Beautiful Weddings: Seven Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Unique


“I can see why people love the idea of a big white wedding—it is a day when they are the center of attention and get to wear a beautiful dress. But that sounds awful to me because that is like getting to walk down the red carpet.” –Lucy Punch


As a couple, there is no day bigger and more significant than the day you tie the knot and say your “I dos”. In fact, quite a lot of planning is involved in the months and weeks leading up to this event. However, to some couples, it is not enough that the wedding is elegant and sophisticated by itself. No, it needs to be unique and distinct insomuch that every detail and aspect of the wedding would be easily identifiable to the couple, their taste and preferences.

In this regard, you need to work in constant correspondence with your event designer and wedding planner. Convey what you have in mind clearly and never settle. Take note of the things that make you and your partner unique as a couple and incorporate those into your event. Integrating who you and your partner are as a couple might not come easily to you, but your wedding planner should be able to pull it off. However, you need to have an idea of what you want and communicate that to the professionals. In any case, before you start looking for wedding venues in Manila, here are some of the ways you can translate your vision to a reality and make your wedding event truly unique:


Make it feel like home

Instead of setting up your event venue in a pomp, you can opt for the alternative of subdued elegance by designing your wedding in a more residential manner. The interiors can have a residential façade insomuch that your wedding guests would feel like they are just at home. In this way, your guests would more likely to relax, get comfortable and have fun at your wedding.

Use your cake as a focal point

If you really wish to do something incredibly unorthodox, why not give your wedding cake a dual function? Instead of merely using it for the cake cutting ceremony and having it sit idly in one corner, have it suspended from the ceiling and utilize the space underneath it to create a dramatic design. It is not something you see at every wedding and would certainly have the wedding guests talking.

Think of the details

One excellent way to customize your wedding is to think of even the tiniest details that would be able to show your vision and personality. Remember, no aspect is too small nor insignificant to overlook as all of these elements would have a cumulative effect when brought in together. Remember that in designing an event, you need to be a little meticulous with the environment you are working with. However, do not be afraid to work with hues, textures, and items that would evoke the emotions and impressions you want from your wedding guess. Thoughtfully curate pieces that speak to you and would be a reflection of you and your partner and the things you love.

Spice up your bride and groom chairs

Instead of simply adding foliage and blooms to your designated seat and table, take it up a notch by inserting a special love quote there. To make it even more personal and unique, the love quote can be an original saying you and your spouse have thought of. Alternatively, you can choose to indicate your pet names for each other on the seats instead of simply having it say, bride and groom.

Make use of the drapes

Transforming any space can be as easy as draping it regardless of whether it is a tent or a ballroom. In fact, draping is one of the cleverly used techniques to easily customize a space. Whether you wish for a softer wedding design or a more sophisticated and glamorous look or simply wish to cover up the unused space, have a designer help you in draping to create the vision you wish for your wedding.

Use lights

Lights can dramatically change up and enhance an event space. Similarly, lighting can greatly improve a place’s ambiance which makes it an imperative consideration to make in designing your event space. Remember that lighting comes in various forms and shapes. You can utilize floor and table lamps to fill up corners and pin spots on the centerpieces. In any case, try to experiment with lighting and ask your wedding planner how you can create a great ambiance with lighting for your event venue.

Focus on personal touches

Personal touches make any wedding unique and memorable. It is what your guests would likely remember and feel that every moment and detail was carefully considered to showcase who you are as a couple.

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Joyful Weddings: Five Indispensable Tips in Choosing a Maid of Honor



Maid of Honor (noun)

  • A close friend or sister to the bride
  • One who gives emotional support on the big day
  • Helps the bride pick out the perfect dress
  • Plans a hosts a perfect bachelorette party/ bridal shower
  • An excellent listener and confidante
  • A girl a bride needs by her side when she says “I do!”


Planning your big day is already hard by itself, but the process will be so much smoother and easier if you had the helping hand of your maid of honor. While all the things stated above would already detail the responsibilities of your maid of honor (and would definitely narrow down your list of prospective candidates), it would still prove to be a challenge to consider just one woman for this role. This is especially true if you are a bride who grew up with a lot of girlfriends. However, not to worry, know that although choosing a maid of honor is an intimidating prospect (imagine all those duties handed out to a single person!), your choice would ultimately mitigate the stress involved in the wedding planning—from helping you choose the most appropriate wedding package down to aiding you in the search for the perfect wedding gown.


Take note: Their duties are extensive, so selecting the right person would be paramount to the overall success of your event. In this regard, maid of honor selection would require some consideration. Here are some of the things to keep in mind in choosing your maid of honor:


A good listener

As a bride, you are going to have bouts of disappointments and frustrations when things do not live up to your expectations. This is inevitable and you are going to rant or at least need to vent out. With this in mind, you need to choose someone who can listen to you and pick up on what your wants and needs are. Apart from knowing how to listen to you, they would also pick up on the small details they would need in planning for your wedding shower and bachelorette party in such a way that it would be a true reflection of you (and not of what they think is cute).


Sense of humor

Wedding planning can be a long and stressful time insomuch that it might wear you down. A good laugh here and there will be very much welcome and appreciated. If you know someone who can keep you in stitches regardless of how stressful a situation might be, then she might be a good candidate for being your maid of honor. Apart from ensuring you would see the brighter side of things; they would be able to keep you at ease as well.



Choose a maid of honor that lives close to you—someone who can be there and would be available for major events such as dress fittings, cake tastings and venue selections. You might want your best friend to be your maid of honor, but if they live on another continent, you might need to make some concessions.


Choose a social butterfly

Choose a maid of honor that is comfortable in large group settings and would be able to approach people with a smile on her face. Go for someone who is not timid but is assertive as this will ensure for a smoother and better bridal shower and bachelorette party planning. Furthermore, your maid of honor will likely function as the head of your bridesmaid squad insomuch that the task of dress fitting schedules and the like would be delegated to her. In this regard, she would need to maintain a correspondence with them and should be able to communicate with them constantly. A maid of honor that is shy would likely have a hard time gathering people for an event and would not likely make the first move in planning for a bachelorette party.



One of the biggest and most pivotal aspects of any wedding planning is to find your vision. Your maid of honor should have a good sense of your style so that you would be amped up about the bigger picture and your wedding day itself. In this regard, you need a maid of honor that truly understands your tastes and would see your vision as well as add to it in ways that would complement your overall style.

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Successful Events: Five Characteristics of a Good Wedding Organizer


“Planning the wedding is a trial run for your future marriage. The things you battle about now are clues to where you are going to have trouble in the future.” -Tina B. Tessina


All brides are different.

There are some brides who plan their wedding the moment they get engaged and there are those who possess the bride gene and have planned for their big as a kid. Then there are those who would rather let others run the show.

However, regardless of what kind of a bride a woman might be, a wedding is still considered a major celebration that transcends all of the other events she might celebrate in her life. Furthermore, it is of no question that the couple’s wedding day would be the most significant event they would ever celebrate in their lives. Beyond the glitz and the glamour, weddings are all about celebrating love, commemorating a successful union and cementing a relationship–and it is an event that the couple gets to share with everyone they hold dear in their lives from family to friends. In this regard, it is only natural for a woman to wish for a successful wedding event. It is for this very reason that wedding organizers exist. These are the very individuals who would translate your visions into reality and give life to your wedding receptions. Unfortunately, as with the consequence of technology, many brides have taken to wedding planning apps rather than employ the professional services of a wedding organizer. However, one has to keep in mind that no matter how advanced these technological innovations are, they cannot replace the skills and expertise of a professional wedding organizer.

That being said, it is also true that not all wedding organizers are cut from the same cloth. In this regard, you need to be a little thorough when it comes to selecting the professional you do want to work with. Here are some of the characteristics you might want to look out for:


1.) Organized

Planning a wedding is not easy feat. There are a lot of elements and aspects to consider which is why it is imperative that your wedding planner possess massive organizational skills. As your wedding planner, it is part of their job to have detailed notes on each contracted vendor’s product or services rendered. Furthermore, it is a wedding organizer’s foremost responsibility to have a cohesive and seamless timeline that would guide them as well as the couple on the big day.

2.) Creative

Today, many wedding organizers would capitalize on the fact that they can give couples their dream wedding. However, dream weddings can be taken to mean many things and can be different for every couple. Your wedding organizer should be creative enough to recreate your dream into reality and incorporate elements that would make it better. While getting inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram is great, wedding organizers should also be able to think outside the box.

3.) Budget Savvy

As a bride, you would want to mitigate expenses as much as possible. Unfortunately, you would rarely have any idea about the true cost of the wedding photography, flowers, catering and your other vendors. On top of planning for your day, your wedding organizer should be able to create and manage your budget. They are the ones tasked in selecting appropriate vendors who will fit into that budget and set realistic expectations for you as to what you can afford. After all, there is no point in keeping your hopes up and setting the bar too high when your budget cannot even accommodate it.

4.) Good in correspondence

In planning a wedding, you will inevitably spend most of the following weeks leading up to your wedding in correspondence with your wedding organizing. In this regard, the wedding organizer you select should be able to have communication skills–both verbal and written. They would be doing a lot of talking–and not only to you. More often than not, they would be the ones to do the negotiating with the vendors as well as talk to your family and friends during the planning process. Effective communication is pivotal in this aspect. Furthermore, you must take into account that wedding are rather temperamental events to plan insomuch that emotions are at all time high–especially weeks leading up to a the wedding. Should things get a little tense, your wedding organizer should be able to appease the situation and remain professional and pleasant.

5.) Skilled Negotiator

Your prospective wedding organizer should know how to haggle. This is because most of the time, they would be doing the negotiating on your behalf as you would not know what questions to ask of which vendor. In most cases, professional events planners would be able to get a better price from suppliers than a couple will as they have already established a business relationship with many of them. Choose a vendor who can negotiate the best term appropriate for you as this will not only save you money, but time as well.


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4 Signs You Shouldn’t Be in A Wedding

Other people enjoy weddings. They marvel at the magic of the wedding vows and the solemnity of the affair. The feminine touches of the decorations and the well-coordinated theme are something that people look forward to seeing.

Unfortunately, not all people have a romantic bone in their body. These are the people who secretly hate other people just because they exist. They are not exactly the life of the party. But they are going to the wedding because of their love for the couple.

If you find yourself connecting to five of these signs, then you definitely shouldn’t be at a wedding.

  1. You judge everyone’s clothes.

It’s human nature to judge and comment on other’s people attire and sense of fashion. But if you’re endlessly doing it to entertain and keep yourself from sleeping, then you shouldn’t be there in the first place. The long speeches absolutely bore you to death. The corny jokes also make you wish the ground would swallow you alive.

  1. You would rather spend the day at the mall.

There are so many things you would rather do than witness the “first” kiss of the couple. You prefer to walk around the mall at Vertis North. You feel happier spending your hard-earned cash shopping for new clothes than wearing a drabby suit or ugly wedding dress. Heck, you would prefer snuggling with your furry friend rather than giving air kisses to the people that aren’t even your friends.

  1. You aren’t a fan of people, dancing, and well-wishes.

Just thinking of the people you have to meet annoys you especially if it’s your job to greet and usher them to their seats. It doesn’t help when there are rude guests or people with an attitude are difficult to handle. Then, there’s the dancing you need to prepare. People will call you a party pooper when you’re the only person seated once the DJ starts playing the tunes.

Most of all, there are speeches and well-wishes. Mothers, bridesmaids and a bunch of highly-sensitive people start to cry during the wedding vows and the long speeches. People need to chill out. It’s justs words.

  1. You hate photo ops.

Besides the shots from the official photographer, there are groufies and selfies to take. Isn’t one photo enough? Your face is aching from all the smiling and laughing. Moreover, your feet are tired. Some of your muscles are aching from bending so the camera can get a better angle. Lastly, you need to put makeup or fix your hair so you won’t look out of place.

  1. You always go for seconds, or you go to a drive-thru to get your fill.

Attending a wedding means free food, but that doesn’t mean you can get a full tank. Since the couple has to budget and make sure everyone gets their fill, the meals are controlled. They can be plated for you, or some servers will place the food on your plate. Besides the small portions, the menu may be composed of food unfamiliar to you or aren’t your cup of tea. Hence, you end up ordering a fast food meal right after the party.

Even without these signs, you would rather let the occasion pass than sit and watch the spectacle. You would rather sit one out for the team than be in front of the action. But after all these things, you would still be around to support a family member, friend and loved one on their special day.

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Wedding Planning: Four Things Your Wedding Planner Does Not Want You to Know

“Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money; they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner.”-Kristi Richardson

Wedding planning is, no doubt, a process littered with tricky situations and peppered with crucial decision-making scenarios. Indeed, the logistics are never quite straightforward nor are they always the same. To be successful in this endeavor, many brides-to-be would elect to seek professional help in the form of wedding planners. Wedding planners, for their part, have a particular expertise and flair in pulling weddings together. In this regard, they can be considered somewhat of a pro in planning weddings and are incredibly helpful in planning out the nitty-gritty details of a wedding. As a result, the bride can breathe and relax on her big day and would not be more stressed and anxious than she already is.

Choosing a talented and skillful wedding planner is not easy, and it is best to approach this attempt with your eyes wide open. While some wedding planners opt to be as transparent as they can be with their clients, there are less scrupulous planners who would rather keep essential details from you. In any case, here are some things that your wedding planner would not want you to know to determine whether what they kept from you is for your own good or for their bank book.

1.) Something will go wrong

With so many elements and aspects involved in a wedding, it is virtually impossible to pull it off flawlessly. In this regard, it would be inevitable that something would not go according to plan—no matter how meticulously you have planned their entire thing and regardless of how adept your planner might be. However, not all snags are major, and you can hope that it would be something insignificant such as the groom’s tie or something negligible. Similarly, you should also put into mind that there are no perfect weddings, just beautiful ones.

2.) Some of the vendors are probably her chums

Established wedding planners would already have a list of vendors they prefer to work with. If you wish to work with other vendors, it is best to stipulate this before you sign any contract. By choosing your own vendors, you can often get a better deal and quality—you would just need to do a little research and price comparison first. Seasoned and established planners would refer esteemed vendors—after all, a planner’s reputation would also be on the line. However, some planners might refer less qualified vendors who are still trying to build their reputations in the industry. With this in mind, it is best to consider a wedding planner who encourages you to keep your options open.

3.) They might not be as qualified as you think

Majority of wedding planners are already experienced in the field and have already developed an expertise in handling weddings. However, there are also handfuls few who are still trying to break ground in the industry. With this in consideration, how do you determine which one is which? After all, becoming a wedding planner does not require a license nor are any permits necessary. In this regard, it is best for brides to check with multiple references and review their past work samples. After all, some unsavory wedding planners are known for inflating their qualifications just to be hired.

4.) You can probably do it on your own

Some brides already possess the talent and flair for planning a wedding. In fact, it might be a second calling of all sorts and may even be considered as an avenue for showing off your budgeting skills and flawless taste. However, with stress and anxiety on top of the planning process, a bride may want to take a breather and let a wedding planner handle it all. But if you think you can pull it off on your own, you can save some cash and have a wedding that truly reflects who you and your husband are as a couple.

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Weddings 101: Five Truths Your Wedding Planner Will Never Tell You


“No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day, you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success” – Quote from Hannah and Mat


Planning a wedding is no easy feat. It requires the harmony of various elements and aspects that would most often need the assistance of a professional. As such, this is the reason why so many brides-to-be would avail of the professional services of a wedding planner as they would help the bride realize her dream wedding and make it come into a fruition. In the wedding industry alone, you would know which wedding planners are the best as they offer the best deals for the bride’s available budget. After all, in the wedding business, everything can be negotiable if the couple knows how to compromise. This along with honesty are two of the best qualities an excellent wedding planner can have. Unfortunately, you cannot always count on your wedding planner to be a hundred percent frank–after all, there are some things that are best left a secret. But do not fear, today is your lucky day as this article allows you to be privy to some of the things your wedding planner would not dream of telling you:


1.) Your wedding taste may be tacky.

The theme you have chosen, the gowns you have selected, the engraved invitations–these things may look magnificent to you, but to a wedding planner who has seen and planned innumerable weddings, yours may fall short or pale in comparison. However, your wedding planner is not likely to tell you this, no matter how tacky your tastes may be and no matter how bad the wedding package in the Philippines you chose is. After all, if you are paying them a premium to do their jobs, they could not care less if you draped the wedding venue with paper flowers.

2.) You need to stop telling people you are getting married.

While you may want to bask in the excitement and euphoria, this is t exactly the most economic way to get wedding vendors or other aspects essential to the wedding. If you want to save on the wedding cake cost, do not ask for a tiered wedding cake from your chosen baker. Instead, just ask for the quote of an ordinary tiered cake and you would be surprised at the significant difference at the pricing.

3.) Bridesmaids dresses can still be glamorous while being affordable

A beautiful gown and an affordable gown does not have to be mutually exclusive–that is if you know where to have your gowns get done or if you know where to buy them. Instead of having a seamstress furnish you with every single member of the entourage’s entire formal ensemble, why not try visiting the prom section of a store. You will find great deals just under a couple of a thousand pesos–especially on off seasons where prom is long over.

4.) I know better than you do

Sure, this might be your dream wedding and while you might play a crucial role when it comes to wedding planning, do not make the rookie mistake of thinking you know better than your wedding planner. This might be the biggest day of your life, but it just so happens that this is the 200th wedding your planner has prepared for. So, whenever your planner offers a suggestion or would tell you that some aspects might not work, pay heed as they are doing exactly what you are paying them for. If you insist, you may end up with some botched aspects in the wedding.

5.) We want to work with you—even if you turn out to be a complete nightmare.

Pre-wedding stress is real. Complement that with planning stress syndrome and you have a recipe for disaster which most of the brides-to-be succumb to during the last few months of wedding planning. The truth is, even if you become rather hard to deal and work with, your wedding planner would still want to work with you. After all, you have bestowed the highest honor of entrusting to them the most special day of your life. That has to count for something and they would make sure they can deliver.


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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner



Weddings are momentous occasions—the first milestone a couple celebrates in their lives. It symbolizes the beginning of the life of two very different individuals as a unified front. Though celebrating a wedding may sound like a fun affair, planning one can be anything but. It is for this reason that many couples would choose to have the services of a wedding coordinator as more often than not, they glue the entire event together to make it more seamless and sophisticated. In a way, they function as your go-to persons for whenever there is a particular aspect you want to be done in your wedding and they are pivotal persons on your wedding too—especially if a big wedding is what you have in mind.

However, some couples are of the opinion that hiring a person who lays out everything they have in mind for the wedding is extraneous and a bit exorbitant as well. Some think that they could sweat through the details, just ask for some professional opinions and just basically DIY their own wedding. Although it is practical, it is hardly advisable. There are plenty of upsides and downsides to hiring a wedding planner, but if you are having second thoughts about hiring one, then weigh your options as this article has narrowed down the pros and cons for you.


1.) They will sweat out the details

One crucial detail you have to remember when you are hiring a wedding planner is that they have planned a lot of weddings and are used to it while this may be your first. From this standpoint, they have an advantage. Consider the fact that they have planned events of this magnitude a lot of times before while your experience pales in comparison. Weddings also have a lot of details to take consideration of. It just does not stop at looking for an appropriate venue or the sort of décor you should use. These planners can gloss over all the details you might otherwise overlook. Additionally, they would make sure your budget is allocated well.

2.) They have an insider knowledge of the local market

As planners have already planned innumerable weddings before, it is only natural that they have likely worked with most of the venues and vendors in town before. Should you require a cinematic photographer for your wedding, you would not need to scour every nook and cranny of the city you are living in just to find one; your wedding planner already has a list of contacts. Additionally, your wedding planner already knows the rates of these vendors and will likely give you a comparison sheet on where you can spend the best bang for your buck.

3.) They will spend their time, not yours

One of the best thing about having a wedding planner is the convenience. You do not have to stay in constant contact with your other wedding vendors and chase down some of the more obscure details of your wedding. You are paying your wedding planner to do it for you.


1.) You have to relinquish some control

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean choosing an appropriate wedding venue and having a wide leverage on what transpires on your wedding. No, there are some aspects of your wedding that you may not be able to control.Admittedly, hiring a wedding planner means that you cannot leverage the entire wedding affair. There are some aspects which you must trust your wedding planner to handle. Should you be the type of person who would have difficulty in relinquishing a bit of control, this can be very hard for you. Find a good compromise by making sure you would hire a planner that is as meticulous about the details as you are and would value communication styles that are similar to yours.

2.) It is an additional cost

When it comes to choosing wedding vendors, wedding planners may save you some money as your wedding planner always have insider information. However, this is not always the case as you are paying for your wedding planner as well. In some cases, you would have to pay for their gas money in going to and fro places and their meals. If your budget can barely fit the services of a planner yet help is very much needed, consider hiring one with a customized service whose price you can likely afford.

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