Wedding Gown Fittings: Five Things to Know Before Shopping for Your Dress


“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting…it is a process—a memory in the making” –Ollivelli Cape Town


A wedding gown might seemingly be only worn for a few hours at the most, but to brides, this is an integral piece of fashion.

While the wedding gown is only one aspect (and one expense) on your wedding day, there has never been any doubt that it is one of the iconic dresses a woman would wear in her lifetime. In this regard, a woman would feel pressured to choose the best and most ideal one that would suit her taste and preferences. After all, this is that one day in her life wherein all eyes would be on her—that one day wherein she gets to be the star of her own show.  However, before you head on out and go wedding dress shopping, there are a few pointers you should keep in mind to ensure that the entire process will be a breeze. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind before you start putting on that wedding dress:

Limit your entourage

Considering you want only the best wedding gown to wear, you wish to have the counsel and tutelage of all the people you consider to be fashionable on their own. However, you cannot bring a party of ten people just for a single dress fitting. Not only will they be eating up the space in the boutique, but more often than not, their ideas would be conflicting which would leave you more confused than ever. Choose to go with one or two closest friends or a family member whose instincts you trust to help you start your search. Inviting too many friends along with you would be welcoming a lot of contrasting opinions.

Hidden costs can add up

One way to avoid getting a wedding bill shock is to account for everything you will be spending for. Much like how you should do the accounting for your dress. Remember, that apart from the dress, you should also take into consideration your veil, accessories, headpieces, jewelry and shoes, undergarments and alterations. These can easily add up and would add to your final bottom line. Before shopping for a dress, ensure that you have factored everything into your final wedding dress budget.

Undergarments are optional

It is highly recommended that you visit the shop already in the underwear you choose to wear on your wedding day. In this regard, you would see how it would look on you on the day itself. However, if you are unsure as to what undergarments to use, do not fret as most boutiques and bridal shops have different bras in their fitting room. If you plan on wearing a strapless style bra, a particular body shaper, bring them with you. Ultimately, you would need gown-specific undergarments but they are not necessary on your initial meeting with the seamstress.

Do not get discouraged

Remember that there is a myriad of bridal designers and they have a thousand designs to choose from. So, do not worry and get discouraged if you cannot find your dream gown in just one wedding dress endeavor. Sure, coming empty-handed after an initial trip can sure put a damper on things, but do not give up. If anything, this means you are not impulsive with your choices. Simply try again and look for more designs.

Shop for your body type

No, this is not to say you should be heavily focusing on your weight and your bulk. Instead, focus on the shape and frame of your body. Your weight constantly fluctuates but the shape of your body hardly changes unless you do some lifestyle changes such as dieting and exercising. Moreover, weight can change depending on how stressful a situation is, so do not let that be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. Choose a dress that complements your body type instead—one that highlights your curves and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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Wedding Fashion: Five Reasons Your Wedding Gown Looks Cheap

“I always tell brides to follow their instinct throughout the wedding dress experience. But I encourage them to keep an open mind in selecting their dress.”-Monique L’huillier


Without a doubt, the wedding gown is one of the most iconic pieces of apparel a woman will ever wear. In fact, it might be just be the most significant piece of clothing she will ever wear in her life. It is precisely for this reason that many brides-to-be find themselves increasingly pressured in choosing the perfect gown to wear on their wedding day. After all, as soon as they make that walk down the aisle and saunter towards the love of their lives, they can expect every eye in the venue to be on them. With all these considered, a bride channels her endeavors into ensuring she would not only look presentable on her wedding day, but her best as well—you do not get to have so many eyes training on you every single day after all.

However, some brides who are trying to negotiate with their wedding budgets tend to cut costs by making compromises. More often than not, those compromises would mean their gowns. While this is a practical tack, it is imperative that you should be aware that there is a big difference between what looks cheap but tacky and affordable but classic. Regardless of whether you spent a lot for your gown or not, you should aim to look elegant and sophisticated. In any case, it is best if you are aware what makes a wedding gown look cheap:

1.) It is too white

When it comes to choosing a color for your wedding gown, you do not really have much choice apart from the various shades you can get from white—and even then, that would be quite tough to do. However, there is such a thing as being too white. Bright, optic white can be a tough color to pull off and if the overall dress looks and feels more graphic than soft and romantic, there is a likely chance it would look cheap—in photos and in person.

2.) Made with low-quality synthetic fabrics

This should be a no brainer. Cheap material and fabrics make for cheap-looking dresses. Wedding gowns, especially ones that look all-poufy and are of the ball-gown variety require a lot of fabric just to finish. These gowns are usually made with expensive fabrics such as handmade lace, silk and the like. To have it cheaper, synthetic fabrics would be utilized and as you have guessed it, an abundance of these cheap-looking fibers on just one gown will inevitably make that gown look cheap.

3.) It looks to sexy

Yes, you can be sexy on your wedding day. But do note that there is a stark difference between sexy and sultry. The former is cheap while the latter is relatively more acceptable. Sultry means off shoulder gowns, baring your arms and still managing to look classy. Visible corsetry, lace-up backs or fronts and extreme cleavage on the other hand are all looks and ensembles sexy brides would wear for Halloween.

4.) Your breasts have no room to breathe

We get it—you want cleavage. Yes, you can bare a little without giving it all away, the trick is not to mash your breasts together in order to give the illusion of a cleavage. The trick is to look like you fit your dress just right instead of looking like you are about to burst out of it. Remember, regardless of what you are wearing, fit is the most important thing—and when it comes to wedding gowns, it is all the more important.

5.) It has too much going on

Lace, beading, ruffles, gathered skirts, bows—your dress has it all! Why settle for one design when you can incorporate all of them into one dress right? Unfortunately, while you think it looks great, it is a little too much and may make you seem like you could not choose one design. Furthermore, your dress has no sense of cohesion and as a result, would not look visually and aesthetically appealing.

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Beautiful Weddings: Five Signs You Have Found the Perfect Wedding Gown


“Just go in and try things on…things you may even think you would never wear in your life. Give yourself that freedom” –Vera Wang.


Finding the perfect wedding gown is about as difficult as finding the one special person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Indeed, the endeavor involves a lot of considerations and decisions to make and may even be fraught with complications—such as the ideal dress not making a particular church’s dress code. On top of that, you have a myriad of options to choose from which makes the entire process all the more challenging. There are limitless designs from ball gowns to bias-cut gowns that choosing one might seem like an impossibility. However, there are ways of narrowing the search and knowing if the dress you are trying on is “the one” for you.

Here are several of those tell-tale signs:

1.) You do not want to take it off

An excellent cardinal sign of your ideal gown is that once you have donned it on and observed yourself in the mirror, you do not want to take it off. While trying on wedding dresses makes you appreciate each gown’s beauty in their own way, there is just something about one particular gown that sets it apart from the others in a sense that you cannot wait to picture yourself with it. In fact, you cannot wait how it would look with the full ensemble—veil, flowers, hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories—on.

2.) The tears start flowing

Putting on the perfect gown gives you that overwhelming feeling of euphoric excitement. In fact, the feeling it gives you is pretty close to the sense of elation you felt when you said “Yes!” to marrying your husband to be. If you feel yourself tearing up when trying on the dress, then it is the ideal gown for you. However, if you are not much of a crier, if any of your family members or friends would shed a few tears upon seeing you (or even the stylist himself or herself), then that is a good sign.

3.) You truly feel like a bride

Yes, you have the ring, the date, and the fiancé but from where you are standing, the wedding seems ages away and seems like a vague concept to you until you have a particular wedding gown on. Putting on the right wedding gown would not only give you a sense of jubilation, but it would also give you that realization that you really are getting married and that this is going to be it.

4.) You start using superlatives

Of course, every gown is beautiful in its own way, but the perfect gown for you would be so incredibly gorgeous to you that you would only be using superlatives when describing it. If you suddenly catch yourself proclaiming things such as “the most beautiful gown in the world” or “the best gown I have ever laid my eyes on,” then you have probably found your second soulmate.

5.) You do not want to try any other dresses on

The gown you have tried on might be the first or fifth or even the twenty-eighth gown you have worn for that day, but once you have worn it, you suddenly feel like no other gown compares. In fact, you are just about ready to cancel all the other dress or fitting appointments you have made as you have found the dress of your dreams. To you, there is simply no other dress the world can offer that is just as beautiful and as stunning as the one that you have on you. In this regard, you can safely say that the search for the perfect gown is over.


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Tying the Knot? Here are Five Ingenious Tips to Read Before Buying Your Wedding Gown

“On her wedding day, a woman should be certain she has found a dress that makes her feel confident and above all else, beautiful.”-Carolina Herrera

On any wedding day, all eyes will be on the bride as she makes her graceful walk down the aisle. With this in mind, it is only appropriate that a bride-to-be should be most meticulous and particular about the type of gown she wears on her big day. After all, a wedding gown is not only a dress a bride wears on her wedding day and selecting one is more than just a fitting, it is a memory in the making. For most women, a wedding gown could be the single most important dress they would ever wear in their lives–one that transcends all other garments she has and would ever have. So, if you are ready to hit the bridal shop, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you choose the wedding gown that suits you best:

1.) Have a price in mind

We all have our ideal gowns in mind, but at times the gown we dreamed of walking down the aisle in can be out of our price range. If this is the case, do not waste your time browsing that rack or even entertain the thought of buying it outright. Remember, you are not only spending for your wedding gown on your big day but on other aspects as well. Keep in mind; a dress budget does not only entail the gown itself but the cost of alterations, taxes, veil, shoes, lingerie, and jewelry. So, keep a realistic price in mind and stick to that.

2.) Start Early

Look for a wedding gown or dress at least six to eight months prior to your wedding day. But if you tend to be indecisive or are a picky shopper then add a couple of months more to that. Take note: a custom gown takes longer to make than the ones you can find off the rack—especially when they are heavily embellished. So, choose while it is still early as if you put it off for too long, you would either end up with a limited selection or make a quick purchase you might regret later.

3.) Consider the Dress Code

If you are getting married in a church, there might be religious restrictions you have to follow on what kind of wedding gown or dress you can wear. Consider these attire guidelines and make sure that you adhere to them in selecting a gown. After all, you would not want too many alterations on your gown should it not be allowed or worse, be asked to cover up as you walk down the aisle.

4.) Know What You Like

Your wedding gown or dress should be a reflection of you and your preference. If you have no idea what you truly want in a gown, you can start by perusing wedding gowns on the web and find one whose style resonates your own. Similarly, you can also take cues from your venue, theme and season of the day you are getting married to narrow down your choices. Eliminate silhouettes and fabrics that would look out of place in a venue such as poufy and bulky gowns in beach affairs as an example.

5.) Bring Your Accessories

Before your wedding day, it would be ideal if you had a rough idea of how you are going to look like when you walk down the aisle. While saving the full impact as a surprise on the day itself is done by most brides, this does not mean you should dismiss trying on the gown with your accessories either. You may opt to wear the gown sans your full bridal makeup when you are still trying it on, but it would be a good idea to know how it would look with the rest of your bridal ensemble such as the veil, the shoes, and the appropriate undergarments.

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BRIDES: What You Do Not Know About Bridal Gown Shopping


“A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal dress for a woman—it must reflect the personality and style of a bride” – Carolina Herrera

It is certain that if there is one penultimate thing a girl dreams of at an early age (apart from the affair itself), it is how she would look sauntering down the aisle in her perfect wedding gown. She wants to paint a picturesque portrait of herself in a bridal ensemble that would truly speak volumes about her personality and her taste as well and in the words of Carolina Herrera; it is both personal and intimate for her.
However, selecting a gown amidst a diverse selection should you have it ready made or having it tailored specifically to cater to your taste is only a fraction of the lengthy logistics of gown selections. And more often than not, selecting the gown barely scratches the surface of what really transpires in the process. There are a lot of things to consider when you are contemplating on what gown you should get and some of them would drastically improve or impair how you look—all depending on your choice. So, if you are in the process of selecting a gown, take a look at what you should know down below so that on your wedding day, you would be walking down the aisles of the church or your wedding venue in a gown that would paint an aesthetic picture.

1.) Undergarments do wonders to the look of a dress

It is basic knowledge that wearing clear straps or thin bra straps underneath a strapless gown is a no-go , but even when you are already adequately equipped with this knowledge, it is best to get your measurements taken before starting this process—especially if you lost weight recently. You may have the perfect dress but ill-fitting undergarments would almost certainly make it look off. Bras that come in one cup size too small or panties wound too tight to you would make you several sizes bigger around the waist (making you look like you have an extra muffin top). Have the correct size and you can drastically change the look of the entire ensemble.

2.) Let your consultants know how you truly feel about the dresses you try

Simply sending an affirmative nod to each dress and giving your consultants a yes on each design would be rather frustrating. These consultants would not be able to give you a design that is truly personal and definitive of your style if you simply agree to all of the gowns they present to you. Have an opinion and be truthful about your choices and you will not only help your consultants but yourself as well in getting that dream wedding gown.

3.) Give your gown an “aisle test” to make sure it looks from every angle

Before deciding on a gown, make sure you look at it from every angle. Additionally, try it on with the veil and all and do a brief saunter around the store’s periphery. Do not simply twirl around in front of a mirror, go ahead and give it a test drive, walk around and strut your stuff. If it feels like it is the right one, you would not want to have it off.

4.) Test it with your makeup

Before trying on a gown, make sure you have applied a bit of makeup beforehand so that you will have a bit of an idea of how it would look like with the gown. However, whatever you do, do not overdo it as you will end up staining the stark white fabric (to the consternation of your consultants). There is no need to look dolled up for a consultation, just wear enough to make you look presentable. Additionally, if possible, wear your hair the way you would want to for your wedding day.

5.) Try on as many gowns as possible

Remember, your wedding is a one-time affair and you are only going to be doing this gown shopping only once in your life so try on as many gowns as you can. Do not worry if you have to try on, at least, fifteen gowns before choosing the best one as your wedding day is a big deal and part of that big deal is how you would look. Drown out every single one’s opinion and listen to your own, if you think it does not suit you then by all means knock it off your choices—just make sure your final choice is something you truly want. Gown shopping may only occur once in your life, but at least, make sure you will come out of it fabulous and satisfied with your choice.


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Bridesmaids 101: Five Things You Should Never Say to the Bride


Your long-time best friend has finally announced that she is getting engaged and you could not be any more ecstatic to hear the news. You have received the formal invitations and were very pleased to know that you have been given that rare honor of being a part of her entourage as one of her bridesmaids. You inwardly sigh with glee as you envision yourself sauntering on the long aisle of The Glass Garden, all dolled up with your hair and makeup—that is until you have finally seen the final design of your bridesmaid’s dress.

The truth is, we have all been there at some point in our lives attending weddings as part of the wedding entourage. We have all read and even shared some funny anecdotes about how we dislike some aspect in the wedding we attended and at a degree, it is okay. However, it is important to consider that this is not your wedding and that the logistics of planning it are probably not the same as how you would have yours. No matter what aspect it is in their wedding you do not like, you must keep mum and smile through—unless you would like to face the wrath of a stressed out bridezilla on her wedding day. So, no matter how much you detest what you are to wear, you have to smile through it. And along with that, here are a few things that you should never say to a bride on her wedding day.

1.) “I really dislike this dress”

Ah, the proverbial predicament of hating the dress you are assigned to wear on her wedding day. Let us be honest here, there are times that the bride would pick out a style that would look totally unflattering on us or would not suit us at all. But you have to remember that even the bride herself wants every single one of you to look, but finding a stylish and universally flattering dress is next to impossible. But if the bride has been kind enough to vouch for what you would wear on her wedding day, it is the height of discourtesy to complain about it.

2.) “No kids allowed? Well, I’m going to bring my kid anyway”

Holding an event without kids is totally up to the bride and groom and this in no way would connote that they dislike kids. This means that they want an occasion free from disruptions such as crying on ceremonies or diaper changes. Additionally, you have to consider that the couple is paying for everyone’s meal in the room (most especially if there is a strict headcount). If you disregard the bride’s simple request, you are essentially asking her to pay for another head that would be present at her wedding.

3.) “I would never do ______ at my wedding”

The point here is, it is her wedding and not yours. You two will have very different versions of what a perfect wedding should be. Telling her what you would and would not do on your wedding is akin to imposing your perfect wedding on her. Enjoy your friend’s wedding for what it is and have your own version of a happily ever after during your own time.

4.) “I might not be there, something just came up”

Emergencies are inevitable, but if you sound like this is something you have foreseen and you have already accepted to be her bridesmaid, then you would need to come clean to the bride. Do not inconvenience the bride because something came up at the last minute as you would only be causing her a lot more to do with your absence.

5.) “I cannot believe you did not make me your maid of honor”

The thing is, with a whole lot to consider such as availability, family members, your locations and your schedule, the bride probably had to think and rethink it over when she chose her maid of honor. Chances are she gave it to someone else seeing that they would better fit their role. Remember, selecting a maid of honor does not rely on your relationship factor alone and even if she chose another maid of honor, that in no way would mean you are demoted from being her best friend. Just be happy you were given a part on her big day.

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Fitting Your Wedding Dress: Tips to Get You in Shape for Your Dress

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The diamond on your finger sparkled and glittered in the moonlight.

You are getting married in an estimated seven months’ time from and the burnished rock your fiancé had slipped on your finger is all sorts of indication for you to get in shape just in time for your wedding day. You mentally count the days of preparation you have ahead, not only for the wedding itself but for the logistics involved in losing the weight you have accumulated over the years. All this just to look immaculate and gorgeous on your wedding day.

It may seem premature to contemplate about especially when the wedding seems ages away from today–more importantly when you have other things to consider (wedding catering, invitations, the gown itself), but you are determined to look your absolute best on your grandest day, and nothing is stopping you from doing exactly that. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
However, some brides to be resort to extreme measures, quick fixes, and unhealthy shortcuts to shed all the pre-wedding weight looking at their wedding day as a deadline rather than a motivation to get fitter and healthier. Though these methods undoubtedly work for a few, they frequently fail—miserably. This is because these methods do not deliver in the long term, and these will likely cause you more harm than good. Besides, if you want to maintain the svelte figure you have earned on your wedding day, it would be more practical to take on a healthier and more realistic tack. Arguably, keeping yourself from packing the pounds amidst the wedding stress and the dinner soirees you are inevitably going to have with visiting relatives from out of town may seem impossible but it is nonetheless, doable.
To start your healthy regimen to look your best in your wedding gown, here are some tips:


An oft-neglected and overlooked tip when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Breakfast is what gets your body started for the day, and because you are actively doing activities through the day, the calories you eat for breakfast is easily burned by your body throughout the day. This tip is simple enough, repeated in many health articles and is advocated by nutritionists and dieticians. You might as well take a leaf out of their book and eat a healthy breakfast not only to prepare for your wedding but as a lifetime practice as well.


Every bit of it.
Account for everything you put into your mouth may it be the tiny bit of cake you have sampled for your wedding cake down to the sips of soup you tasted. You might assume that the calories you ingested from all these tastings are insignificant but if you accumulated them, they could really add up. Besides, research has shown that tracking your food effectively aids you in losing twice as much weight than if you do not track it at all. Count your calories—literally, by listing the food items on a food journal or by making an inventory of what you ate daily on your smartphone.


Before your wedding day, you will make it a point to attend all of the pre-wedding appointments you need to show up to, your cake testing, your pre-marriage counseling, dress fitting appointments, your meetings with your wedding caterer, etc. These are the appointments you would not want to miss likewise; you should treat your workouts like they are appointments you should never miss. Designate an hour or so on your daily schedule and follow a routine to make this a habit. Add your workouts to your calendar so that your other obligations would not get in the way of your workout time.


Before your wedding day, you are going to be sampling an array of diverse and various food in such a short period of time. Seeing as this is an inevitable occurrence, one way to keep yourself from ballooning from all the food sampling, is to sample smart. Keep your portions small—a bite or two is sufficient enough to acquaint yourself with the taste. Do not load up an entire plate—regardless of size when you are only food tasting. Save that for the wedding reception itself.


Some may see alcohol intake as a prerequisite for a grand and amazing time during the bachelorette party, do consider that it lowers inhibitions. Lowered inhibitions mean you are more likely to overindulge in more calories. Additionally, alcohol itself is already pretty high in calories so that by itself should be enough for you to reconsider drinking liquor. However, should you need to drink, nurse your glass slowly and do not overindulge.


Weeks or even months before the wedding, you are going to be entertaining a lot of guests from out of town and because of this, you will be dining out more often than usual. But just because you are out, it does not mean you can put your diet on the back burner for a day. Remember, that every single day counts. When entertaining guests and dining out, choose healthy restaurants that offer healthy and nutritious food.

Looking great on your wedding day does not have to be a chore if you incorporate these simple lifestyle changes into your everyday activity. Do not let the wedding dress weigh you down and pack on the weight by thinking of these healthy tips not only as a pre-wedding regimen but a lifetime one as well.

Wedding Dress Design Trends 2015

When it comes to wedding, there are moments when it is easier to find a place to wed and have the reception afterward. For instance, you may decide for San Agustin Church and celebrate the union at Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros. The most difficult part, perhaps for every bride-to-be, is choosing the wedding dress.

We have come to a time wherein we have to say goodbye to the wedding dress trends of 2014 and welcome the 2015 with the loudest cheer!

1) Designer-collaborated

Designer wedding gowns will still rule 2015. In fact, since more and more designers are launching an eco-friendly line at a fraction of the cost, more and more brides-to-be will consider buying from them. If you’ve got money to burn, the best choices are Michael Cinco and Monique Lhuillier.


2) With sleeves

Sleeved wedding gowns will be huge come 2015. We will see more sleeves from the most demure to delicate. Wrist length sleeves made from delicate fabric such as lace will be in for the dramatic neckline effect. Floral designed sleeves (or even capelets) will be favored by brides-to-be all year round especially the detachable ones for an instant change of look from the ceremony to the reception.


3) Colored

We will see slight innovations to the traditional white wedding gowns by 2015. Beige, nude, light gold, blush and soft pastel will be incorporated to the gowns especially that rustic and eco-friendly wedding themes are in. The goal is not just about stepping away from the traditions, but also standing out from the horde of beautiful ladies.


4) Back-baring

Weddings in 2015 will be all about gorgeous backs. However, we are not going to see plunging numbers, but silhouette style or full lace coverage sheer wedding gowns. It’s about the details at the back more so because people will be looking at the bride’s back mostly at the ceremony. So, the back must be as stunning as the front.


5) Adaptable

Modern brides are into multi-tasking, and they want their wedding gowns to follow suit. In 2015, expect more adaptable gowns as brides-to-be yearn to personalize their own. Details such as detachable trains, straps and sleeves will dominate the aisle, if not the runway. Despite ditching some traditions, graciousness still counts at the ceremony.


6) Floaty fabric

Wedding gowns made from light-as-air materials is also considered as the newest trend even with ball gowns. These flowy gowns imbibe the ethereal feel. We will see more of these by summer especially for boho-themed weddings.


7) Bow

Gowns with bows are back. The wedding dresses’ highlight will be a small or screaming bow in front or at the back. Bows will be the perfect finishing touch to any gown.


8) Slim silhouette

Princess-style wedding gowns are so 2014. Slim and more relaxed silhouette dresses with intricate detailing will be a big part of 2015 wedding. These wedding dresses might not have the immediate impact that princess-like gowns have. Nevertheless, their delicate embellishments and simplicity will be more than enough to exude the elegance that all brides-to-be long for.


9) Modern minimalist

Again, contemporary brides want to radiate elegance and simplicity hence the relevance of minimalist wedding gowns. These dresses are ideal for brides-to-be who want to feel comfortable throughout her wedding day. Clean lines will be favored. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the bride will scrimp on accessories such as oversized floral headpieces.


Evidently, the choices of wedding gown designs are endless. When choosing a wedding dress for your though, make sure that it is ‘so you.’ Whichever you choose though, don’t sacrifice quality and comfort.

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