Four Definitive (But Annoying) Signs You Are at A Filipino Wedding

In the Philippines, a wedding would probably mark the biggest occasion of an individual’s life. They are traditionally big and festive events where a large group of people comes together—from the family to the relatives, friends down to the neighbors. Apart from being a grand and festive, Filipino weddings are predominantly influenced by religion—so much so that it is traditionally celebrated inside big churches situated all over the country. However, with the advent of modern weddings, a lot of wedding traditions have become lost as more and more weddings get wrapped up with the commercial or monetary value of the planning involved.

It is rather unfortunate that Filipino weddings are losing some of the aspects that made it distinctly Filipino—including some of the customs and traditions that made it one, however, there are still modern unions that do practice it today. While traditions such as setting a pair of doves free or pinning some bills on the bride’s dress in exchange for a dance have gone stale, there are a few practices that are still evident in almost every Filipino wedding you attend. From the elaborate wedding planning that includes wedding packages in the Philippines to other quirky and unique practices, here are some practices that make a wedding truly Filipino:

1.) Filipino Time

Regardless of the occasion, Filipinos are notorious for arriving late–so much so, that the concept of Filipino time was coined. It roughly means that if an event is to start around 7 PM, Filipinos do not get ready to leave until it is 6:45 PM. In weddings, this can be particularly stressful; guests would typically take longer than usual as they have to do their hair and makeup and primp themselves up. If your wedding invitation states that wedding is to start around 3:00 PM, you can expect a majority of the guests to arrive at around 3:30 PM to 4 PM. But the worst guests are those who skip the wedding ceremony altogether and just head to the reception in time for the buffet. To make sure this does not happen, announce that the wedding starts an hour early in your invitation. This would not ensure that all of your guests would arrive on time, but at least a significant number of them will arrive just in time.

2.) Delinquents

Even if your invitation has indicated that the dress code is strictly formal, you will undoubtedly find someone in a more casual outfit of jeans and slippers. Apart from that, you may have requested that guests give you monetary gifts as you would be moving out of the country, yet it seems like some of your guests have missed the memo. So, how do you deal? Check on everyone at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. Remind them of your dress code and if they do not have any available, see if you can help them borrow from someone else.

3.) There are several gimmicks

A reception is a combination of many different events, and it is more than just a simple wedding dinner. Though the wedding ceremony finished hours ago, you are not expected to eat until a series of presentations and speeches are over. For this reason, many couples have opted to include a cocktail buffet table that would serve guests finger food as well as something to drink to stave off hunger before dinner is to begin. Before a wedding reception, come prepared and eat a heavy meal before attending the wedding ceremony. This would not only prevent you from being hungry during one of the many speeches in the reception, but it would also help you avoid from hoarding food in the cocktail buffet table.

4.) Girls disappearing during the bouquet toss part of the program

In almost every Filipino wedding, women would readily make an excuse to go to the bathroom just in time for the bouquet toss segment of the program. It seems like women do not want to have the limelight on them during the couple’s special day. A good workaround to this problem is to introduce a crafty way to ensure that the ladies would be more receptive to joining. Apart from receiving the bouquet, consider giving a monetary prize to the woman who catches the bouquet.

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A Historic Wedding at La Castellana


All of us wants our wedding to be as momentous as possible – the kind that lingers in the memories for many years. Having a memorable wedding takes more than just the attire and food, but also the venue. In fact, the venue can make or break any wedding. For a truly unforgettable wedding, La Castellana is the perfect wedding venue for you.

Dubbed as the melting pot of all celebrations, La Castellana is a Spanish-inspired al fresco site found inside Intramuros. The venue serves as the perfect backdrop for cultural weddings and religious matrimonial ceremonies. Aside from that, there are a lot of wedding package Philippines to choose from.

Guests are welcomed by the venue’s grand foyer adorned with equally grandiose amber crystal chandelier. Celebrations take place at the Salon de Joaquin Ballroom, a 400-seater covered courtyard built with an impressive cooling system. Salon de Joaquin is named after La Castellana’s patriarch.

Another courtyard is the El Jardin de la Luz, an outdoor sanctuary filled with swanky pocket gardens, spacious gazebo with mini waterfalls and elegant side arches. The courtyard features the Garden of Light, a cloverleaf-shaped fountain at its center. Hanging lamps made from crystal verinas embellished the courtyard, adding a cozier ambiance at night.

Further, the location has a luxurious bridal suite perfect for the bride-to-be called Sala de Gleceria. Glorifying the name of the owner’s matriarch, Sala de Gleceria is designed with the brides-to-be in mind. It’s like a sweet escape for the bride as she relaxes on the bridal oasis before wearing her gown, shoes and makeup. The best part is a string quartet serenades the bride and everyone in the suite all throughout the preparation.

Patio Domingo is the veranda overlooking Salon de Joaquin Ballroom. Named after the father of the La Castellana’s owner, the open-air veranda is the perfect location to view the breathtaking sunset while overlooking equally picturesque scenes such as Manila Cathedral’s dome.

La Castella has a very few elite partner caterers, one of which is Hizon’s Catering. The management is very scrupulous when it comes to on-site food preparation. Aside from the dedicated kitchen, there are shower rooms specifically built for the food attendants to ensure they are well-dressed when they serve the guests. They also get to relax in the crew lounge.

Other mention-worthy amenities are the vast parking spaces with ever-dedicated traffic marshals and well-lit comfort rooms with uniformed washroom attendants. There are also uniformed security officers. Finally, the location boasts of wheelchair accessible facilities.

Found inside the walled city of Intramuros, La Castellana can make any wedding a truly memorable one. To-be-weds will find facilities and amenities unique to the venue alone – those that majority of the venues in Intramuros lack. A one-event-at-a-time venue, couples, and their guests can have all of La Castellana to themselves and revel in the magnificence of the venue.Image source

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Pre-Wedding Blues: Top Three Causes of Wedding Jitters


No matter how in love or sure you are about your future spouse, weeks or months before your wedding day, you may experience a bout of pre-wedding jitters that would render you jittery, anxious and at times, a nervous wreck. Not to worry, this is simply the case of pre-wedding stress getting to you—perhaps from meticulously planning the wedding menu down to the the strategic seating arrangement of your guests. However, you need to sit down and contemplate about your proposal or your upcoming marriage if you are suddenly having doubts about your future partner—ones that would not go away after days of trying to relax. If you are having persistent qualms about your wedding, perhaps reviewing what the top three reasons for pre-wedding jitters would help you identify what is causing your anxiety.

1.) The wedding day

Sometimes, the wedding day itself would cause you incredible stress and anxiety. This is especially true for rather large weddings wherein every single one’s family, friend and relative are invited. Having all the people you care about in one room can cause you to worry especially if there are divorced parents, step-parents and even estranged family members involved, the wedding day can particularly be stressful. In other cases, it could be that being the spotlight is what is causing the stress. However, in any case, and in all instances, you should get support for your wedding day as this is essential. A counselor or a wedding planner would help you create a plan for dealing with difficult family members.

2.) Becoming a “wife” or “husband”

More often than not, the marriage of our parents would give us the first real insight of what a marriage is like and sometimes, their marriages would serve as the blueprint of yours. If your parents went through a particularly rocky relationship or if you came from a broken home or a home filled with anger, shame, neglect and violence, intimacy is something you would rarely see. If this is the case, we entertain the fear that we will turn out to be just like them no matter how irrational that may be/ Take note that you are not your parents so you do not exactly have to mirror your blueprint. Similarly, you can also choose not to repeat the same mistakes they have done. In any case, just because your parents did not have a happy marriage does not mean that yours is also doomed from the get-go.

3.) The plan after I-do

Remember that an essential thing before proposing to your significant other or even agreeing to become man and wife is to know what your plans are after the wedding. Some of these would involve significant questions that would determine you would do as a couple after your respective “I do’s”. These questions include if you want kids, where you should live, how much money you plan to make, how to budget, what kind of ambitions you would both have—and other questions of a similar tone. When you have talked about this with your partner, then well and good as you would at least know what your plans would be after the wedding and are least likely to stumble into a complication or come across a problem. However, if this is something you and your partner have barely discussed or never even talked about your problem then it would be understandable why you have wedding jitters that may even be particularly overwhelming.
Some couples think that these are the things they can work out after marriage and everything would fall into place right after.

However, a wedding is a major milestone in life and should you find that you and your partner are not on the same page as regards some aspects of marital life, you will end up having a lot of conflicts and arguments in the future. Before joining the nuptial club, consider having a one on one talk with your partner or find a couples counselor who would guide you both through discussions that would assist you create goals for yourselves and negotiate when your needs and desires differ.




Although it is normal to be wary about lasting decisions in life (such as choosing a life partner), the same cannot be said about persistent anxiety and worries about the state of your relationship and your marriage after you both have said I do. To know the root cause of you nuptial jitters, it would be wise to identify what is causing your stress to distinguish if what you are experiencing is a simple case of pre-wedding anxiety or something even more—and worth talking about with your fiance or fiancee.


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Romantic Ideas for Your Wedding Reception



Weddings are all about getting sentimental and feeling the ambiance of sweeping romance, fluff and emotions around you. After all, they are meant to commemorate the beginning of a couple’s wedded life together. However, when it comes to wedding receptions, the romance is traditionally limited to the bride and groom’s speeches while the decorations elsewhere are all about making a statement that conforms with whatever theme the couple may have selected. After attending a few weddings such as this one, it can feel a tad bit too generic, formulaic and all too familiar. And for the sentimental at heart, this could seem rather limiting.

So if you and you and your affianced are looking for fresh new ways to give your wedding reception a sentimental and romantic spin, take a look at the ideas below and you are guaranteed to have a romantic wedding reception that whether you are holding your grand reception at the Teatrillo or somewhere more subtle, you are guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the most embittered cynics amongst your guests.

1.) Have the reception at the site where your fiancé proposed

Simple yet unique and is guaranteed to make you relive the moment he proposed to you. This is a romantic idea as it incorporates another significant milestone you and your husband to be already experienced: your engagement!

2.) Choose locales that are inherently romantic

There are some locations and sites that are more romantic than some. A vineyard, for example, would need no further embellishments for a romantic or sentimental touch whereas a function room would need a full day’s work to give it that kind of ambiance. Look for locales that already have the general romantic feel when booking for your next reception.

3.) Let your wedding site inspire the theme of the wedding

If you are holding a garden wedding, then let the rest of the wedding aspects follow. Incorporate floral arrangements into your hair, wear a garden dress instead of the traditional wedding trail when you are walking down the aisle and so on. Having a general theme dictates how the rest of your wedding will look like and would additionally give it a more organized feel.

4.) Have facts about your “firsts” printed on every table for guests to read

This can include as many of the fond memories you and your spouse had made over the time you had spent together as a couple before you got married. It can include some facts about your first date, how you both met, your favorite getaway as a couple, etc. Additionally, this will also give your guests something entertaining and relevant to read while they are waiting for supper to be served.

5.) Decorate tables with framed photos of you and your fiancé together with family and friends

This is ideal for intimate and small weddings, and it will certainly give your guests a feeling of being genuinely involved with you. It makes your guests feel inclusive, and it is a great way to show them that you appreciate their presence as well as their support of you as a couple.

6.) Create a sentimental surprise

Couples can be rather flexible and creative with this. Some couples choose to incorporate it in their wedding vows, but another way of creating a sweet surprise is to read aloud a line of the love letter that your fiancé sent you before you got engaged. It is wonderfully sweet, and it is guaranteed to warm the heart of your husband to be.

7.) Opt for a romantic wish instead of an ordinary guestbook

Encourage guests to leave words of supports, little letters that are truly personalized for you and your groom to read once the festivities are over. It is sweet, simple yet sentimental and it certainly will give you something to look back on over the years you will have as a wedded couple. The words of encouragement they left could be your beacon of success as a loving couple.

How to Have Your Dream Wedding within Your Budget




We all have our fair share of dream weddings.


We want everything to be perfect and the way we envisaged it in our heads. We want everything in place from the wedding dress down to the wedding catering. On that one day where we are to tie the knot with the person, we envision spending the rest of our lives with, we want nothing to go wrong.

However, weddings are rather costly and with product prices at an all time, it can be hard to negotiate with the dream wedding we have without compromising a few costs. The logistics of planning a wedding is already costly enough, complement that with the actual cost and you might just be paying quite a hefty bill before even saying your respective I do’s.

This is why most couples need to have a workable and estimated budget on the costs they are about to incur. As it is, it would be impractical to needlessly splurge everything on your wedding day and have virtually nothing left for you to spend your days together in building a family. However, working within your budget does not have to mean sacrificing the dream wedding you want. It is still very much possible to do so and here are ways just to do exactly that.


Being guided by your wedding philosophy determines your decision-making process, especially when it comes to pecuniary matters. This will complement your budgeting ideals and will assist you in making decisions when it comes to wedding expenditures regarding how much you should spend on a particular wedding aspect. To establish a solid wedding philosophy, you and your partner should ask yourselves what the purpose of your wedding is, how you feel about it, how you want your guests to feel about it and what your values and priorities are. From there, you can align your purchases with your philosophy and make decisions from there.


In connection with having a philosophy, you and your partner should be guided by the very same philosophy in listing your negotiables versus your non-negotiables. Your non-negotiables should include all the items you cannot imagine your wedding without while your negotiables are all the things that would be interesting and fun to have at your wedding but ones you can skip and do without. Every couple has unique priorities and determining what yours are will make the spending process of your wedding funds a whole lot easier.


Having a list of non-negotiables and negotiables will help you identify which items you would rather splurge money on and which items you could still have at a lower cost. One instance of this is hiring a professional photographer while having faux floral decorations and arrangements. Having non-negotiables present at your wedding may still be a possibility provided you know where to determine the areas where you should splurge on your finances and where to cut some costs.


It is best to be amply prepared when it comes to spending an exorbitant amount of money—especially on momentous events and affairs such as weddings. When you adequately research the market beforehand, you can have a reasonable comparison of the services you want to avail of and avoid unnecessary overspending when you can get it at a more affordable price. Additionally, researching beforehand helps you gain insight into the products and the services offered by the company and will aid you in your decision-making process.


Cutting costs in negotiable areas may take creativity on your part. Consider some DIY projects and enlist the help and assistance of friends and relatives. Hiring professionals for every aspect in your weddings in your wedding will cost you greatly—besides, giving your wedding that creative touch may be more meaningful to your guests considering that this will feel a lot more personal and intimate.


Having the wedding you have always dreamed of is a possibility without breaking the bank. Following these five easy steps will assist you in achieving that. While you do not have to agonize over every peso spent on your wedding, it does not mean you should be unwise and needlessly splurge on your expenses. Have a solid wedding philosophy and stick with it and you will have the wedding of your dreams minus the expensive cost.

Wedding Dress 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Wedding Dress



You have decided on a theme, you have picked out the entourage’s dresses, you have laid out the plans for your wedding catering, and you have done the food tasting. It seems like everything is done and already in place. Everything is done and accomplished, all except your wedding dress.

The truth is, you have deliberately left deciding for your bridal gown for last because you do not want to commit any mistakes in doing so.
For years, you have always envisioned how you would look like walking down the aisle. You want to look stellar and superb. You might be wearing this dress only once in your lifetime, but you are quite certain that there is no other occasion in your lifetime where you would look more perfect.

But as this is a once in a lifetime event, you want to make sure you have the dress that epitomizes who you are as a person and as a bride—that and you would like it to translate well in your wedding photographs. Well then dear reader, let this article assist you in your endeavors in searching for the perfect wedding gown as it lists down some of the most basic do’s and don’ts in selecting your gown for the big day.


Come up with a theme and select a gown that ties up with your chosen theme

Back in the day, where people only decided on color schemes and motifs, gowns are simply chosen according to their styles. Today, where having a wedding theme in lieu of having a wedding motif is the current trend, brides-to-be design their gown according to the chosen theme. For destination weddings such as ones celebrated on the beach are typically done in long white gowns of thin material, and brides would usually go barefoot. Traditional weddings call for a more timeless gown, complete with A-line skirts, square necklines, and the works.

Add accessories

Accessories are fun, and they will instantly make your ensemble a lot more interesting. The key to getting the right balance between looking like a classic bride and an interesting sight to behold is to know where to draw the line between looking like a Christmas Tree and having just the right amount of accessories. A good way to start is to examine your wedding dress if it is fully embellished and filled with intricate details such as laces and pearls then keep your accessories to a bare minimum lest you overpower your wedding gown. But should it be bare, add enough accessories to avoid looking too plain.

Choose the right kind of white for your skin tone

Though white may be a basic color, it apparently comes in various shades, and there are some shades that complement your skin better than others. Choose the best white for your skin tone and go with that as your bridal gown. Choose the color that makes your skin glow and complements your skin tone as well.

Pick the appropriate undergarments

You might neglect this considering that it will be covered by your wedding gown. However, it is crucial to note that there are body-shaping undergarments that will make your silhouette perfect no matter how slinky your gown is. Choose the appropriate undergarments, a pair that will match your skin tone and makes your body look great underneath the dress.


Don a dress more casual than the ones your guests are sporting

This is your wedding day, and you should not let any of your guests’ outfits overshadow and cast yours in a shade. If you choose to have a formal affair, a floor length gown is in order whether intricately designed with beading and embroidery or plain and classic accessorized with jewelry. Even when the event is low-key and casual, be sure to pick a dress that will stand out.

Wear long gowns to a beach wedding

Your long train will only encumber you when it is drenched in seawater and sand. Besides, when it is all dry in time for the reception, it would not look flattering on you. Take note, delicate fabric, seawater, and sand just do not mix.

Buy a dress you cannot see yourself wearing while walking down the aisle

Do not buy wedding gowns that you definitely cannot picture yourself wearing down the aisle. Always consider your options and if a particular gown may be cheap but if you could not see yourself donning it for your big day then, keep your options open. A great tip in seeing the overall effect of the gown is to ask for a veil that would go along with the dress and see how the entire ensemble looks.


Finding the perfect wedding dress may seem like a lot of pressure and can cause a lot of stress. You want everything to fit perfectly, and you want to look your absolute best for your wedding day. But never fret, as long as you are well aware of the basic do’s and don’ts in choosing your wedding gown, the quest for finding that much coveted bridal apparel will be much easier.

Be a Bridechilla not a Bridezilla! The Five Don’ts of Being a Bride

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A girl looks forward to her wedding the most in her life.

This is why making dream weddings into reality is the penultimate wish any woman over the age 20 and edging towards 30 has. This is that one day wherein the spotlight is focused on you and is that one day where you will feel most gorgeous in your life—and why not, you have sufficiently spent money to be tweezed and plucked, and you picked out an appropriate dress to go along with your makeup.
However, in the midst of the thousands of preparations, the overwhelming stress of handling wedding details compounded with relatives from out of town visiting, some brides commit many major wedding faux pas that would be otherwise excusable had they been more prepared. It may be the biggest day in your life’s history, but that does not necessarily connote that you can fly off the bat under the impression that you can because it is YOUR big day. Do take note that this day is not only about your but your husband to be as well. And more importantly, you would not want the guests you have invited to witness your meltdown under the guise of you having wedding stress and blues.
Remember, weddings are happy occasions to commemorate so let us keep it that way by avoiding specific potential stressors that can cost you your big day. To find out what these are and how to avoid these, read on. Take note, being forewarned is being forearmed.


You want everything to be in tip-top form, you want everything in place. You want everything exactly the way you want it and in accordance to your much-coveted dream wedding that you have everything nailed down to the food you want present in the wedding catering. And because this is so, any offers of help that may be extended to you are met by your cool and polite rejection. No matter how hands-on you want to be for your big day nor how particular of a bride you may be, you should never decline an offer of help– believe me, you will not be able to pull this off all alone. Do yourself a favor and accept their offers, you will be more at ease and stress-free during your big day.


Your guests would want to give you gifts that you would find useful for the life you have ahead. They do not want to be grasping at straws trying to second guess what you might potentially need and use. This saves them countless time and effort trying to scour the mall for what to give you on your wedding day (and would save you from having to contend with innumerable similar gifts). However, putting registry info on the invitation itself makes it seem to your guest that a wedding gift is mandatory should they want to be invited. To get this message across, do it traditionally: By word of mouth on the part of your parents or your bridesmaids.


Foresight when it comes to scheduling plans is hardly achievable (making contingency plans practical). For this reason, there are only a lucky few couples who have a little downtime between the ceremony and reception. For some, the pictorials would delay them from being in the reception area; if such is the case, do not ever leave your guests hungry. If there is a huge time gap between the ceremony and the reception, at least provide your guests who might be early to the reception area some cocktail food and drinks to munch on. At least in that way, you will not leave your guests hungry while waiting for you to finally arrive.


You just came from your friend’s wedding and at the moment, you are trying to quell the feeling of jealousy slowly brewing inside of you. She had a popular band booked, had Cristal champagne for every table and had a fifteen tiered cake. Suddenly, you find yourself getting irrationally envious and wanting to overhaul your wedding plans to compete with hers. It is an insidious feeling, jealous is. However, you should not let these feelings overwhelm you. Stop, breathe and take a moment first. Do you want the kind of wedding she had? Or do you just plainly want to show her up? Remember, if you veer off the course you have set for your wedding day, you might just ruin your chances of having your dream wedding.


Most brides overlook the fact that a wedding is not only about them but their fiancés as well– a novice mistake to make. Sure, they might not be the one crowned in floral petals and donned in gossamer cloth, but that does not diminish the great role they have at their wedding. Remember, this wedding about you and him and your imminent life as a couple. Though it can be easy to get wrapped up in the wedding preparations, do not discount your fiancés suggestions and opinions. Remember to keep the wedding a “we” instead of a “me”.

Sure, weddings can cause a lot of stress but though wedding stress is rather commonplace, the stress does not have to weigh you down nor dictate your conduct as a bride. Take note: You want to be beautiful on your wedding day, and more importantly, you want it to be memorable. So do not be a Bridezilla and be a Bridechilla instead.