Pre-Wedding Blues: Top Three Causes of Wedding Jitters


No matter how in love or sure you are about your future spouse, weeks or months before your wedding day, you may experience a bout of pre-wedding jitters that would render you jittery, anxious and at times, a nervous wreck. Not to worry, this is simply the case of pre-wedding stress getting to you—perhaps from meticulously planning the wedding menu down to the the strategic seating arrangement of your guests. However, you need to sit down and contemplate about your proposal or your upcoming marriage if you are suddenly having doubts about your future partner—ones that would not go away after days of trying to relax. If you are having persistent qualms about your wedding, perhaps reviewing what the top three reasons for pre-wedding jitters would help you identify what is causing your anxiety.

1.) The wedding day

Sometimes, the wedding day itself would cause you incredible stress and anxiety. This is especially true for rather large weddings wherein every single one’s family, friend and relative are invited. Having all the people you care about in one room can cause you to worry especially if there are divorced parents, step-parents and even estranged family members involved, the wedding day can particularly be stressful. In other cases, it could be that being the spotlight is what is causing the stress. However, in any case, and in all instances, you should get support for your wedding day as this is essential. A counselor or a wedding planner would help you create a plan for dealing with difficult family members.

2.) Becoming a “wife” or “husband”

More often than not, the marriage of our parents would give us the first real insight of what a marriage is like and sometimes, their marriages would serve as the blueprint of yours. If your parents went through a particularly rocky relationship or if you came from a broken home or a home filled with anger, shame, neglect and violence, intimacy is something you would rarely see. If this is the case, we entertain the fear that we will turn out to be just like them no matter how irrational that may be/ Take note that you are not your parents so you do not exactly have to mirror your blueprint. Similarly, you can also choose not to repeat the same mistakes they have done. In any case, just because your parents did not have a happy marriage does not mean that yours is also doomed from the get-go.

3.) The plan after I-do

Remember that an essential thing before proposing to your significant other or even agreeing to become man and wife is to know what your plans are after the wedding. Some of these would involve significant questions that would determine you would do as a couple after your respective “I do’s”. These questions include if you want kids, where you should live, how much money you plan to make, how to budget, what kind of ambitions you would both have—and other questions of a similar tone. When you have talked about this with your partner, then well and good as you would at least know what your plans would be after the wedding and are least likely to stumble into a complication or come across a problem. However, if this is something you and your partner have barely discussed or never even talked about your problem then it would be understandable why you have wedding jitters that may even be particularly overwhelming.
Some couples think that these are the things they can work out after marriage and everything would fall into place right after.

However, a wedding is a major milestone in life and should you find that you and your partner are not on the same page as regards some aspects of marital life, you will end up having a lot of conflicts and arguments in the future. Before joining the nuptial club, consider having a one on one talk with your partner or find a couples counselor who would guide you both through discussions that would assist you create goals for yourselves and negotiate when your needs and desires differ.




Although it is normal to be wary about lasting decisions in life (such as choosing a life partner), the same cannot be said about persistent anxiety and worries about the state of your relationship and your marriage after you both have said I do. To know the root cause of you nuptial jitters, it would be wise to identify what is causing your stress to distinguish if what you are experiencing is a simple case of pre-wedding anxiety or something even more—and worth talking about with your fiance or fiancee.


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Tips on Being A Great Bridesmaid


“A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

So, you have received the wedding invitation and have gotten the great honor of being a bridesmaid to the bride. You are ecstatic as well as excited for this big news. You and the bride have been friends for so long that playing the part of being part of her court as her bridesmaid should not prove to be incredibly difficult. Well, after all, you would only need to don on a beautiful gown, carry a bouquet of flowers and have a bright smile for the guests. Well, you do get to do that, but that makes up about a fraction of your bridesmaid duties. To be a great friend as well as an excellent bridesmaid, follow the various tips below and be the best support and bridesmaid a bride and a friend could ever ask.


You might think that just because your friend has hired a top notch wedding coordinator and an army of caterers offering a party package, she would not need any more hands involved in her wedding. But before dismissing the idea of offering your help, try to ask the bride how you can help her. Do not wait until a week before the wedding and just offer your assistance whenever possible. Unknown to you, she might need help or even a friendly advice as to the seating arrangement of her guests, or might even ask you to throw a bachelorette party.


Remember that this is her big day and not yours. So, even if you find the dress absolutely horrid and you dislike it to bits, do not complain about it. Remember, when you agreed to be her bridesmaid, you have another mandatory duty of wearing the dress, and technically, when you accepted her invitation to be a bridesmaid, it is implied that you agree to wear the dress. Do not throw a fit as regards the dress and keep in mind that the bride already has a lot of things to worry about without you adding to her stress.


You might have your eye on one of the wedding guests or maybe one of the groomsmen, so naturally, you would want to let loose. You can drink in moderation but never to inebriation. Stay classy and do not be the bridesmaid and wedding guest who drank herself to stupor (not only on the wedding day but the bachelorette party as well). Take note of the fact that bride chose you to be her bridesmaid because she wants you to be there should she need anything and you are hardly any use if you get wasted. Additionally, your behavior will reflect on the bride and if anything, you should not embarrass her.


If there is an aspect of the wedding which you do not wholeheartedly agree with, but the bride is enthusiastic about, bite your tongue and respect her wishes. You may have written and prepared a speech you dreamed of saying on her wedding day, but she did not ask you to give one. Accept that and try not voice out your complaints. You may have difficulty in understanding her reasoning, but it is her big day, and it is her decision. However, if you feel strongly about one of her choices, let her know in a respectful and open-minded manner and do not try to change her mind once she has made her decision. You would not want to cause unnecessary pre-wedding drama.


Sometimes, all the bride would need is a good listening ear. She could be under a lot of stress from all the wedding planning and would need to rant and vent for a while. Be that listening ear to her and offer your moral support. More often than not, that is all the bride would need. Continuously ask yourself how you could make the experience even better for the bride, and she will greatly thank you and appreciate your efforts.

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Advantages of Small Weddings


Most little girls would not envision a small intimate affair when they dream about their weddings. They would dream of long ball gowns, towering cakes and being a princess for one more night and getting married to the man of their dreams. As girls transition to women, their collective vision of what their ideal wedding would be will greatly vary. Some would still retain the idea of having a lush and big wedding adorned with festoons of flowers. But there are also some women who would want their weddings as intimate as possible, celebrated only with close relatives and friends sans the hassle. So, for brides-to-be who are on the fence as to what kind of wedding they should have, here are some of the biggest advantages of small weddings that may convince you.


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits of having a small wedding is the fact that it is friendlier to your budget. Considering you do not have a horde of guests to feed, you would not need to hire an army of caterers just to provide food for them or an extremely grand catering menu. Having a big wedding, on the contrary, would mean you would need to have a bigger budget. The logistics of planning a big wedding can be quite complicated, and the costs could really add up to a sum that can be quite daunting. Having a small but intimate wedding will be less the hassle, and less costly.


Big weddings do not offer many avenues for coziness and an air of familiarity. More often than not, the newly-wedded couple would not even be able to fraternize with all of their guests for more than a couple of minutes so things may have the tendency to get a tad bit impersonal. Some of the guests may not even be personally acquainted with the couple and are invited as a date by one of the guests. Smaller weddings would compel you to pare down your wedding invite list and would allow you to invite the people who truly matter to you. This opportunity would make you contemplate on the people who you really want to celebrate this special occasion with you, and as a result, you would have a more intimate environment in celebrating your marriage.


Having a small wedding can significantly reduce the wedding stress that is commonly associated with wedding planning. As the wedding is an intimate affair, there would be no need to hire too many vendors, nor a lot of caterers and essentially, everything is much simpler from the methods of dining down to the venue to be used. Considering you do not have to mull over a lot of extraneous aspects, you can enjoy planning your wedding without the rush or the pressure of having to ensure that everything is done right for a rather large number of party guests.


Considering that small weddings have a limited number of attendees, it would be an excellent choice for those who are contemplating of having a destination wedding. It would be easier to transport a small number of guests, and as a result, you would be able to organize this wedding party elsewhere much better. Essentially, with a limited number of people in attendance in a destination wedding, it would be like celebrating your union as well as getting a chance to experience a vacation with the closest people to you.


Anyone who has ever been married would tell you how easily overwhelming planning a wedding could be–no matter how beautiful and magical they may seem. This is true regardless of whether your wedding is big or small, but the chances of getting overwhelmed while planning an intimate wedding would be significantly less than that of a big one. This is because with simpler logistics involved, you would not have to be in constant worry of things going awry on your big day and you are less likely to worry about mingling with every single one of your guests. Having fewer guests would make you feel more relaxed and more connected to the moment of being married to the love of your life than having a big but otherwise, detached wedding ambiance.

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Brides Eyes Here: Secrets in Staying Comfortable All throughout Your Wedding Day!


No one looks forward to a wedding day more than the bride herself. She has had the details streamlined at a very young age and has envisaged how she would look like walking down the aisle from the moment she witnessed her very first wedding day. It is precisely for this reason why there are so many articles online proffering tips and guides as to how a bride stays amazing throughout the entire course of her wedding–from that momentous walk down the aisle to her first dance with the groom.

However, when you have been beleaguered by your wedding plans for days, weighed down by your heavy wedding gown and full face makeup and a whole lot of hairspray, it can be quite a challenge to stay fabulous and comfortable as well. To guarantee you stay comfortable as you are beautiful, here are some of the most useful tips for your wedding day. These tips will allow you to enjoy your wedding day without having a worry about your hair, your dress or even your makeup.

1.) Refrain from squeezing yourself into too-tight shapewear

It is understandable for brides to desire to look like a runway model with a svelte and lithe figure on their wedding day. In fact, most brides-to-be would spend weeks and even months prior to their wedding on a strict diet regime and would squeeze themselves into tight shapewear as last minute attempt. But, it is never worth it. Undoubtedly, you would look sexy, but you will be in extreme discomfort as well. Eating would be a lot more challenging, and dancing would be close to impossible.

2.) Bring a wrap

Wedding venues are varied, but regardless of whether you chose an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, it is imperative that you bring a wrap with you. This is particularly the case if there is even a chance for a cool breeze or low temperatures. You would want to bundle up should a cold breeze occur and you would not want to be cold during picture taking. Choose an appropriate jacket or a wrap which would look great with your wedding dress.

3.) Save the lingerie for your wedding night

Wearing lingerie underneath the wedding dress might seem like a sultry idea, but it is not exactly the most comfortable way to spend your wedding day. After all the dancing and generally wearing them the entire day, there is going to be a big chance that your cute and sexy number underneath would look anything but that by the time the night is over. You would want to wear them while they are fresh and presentable, not when they have apparently been worn the entire day.

4.) Get some air

If you are having a summer wedding, the chances of it being incredibly humid and hot are going to be very high. Undoubtedly, a hot and stuffy weather outside and a big cumbersome wedding gown on you do not actually mix. To keep yourself cool, pack a tiny handheld fan which you can use to blow air on your legs under your dress, under your arms or face and so on when needed. An incredibly hot weather can easily turn an intricate gown into a walking oven.

5.) Bring a second pair of shoes

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, the chances of your wedding dance floor being wood are high and heels on wood do not really go well together. Within the first hour of dancing, it is guaranteed that your feet will hurt which would lessen the chances of you and your groom dancing the night away. Always bring a pair of emergency shoes with you such as a pair of flats or slippers even, so you can easily swap out your heels whenever your stressed feet would need a break.


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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner



Weddings are momentous occasions—the first milestone a couple celebrates in their lives. It symbolizes the beginning of the life of two very different individuals as a unified front. Though celebrating a wedding may sound like a fun affair, planning one can be anything but. It is for this reason that many couples would choose to have the services of a wedding coordinator as more often than not, they glue the entire event together to make it more seamless and sophisticated. In a way, they function as your go-to persons for whenever there is a particular aspect you want to be done in your wedding and they are pivotal persons on your wedding too—especially if a big wedding is what you have in mind.

However, some couples are of the opinion that hiring a person who lays out everything they have in mind for the wedding is extraneous and a bit exorbitant as well. Some think that they could sweat through the details, just ask for some professional opinions and just basically DIY their own wedding. Although it is practical, it is hardly advisable. There are plenty of upsides and downsides to hiring a wedding planner, but if you are having second thoughts about hiring one, then weigh your options as this article has narrowed down the pros and cons for you.


1.) They will sweat out the details

One crucial detail you have to remember when you are hiring a wedding planner is that they have planned a lot of weddings and are used to it while this may be your first. From this standpoint, they have an advantage. Consider the fact that they have planned events of this magnitude a lot of times before while your experience pales in comparison. Weddings also have a lot of details to take consideration of. It just does not stop at looking for an appropriate venue or the sort of décor you should use. These planners can gloss over all the details you might otherwise overlook. Additionally, they would make sure your budget is allocated well.

2.) They have an insider knowledge of the local market

As planners have already planned innumerable weddings before, it is only natural that they have likely worked with most of the venues and vendors in town before. Should you require a cinematic photographer for your wedding, you would not need to scour every nook and cranny of the city you are living in just to find one; your wedding planner already has a list of contacts. Additionally, your wedding planner already knows the rates of these vendors and will likely give you a comparison sheet on where you can spend the best bang for your buck.

3.) They will spend their time, not yours

One of the best thing about having a wedding planner is the convenience. You do not have to stay in constant contact with your other wedding vendors and chase down some of the more obscure details of your wedding. You are paying your wedding planner to do it for you.


1.) You have to relinquish some control

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean choosing an appropriate wedding venue and having a wide leverage on what transpires on your wedding. No, there are some aspects of your wedding that you may not be able to control.Admittedly, hiring a wedding planner means that you cannot leverage the entire wedding affair. There are some aspects which you must trust your wedding planner to handle. Should you be the type of person who would have difficulty in relinquishing a bit of control, this can be very hard for you. Find a good compromise by making sure you would hire a planner that is as meticulous about the details as you are and would value communication styles that are similar to yours.

2.) It is an additional cost

When it comes to choosing wedding vendors, wedding planners may save you some money as your wedding planner always have insider information. However, this is not always the case as you are paying for your wedding planner as well. In some cases, you would have to pay for their gas money in going to and fro places and their meals. If your budget can barely fit the services of a planner yet help is very much needed, consider hiring one with a customized service whose price you can likely afford.

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Personal Checklist: Getting Best Value Caterers for Your Wedding!

Your big day’s fast approaching, and you’re doing the final check of the event must-haves and must-dos – guest list, events place, technical support, program flow and performances.

There is just one more thing left – a catering service.

Food and beverage are make-or-break factors that can dictate your event’s success, and as a host, getting a reliable one that provides competent service and delectable food is a MUST.  Have a quick look at this sample checklist you can use to narrow down your options!

Word of mouth recommendations

An online search may be faster, but when it comes to the real deal, talking with actual customers is still a better choice. Call a friend or colleagues who have hosted an event before and list down some of the catering services they recommend.

Caterers who leave your friend nodding in satisfaction will most likely be your thumbs up choice.

Food & Beverage

How else can you decide if their menus is a go without actually tasting it? So go ahead, give the service a call and schedule a tasting day. Highly commended ones are more than willing to do this for you. Ask them to prepare their best or request a cuisine. Bon appétit!

Chef  & Staff

Before, it’s about looking for services with the LONGEST years of catering experience. Now it’s more on the BEST CHEF & STAFF in town. The length of years a company has in the industry doesn’t necessarily translate to the tastiest food variety.

If you want appetizing selection fit for the occasion and nutritional requirement, a top-of-the-line chef is your go-to pick!

Attention to details

While caterers are the primary in charge of providing your event’s menu, always be reminded that you are the boss. You’re the ones who provide the theme and specifics the service would need in preparing their menu. It’s always an advantage to go for those who show the willingness to listen to your request, ask relevant questions and provide you with the best available alternatives.

Event Specialty

‘Aren’t all caterers the same?’ You ask.

Yes and no. Yes, they both offer food for a variety of occasion, and no, they don’t specialize on an entirely the same nature of events.

Some services specialize in huge gatherings such as company parties and seniors prom. Others focus on smaller events like family reunions and exclusive birthday parties.  There are even those who only cater to event deliveries and don’t have the setup and staffing included in their package.

Enjoy the smooth flow of the celebration and pick the service that specializes on the occasion you are hosting.

Liability insurance

Regardless of the event type or size, we want to see the best of it and make our guests satisfied. But whether we like it or not, bad things happen at times. Surely, we wouldn’t want to bear the responsibility of answering for damages incurred by our caterer, right?

Before saying yes to a deal, verify the presence of insurance including its coverage. This protects you from any liabilities in case the service incurs some errors resulting to guest accidents and the like.

Contract details

Lastly, read and understand the contract. It’s a requirement, and all catering services are mandated to offer this to their clients. The contents may differ, but the salient points such as the cancellation policy, damages, additional payment, and inclusions are all detailed in this document.

Don’t hesitate to raise points of clarification when you find vague conditions you find hard to understand. Be informed. It’s safer that way.

Special occasions will not be complete in the absence of food and beverage. Create a checklist of the most recommended services and drop them a visit!

The Four Most Popular Wedding Themes


“Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money, they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner” –Kristi Richardson


Modern weddings today are more often than not, dominated by a solitary theme. They are either dictated by a music genre, a color, or would even revolve around a pop culture reference or your wedding venue. Whichever it may be, wedding themes certainly have that charm about them that makes a wedding affair truly unique. Some of the most successful wedding events have a singular theme surrounding the entire affair. Whether it is the classic vintage, traditional, rustic romantic, contemporary or some of even the most modern themes (Disney, Star Wars Harry Potter, etc.), it gives any wedding that personal feel that would make it all the more memorable to the couple.

Apart from the sentimental aspect these themes bring, themes are crucial as it would serve as the main focus in guiding many various wedding features such as the decorations, invitations, color palettes, the music, the ambiance, the flowers and the overall feel. As a result, your wedding would have a unified concept in diverse aspects without the feeling of it being incredibly disorganized. If you are getting hitched anytime soon and are still unsure of which theme to incorporate into your wedding, take a gander at some of the most popular themes couples worldwide have chosen. From this list, you may get an idea or two that you could utilize on your wedding day.



Earthy, romantic with a touch of elegance, the rustic chic has been one of the contemporary wedding themes that saw a surge in popularity in the modern era. The warm colors and tones utilized in this wedding theme create a truly quixotic aura that would dominate the wedding venue’s ambiance. It is relatively simple to create a rustic chic theme, but it is imperative that the chosen venue is appropriate for the theme. Once you have the designated wedding location covered, all you would need is to create a complementary décor that would tie it all up nicely. Whether your rustic wedding theme is held in a garden or a vineyard, these rustic celebrations all have 3 things in common: a natural landscape, the incorporation of wood in multiple ways, the usage of the same decors in such a way that would look like they could exist in your home or garden.



Truly a classic and a trusty go-to wedding theme that would certainly give any wedding affair that elegant touch. This wedding theme remains to be one of the most sought after as it captures the quaint and subtle sophistication of a bygone era people are still so fond of. The vintage route is dominated by a singular décor that is common in all vintage wedding themes: lace. This means your gown should largely incorporate lace into its design and the color palette should be muted. Ivory, slate gray rose, and gold would make excellent colors that would go with this theme. As elegance and sophistication are core aspects of this theme, hanging chandeliers, billowy fabrics to make makeshift canopies and trellises embellished with white floral arrangements are a must.



One of the wedding themes that would not seem dated even after fifty or so years is the classic romantic theme. This is that one particular wedding theme that proves that classic does not have to be unexciting and staid. When you are going for the classic romantic route, one thing you must keep in mind is that flowers dominate this theme and create drama with your outfits. This means the church aisle should have festoons of floral arrangements and in the same way, your wedding reception should be swathed in flowers. Your outfits, as well as the entourage’s, should create a dramatic effect: A fit and flare gown with crystal detailing for the bride, a classic black tux for the groom and the bridal entourage in matching floor-length elegant gowns.



For couples who are looking to have their wedding venue and event double up as a honeymoon destination and a getaway for the guests, this is the most favorable and applicable wedding theme they can utilize. Pretty laid-back and relaxed, a wedding by the beach gives many couples the delight of exchanging their vows with the ocean as their picturesque view with the warm feel of sand in between their toes. For a coastal approach, crisp whites, greens, and blues would work best and for an unexpected twist, use elements such as beach grass, seashells and the like.

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