would guide them as well as the couple on the big day.

2.) Creative

Today, many wedding organizers would capitalize on the fact that they can give couples their dream wedding. However, dream weddings can be taken to mean many things and can be different for every couple. Your wedding organizer should be creative enough to recreate your dream into reality and incorporate elements that would make it better. While getting inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram is great, wedding organizers should also be able to think outside the box.

3.) Budget Savvy

As a bride, you would want to mitigate expenses as much as possible. Unfortunately, you would rarely have any idea about the true cost of the wedding photography, flowers, catering and your other vendors. On top of planning for your day, your wedding organizer should be able to create and manage your budget. They are the ones tasked in selecting appropriate vendors who will fit into that budget and set realistic expectations for you as to what you can afford. After all, there is no point in keeping your hopes up and setting the bar too high when your budget cannot even accommodate it.

4.) Good in correspondence

In planning a wedding, you will inevitably spend most of the following weeks leading up to your wedding in correspondence with your wedding organizing. In this regard, the wedding organizer you select should be able to have communication skills–both verbal and written. They would be doing a lot of talking–and not only to you. More often than not, they would be the ones to do the negotiating with the vendors as well as talk to your family and friends during the planning process. Effective communication is pivotal in this aspect. Furthermore, you must take into account that wedding are rather temperamental events to plan insomuch that emotions are at all time high–especially weeks leading up to a the wedding. Should things get a little tense, your wedding organizer should be able to appease the situation and remain professional and pleasant.

5.) Skilled Negotiator

Your prospective wedding organizer should know how to haggle. This is because most of the time, they would be doing the negotiating on your behalf as you would not know what questions to ask of which vendor. In most cases, professional events planners would be able to get a better price from suppliers than a couple will as they have already established a business relationship with many of them. Choose a vendor who can negotiate the best term appropriate for you as this will not only save you money, but time as well.


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Modern Brides: Five Unconventional Ways Modern Brides are Breaking Tradition

“The true beauty of a bride lies in the eyes of the groom”-Author Unknown

Weddings have always been about traditions—or are they?

In this time and age, contemporary brides have long since forgotten long-held customs and traditions and have made several wedding practices of their very own. While some wedding practices are still deeply ingrained and have no signs of going away anytime soon, modern brides have made some of their traditions as well. Of course, while elaborate receptions for lavish brides as well as sophisticated catering packages for weddings are still customary, the way modern brides have been breaking tradition has recently been making waves.

Here are just some of the ways they do it:

1.) Wearing flats

Over the years, brides have always worn heeled shoes on their wedding day. Whether it is to make up for the height difference or simply because it affects a more proper and elegant posture in them, we do not know, but the practice has since the persisted—that is until one bride decided to forego the heels. In lieu of having aching soles at the end of the day, most brides would now ditch the heels in favor of flats. In this regard, they would be able to fully enjoy their wedding whether they choose to spend it dancing or entertaining guests. No longer are flat shoes reserved for beach weddings, but they are now considered as a pivotal addition to a modern bridal ensemble.

2.) Wear your necklace backward

A trend made popular by it-girl Jennifer Lawrence, wearing your necklace backward is perfect for brides who chose a wedding gown or dress with an open back. Give your bridal ensemble a more dramatic effect and flair by styling your hair away from your nape so that your back and your necklace is worn backward would be totally exposed. This is truly one contemporary look that breaks the mold and is sure to catch the eyes and attention of your wedding guests.

3.) Mixing and matching bridesmaids dresses

Gone are the days wherein a bride’s entourage would all wear a unique color which is basically the wedding’s motif. Today, modern brides would go for a wedding theme in lieu of a wedding motif. As a result, brides can now incorporate an array of colors into their wedding theme and successfully inject more colors to the apparel of their entourage. Today, weddings would no longer be in a single shade of blue but in a myriad of colors which makes for a more festive event.

4.) Making a statement

Modern brides are all about making a statement and breaking away from tradition. In this regard, bridal jewelry and the like are considered commonplace and usual. Brides would now try to look for an aspect in their weddings that would set them apart from others. Whether that may be sporting a necktie instead of adorning yourself with jewelry or featuring a scarf tied to one side would be totally up to you. In any case, it should be a feature that is distinct to your dress and would give your overall look a point of difference.

5.) Gothic Brides

While most conventional brides would still balk at the idea of wearing an all-black gown on their wedding day, some modern brides have found ways to inject a bit of this gothic theme and color into their dresses. For one, they might opt on wearing a darker shade of lipstick instead of a lighter toned one. Similarly, they can choose to wear their hair in a loose, braided up-do that would look more punk that it is pretty. Whatever their choice might be, they wish to give their looks an edgier touch.


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