Stress-free Weddings: Four Ways to Deal with a Difficult Bridesmaid





  • A woman who is like a sister, a friend in every way, and a special person that is asked to share in the bride’s big day.
  • A special person asked to share in the bride’s big day


In an ideal scenario, your bridesmaids should be the all-girl ensemble that would help you prepare for your wedding in whatever aspect possible. Unfortunately, you cannot count on everyone to have the same positive attitude as you do. Much like any other wedding, there is, you will inevitably have a handful of difficult bridesmaids in your entourage. They could either be show stealers or perpetual gripers that would always seem to get on your very last nerve. Oftentimes, they can put a pall on what would have been an exciting time and very often, they can disappoint you with their bad attitudes or just their rudeness in general. In extreme cases, when your bridesmaid and you fail to see eye to eye, you might even run the risk of losing their friendship forever. However, there is a myriad of ways to avoid creating a maid-zilla. Although you cannot leverage your bridesmaids’ behaviors, doing these strategies would ensure that they would be easier to deal with and would keep them happy.

So, before you send out that invitation to your bridesmaid and have them grace your wedding venue at the Glass Garden or elsewhere, be sure to keep these techniques in mind:


Do not overwhelm your bridesmaids with costs

While you can reasonably expect your bridesmaids to support you on your big day, you cannot expect them to be as receptive to costs. Sure, they can be happy and be excited for you but if they have to continuously spend for every little thing you ask of them, you are creating an avenue for them to resent you. Remember, at the end of the day, it is still your wedding and while it is considered an honor for most individuals to be bridesmaids, they do not exactly want to shoulder some costs—particularly if they are operating in a tight budget. Ideally, the bride should be able to shoulder a bridesmaid’s hair and makeup, dress and the shoes (if you wish them to match).


Be reasonable about your wedding-related requirements

One way of keeping bad attitudes in check is to be realistic about what you expect your bridesmaids to do for you. In this regard, you should be frank and candid to them as to how much time you wish they would devote to you before your actual wedding day. Do not be overly demanding of their time. Remember, while you may be too wrapped up about your wedding, your bridesmaids still have a life outside of it and have other priorities to run. A reasonable requirement for your bridesmaids is to ask them to attend the dress fitting, your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and a couple of night’s stay at a hotel. If there are other favors you wish to ask of them such as planning duties and the like, feel free to ask them but ensure that your wedding-related tasks would not eat up too much of their personal time.


Check if you are not being a bridezilla yourself

Before you start accusing any of your bridesmaids of being a diva, be sure to keep yourself in check as well. In most cases, brides can become very demanding of their entourage as they become more and more stressed about the wedding day. More often than not, brides would not even realize it until it is pointed out to them. So, before you start pointing fingers, stop and reassess how you have been acting lately. Have you been snippy? Do you have any demands that seem unreasonable? You may be all too wrapped up in your wedding, but remember, your bridesmaids may promise to support you, but they have never promised to become as emotionally invested (and involved) in the wedding as you are. Keep yourself in check and see if your behavior might be the cause why your bridesmaids are acting out.


Speak out in the face of diva-dom

If you have done everything that you can to ensure that your bridesmaids are happy by giving them an affordable, fun and exciting bridesmaid experience, then the problem might not be you, but them. If you think a particular bridesmaid of yours’ attitude is inexcusable, speak up. Address the situation right away, yourself as this is not a task that you can delegate to others. Do not ask your maid of honor to play mediator as this can only aggravate the problem. Let the errant bridesmaid know how you feel and let it come from you. The message conveyed will have more weight if it came from you. Furthermore, you should be mature enough to speak up for yourself and not have others speak for on your behalf.


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Five Bridal Shower Game Ideas for the Clueless Bridesmaids


Bridal showers are incredibly fun and come with games that are hilarious to play. Usually, the bride’s bridesmaids, maid of honor and best friends are designated to plan this party for her and more often than not, these people would have a hard time breaking the ice by the time everyone is settled in at the party.

Sure, you may have prepared all of the party packages essential to the party such as the food and wine, but all these would be for naught if you cannot get your guests to talk to each other. This is precisely why shower games are useful—to help you break the ice. Below is a list of suggested games that you can take advantage of on the next planned bridal shower. Some of them are a bit clichéd, but can be rest assured that these games are not only fun and interesting to play but classy as well.

1.) Bridal Shower Bingo

The mechanics are fairly simple in this game as it is similar to your traditional bingo except that the pieces are wedding themed. To prepare for this game, you need to create bingo cards but instead of writing the word BINGO, write the word BRIDE along the top margin. Instead of having numbers below it, list facts relevant to the bride-to-be inside each square. To play it, all you would simply have to follow traditional bingo rules. The first guest to mark off a line or black out their card wins a prize.

2.) Recipe for Love

Prepare a set of wooden spoons and pass out one to each of the guests. Have them write their words of wisdom for the bride or any advice for her married life soon, but do not ask them to sign it. Collect all of the spoons and have the bride read them aloud; this is the fun part as there are bound to be some unorthodox and hilarious pieces of advice among the bunch. Ask the bride to choose her favorite and whoever issued that advice gets a prize.

3.) Purse Raid

Something similar to a scavenger hunt using each of the guests’ purses or bags. To prepare, before the party begins, create a list of some customary and standard items one may have in their purse such as phones, credit cards keys and work your way up to more random or risqué objects (an erotic novel, dog treats, etc.). The host will then call out the items as listed and the first guest who can pull that object from their purse wins a small prize.

4.) Pass the Love Story

In this game, each of the guests can get a chance to have their own version or exaggerate the story of how the couple met and fell in love. This game is easy to play as all it would require is a pen and paper. The game starts with the host writing a line at the top of the piece of paper about how the couple met such as “Diana and Declan met at a coffee shop”. The host would then proceed to pass this piece of paper to the next player who would write another line to follow that one. Once done, the player would only need to fold the paper so that only their line would be visible to the next player. After everyone is done, the bride-to-be should have the honor of reading out loud the masterpiece her guests have created in her honor.

5.) Two Truths and Lie

This game is fairly straightforward as all of your guests would only need to prepare three statements, two of them true while one is not. Let each guest introduce herself and tell at least three experiences she had with the bride with one being a lie. The person who correctly picks out the lie gets a point. The guest with most points wins.

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