Wedding Vows: Creating Meaningful and Sentimental Vows



You can choose the most romantic place to hold you wedding in or have all the incandescent lights shower you as you read your vows out in Solea Garden, but nothing is more romantic than composing your own wedding vow for your wedding day.

Writing out personal wedding vows has become a recent trend among many weddings, and from how the audience reacts, it makes for a much more sentimental wedding. This has been a better and much more romantic alternative to the traditional vows read out during the ceremony as it encapsulates all the emotional hurdles, feelings, successes the couple experience and that by itself makes the ceremony even more memorable and poignant. In fact, reading out personal wedding vows to each other may be the most romantic aspect of any wedding at all as it is like reading a love letter aloud to your spouse-to-be in the midst of an audience—a personification of your pledge to love them. Unfortunately though, writing these vows are easier said than done and more often than not, some of us are not gifted with the flair of writing. And though it matters not how you write it but rather what you write out, some can still find themselves lost and stumped.

Well, if you are in hopes of composing a personal wedding vow, take a look at the steps you can undertake below in order to give your spouse-to-be that memorable, poignant and meaningful wedding vow.


When you are stuck in a rut or cannot seem to find the inspiration you need for writing out your vows, then go ahead and seek for it. Read true to life love stories online, soak up on some romantic poetry, and look at wedding readings, songs or even greeting cards. Utilize vow books that feature words of love used by other couples and utilize inspirational quotes regarding love. Be creative when seeking inspiration, you may use your fiancé’s favorite cheesy movie line, a line from a love letter you wrote—the possibilities are endless. Remember, inspiration is hardly evasive when it is truly sought for.


Sometimes all it takes to get you writing personal wedding vows is to think of these key questions:

*What made you fall in love?

*How did you meet?

*What do you love most about each other?

*What does marriage mean to you?

*What are your dreams, promises and intentions for your married life?

The answers to these questions can give you unique and personalized insights that you can incorporate into your own wedding vows. Apart from that, you can also share a personal anecdote of your life as a couple. This will give your audience a better understanding of who you and your spouse-to-be are as a couple. Additionally, you can paint a better picture for them about how you two fell in love.


Before scrawling your first draft, take a moment alone and try to reconnect all the magic and emotions you had felt when you decided that you wanted to get married to the person you are marrying. Think back to the day that made you realize that your fiancée was the one, that this was the moment. Think of the excitement you experienced on the day you got engaged. Immerse yourself in these feelings and let them aid you in writing your vows.


Beautiful words and carefully crafted letters are all for naught and mean nothing when they do not come from the heart. AS you are writing your vows, let the sentiments come deep from within and since it is your wedding day after all, you are welcome to share whatever you heart desires. Vows do not have to be perfect nor long nor entertaining, but they do have to be real. Remember, these personal wedding vows are not for your audience’s benefit but for your spouse-to-be, so make sure it is his or heart you are touching and melting foremost.