Wedding Food 101: Foods Your Guests Secretly Hate


“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” -James Beard


A funny and somewhat hackneyed adage as regards wedding food once said that the most dangerous food to eat is a wedding quote. However, from a couple’s standpoint, it is far more dangerous to serve wedding food to their guests which they would secretly hate but pretend to love anyhow. It is no question that it is your big day and the occasion is all about you and your husband-to-be tying the knot, but the wedding food is a pivotal aspect of a wedding. In fact, in some rare cases, it dictates the success or failure of a particular event.

Serve too little and your guests would go hungry, serve them too much and you are likely to foot an exorbitant bill but serving them something they do not like altogether would spell a disaster for everyone. Not only will you and your guests have to stomach down the food served, but your wedding will be known as one of those events whose food did not make much of an impression. With this in mind, it would be imperative for you to gloss over the catering services in Pasay and see the types of the menu they offer. Otherwise, it might be helpful if you knew which wedding food items do not score high in most wedding guests’ scorecards.

1.) Appetizers that are hard to eat

It is no question that most modern weddings would now incorporate gimmicky things into their wedding—even if that means having food that is rather quirky and a bit hard to eat. Your guests are already having a hard time mingling with the other guests during the cocktail hour, do no make it even harder for them by giving them appetizers that are incredibly hard to eat and would likely cause them to make a mess. Have straightforward nibbles during cocktail hour—one which your guests can eat with one hand and balance a drink in their other hand.

2.) Weird signature cocktails

More often than not, these cocktails were engineered specifically for your wedding and are given monikers that would combine yours and your spouse’s or something cute like “Something Blue”. However, while the sentiment may be romantic (though a tad bit cheesy) to you, more often than not these concoctions do not taste as great as their name suggests. If they are too sickeningly sweet or are bland and watery, your guests would much rather have beer and wine than something that stimulates their gag reflex.

3.) Rubbery Chicken

Serving chicken at your wedding is a hit or miss thing. More often than not, it is the mode of preparation that contributes to how the dish will be received. However, considering that chicken is prepared hours before it is going to be served to your guests, that tender and juicy chicken your guests should have tasted will have been transformed into a piece of chewy rubber. And as unfortunate as it sounds, no one finds dried-out chicken marsala and cordon bleu appetizing to eat at all.

4.) Vegetable Bundles

While healthy options are always welcome, limp and soggy vegetables are not. Sure, the presentation looks superb as most of these vegetables are wrapped like little presents, but they would hardly add anything to the meal. Apart from the tasteless option, it would only make it obvious that you had obviously seriously overlooked the sides department. If you want a much more satisfactory option, buttery mashed potatoes, ravioli and pasta are great choices.

5.) Gluten-Free Everything

Even if you and your groom are on a special diet, make your big day your biggest cheat day. After all, just because you are on a restrictive diet, it does not mean that you should subject your wedding guests to the same limitations as well. While serving vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes are perfectly acceptable, overhauling the entire menu to make it all vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free is another story. Let your guests enjoy their meal and at least give them options that they are likely to find acceptable.


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Weddings 101: Five Truths Your Wedding Planner Will Never Tell You


“No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day, you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success” – Quote from Hannah and Mat


Planning a wedding is no easy feat. It requires the harmony of various elements and aspects that would most often need the assistance of a professional. As such, this is the reason why so many brides-to-be would avail of the professional services of a wedding planner as they would help the bride realize her dream wedding and make it come into a fruition. In the wedding industry alone, you would know which wedding planners are the best as they offer the best deals for the bride’s available budget. After all, in the wedding business, everything can be negotiable if the couple knows how to compromise. This along with honesty are two of the best qualities an excellent wedding planner can have. Unfortunately, you cannot always count on your wedding planner to be a hundred percent frank–after all, there are some things that are best left a secret. But do not fear, today is your lucky day as this article allows you to be privy to some of the things your wedding planner would not dream of telling you:


1.) Your wedding taste may be tacky.

The theme you have chosen, the gowns you have selected, the engraved invitations–these things may look magnificent to you, but to a wedding planner who has seen and planned innumerable weddings, yours may fall short or pale in comparison. However, your wedding planner is not likely to tell you this, no matter how tacky your tastes may be and no matter how bad the wedding package in the Philippines you chose is. After all, if you are paying them a premium to do their jobs, they could not care less if you draped the wedding venue with paper flowers.

2.) You need to stop telling people you are getting married.

While you may want to bask in the excitement and euphoria, this is t exactly the most economic way to get wedding vendors or other aspects essential to the wedding. If you want to save on the wedding cake cost, do not ask for a tiered wedding cake from your chosen baker. Instead, just ask for the quote of an ordinary tiered cake and you would be surprised at the significant difference at the pricing.

3.) Bridesmaids dresses can still be glamorous while being affordable

A beautiful gown and an affordable gown does not have to be mutually exclusive–that is if you know where to have your gowns get done or if you know where to buy them. Instead of having a seamstress furnish you with every single member of the entourage’s entire formal ensemble, why not try visiting the prom section of a store. You will find great deals just under a couple of a thousand pesos–especially on off seasons where prom is long over.

4.) I know better than you do

Sure, this might be your dream wedding and while you might play a crucial role when it comes to wedding planning, do not make the rookie mistake of thinking you know better than your wedding planner. This might be the biggest day of your life, but it just so happens that this is the 200th wedding your planner has prepared for. So, whenever your planner offers a suggestion or would tell you that some aspects might not work, pay heed as they are doing exactly what you are paying them for. If you insist, you may end up with some botched aspects in the wedding.

5.) We want to work with you—even if you turn out to be a complete nightmare.

Pre-wedding stress is real. Complement that with planning stress syndrome and you have a recipe for disaster which most of the brides-to-be succumb to during the last few months of wedding planning. The truth is, even if you become rather hard to deal and work with, your wedding planner would still want to work with you. After all, you have bestowed the highest honor of entrusting to them the most special day of your life. That has to count for something and they would make sure they can deliver.


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Five Big Wedding Blunders You Should Avoid


“Weddings are wonderful, but they do not have to be expensive. Marriage is about love, not dollar signs.”

Burt Reynolds had once said that Marriage is the most expensive way for the average man to get his laundry done and although the sentiment is more comical than fact, there is a certain truth to it. However, though weddings do not necessarily have to be expensive to be memorable, couples should not discount the idea of having a big wedding altogether.

Every wedding is unique after all, and if you are a couple who has several family members having a big wedding may be the best option.

However, no matter how meticulously a bride may have planned her wedding day; there are some things that may go awry amidst the ceremony or the reception. And although dreaming of a perfect wedding is close to impossibility, it is something that can be achieved and for starters, you can arm yourself with some of the fatal errors committed during big weddings so that you are less likely to make them come your wedding day. After all, forewarned is forearmed and in this case, knowing beforehand would do you and your allocated wedding budget a favor.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Blowing Your Fashion Budget on Just the Dress

Sure, we all want to look dapper and our personal best on our wedding day, but that does not mean that you would singularly blow your budget on your wedding gown in an attempt to look like a princess on your big day. Say for example you have allocated at least twenty-five thousand for your look; this does not mean you should spend that twenty-five thousand on your gown alone. Allocate your fashion budget well; remember that your gown is only one aspect of your look. Consider that you would have to spend for your undergarments, shoes, hair accessories, makeup and jewelry as well.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Sending out Save-The-Dates Too Soon

In the midst of all the euphoria and anticipation, it would be rather easy and tempting to tell everyone about your wedding date as soon as possible or even the moment you get engaged. You have not even adequately planned the guest list yet nor the wedding venue or the catering menu, yet here you are happily sending invitations away. Make sure you do not commit this blunder and have guests that are mere acquaintances by the time of your wedding show up by planning a guest list only for those guests you are certain would be invited such as your families.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Skipping a Wedding Videographer

You may consider forgoing the services of a wedding videographer in favor of some other service you need at your wedding. If you are, have a moment to reconsider and allocate a part of your wedding budget for a videographer. Keep in mind that wedding photos can only take you so far whereas wedding videos can capture the most poignant and important highlights of your wedding. This momentous milestone in your life should be recorded, your future self will thank you for it.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Micromanaging Your Vendors

Many brides are notorious for being overly meticulous that even if they have hired the services of the best photographers and other wedding vendors, they would still be tempted to control every detail. It is normal to want everything to be perfect during your wedding day, but if you insist on micromanaging every single aspect in your wedding, you would have barely any time to enjoy it. Trust the wedding professionals you hired to get it right.

PLANNING MISTAKE: Telling Everyone about Your Wedding

It can be rather hard to keep yourself from talking about something you are excited about. But remember that once you start sharing more often, the more likely you are opening yourself to opinions regarding your choices regardless if you have solicited them or not. Another thing is that it would be rather hard to surprise your guests if you have blabbed too much information regarding the details of your wedding and they would not be as impressed as they should be if you kept mum about it.

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